ecommerce website development checklist


  Website has a lot of,From the traditional display website to the current marketing website,Building an e-commerce website is getting more and more concerned,There are more functions of the website.,Users have more and more stringent requirements for websites,therefore,For enterprises,There are more processes to build a website.,So what is the specific process of building an e-commerce website??

  First,based on customer's needs。

  For example, users will be the most basic requirement by phone or email or orders.,The specific content includes company introduction,Column description,Basic functional requirements and design requirements。

  second,Planning a construction plan。

  According to the actual needs of the company,Will the requirements of the company and according to the actual situation,Design E-commerce Mall website in line with,For example, what kind of virtual host service provider,What kind of server configuration is selected?,Design business unique style,The most suitable business itself is the best。

  third,Register the domain name。

  Enterprise builds websites need a suitable domain name,For example, international domain name or domestic domain name,Good domain name is the signature of the company,Although it is a name,Does not affect the function and technology of the website,But once it is registered is a long-term business card for the website.,The registered domain name is to apply to the Internet Management Center.。

(ecommerce website development checklist)ecommerce website development checklist

  What are the processes of building an e-commerce website?

(ecommerce website development checklist)  fourth,Mall planning。

  Good mall is not just a commercial platform,Need to provide users with convenient browsing navigation,Establish a reasonable structure design,Building a suitable functional component。For example, we need a common information release system,Display system,Or needed group purchase system and operational statistics,This is a rich information and interactive space with users.,Be a perfect website construction plan。

  fifth,Content finishing。

  According to the website construction plan,Organize the content materials related to enterprise website columns,Include electronic document,Picture。The editor in the station should process the picture in detail,Related text for reasonable design,Typography and production。

  sixth,Market design。

(ecommerce website development checklist)  Once the content and structure of the mall website,The webmaster needs to develop all the page.。Good web design can better highlight the overall purpose of the website。

  seventh,Mall website test。

  After the sale of the mall website,To perform online test,Each page test,And functional tests for each detail, etc.。

  The above is what specific processes have been built in e-commerce websites,I hope to have a certain help to the webmaster。


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