travel website development cost


(travel website development cost)At present, the price of the website on the market is uneven.,No place,Each company has no clear price,Many companies don't know how to choose the professional level of website construction companies,Worry,Spend money,There is no effect on the website,In fact, the concerns of customers are not extra,Some companies are for profitability,I have received money but didn't really serve customers.,This phenomenon still exists,Today, the credibility information is to analyze the website to analyze how much money.,What are the cost of cost?。

travel website development cost

Purchase application domain name

The cost price of international domain name、.cn(24Yuan)、.net(75Yuan)、,But this is just a cost-fee fees for commonly used dawnads.。

And the domain name is rare resources,Register a less one,Be better,It is easy to remember that the three digital domains will spend money to buy income.,Generally, from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.,picturepja.cnThis domain name is spent3000Buy more,gug.netIs the bidding method,Probably spent5000many。

Cost of rental servers

The server is places place to place the website.,And the server's space is not too small,Don't be too low,Otherwise, it will cause a delay in the website.,The web page is slowed down.。

A good website server can provide a good experience for visitors,Let the website retain users,Some user tour,There are consultation conversions,Generally, a cloud server is approximately1000Element,See the specific configuration of the server,If you use the virtual host,Web space2G、Monthly traffic40G、databaseMyslq500M,Cost fee288Yuan

travel website development cost

Winning website design fee

This decision is that the web page is custom or template,Between hundreds and thousands of price range,Which of the way the website mode is used to see the Site company?,General custom design,First design web page into pictures,Take the customer review confirmation,After confirming correct,Start making a front-end frame making of the website。

Design cost costs are determined according to customer needs,Coordinate Kunming,Basically, every cost of doing website construction companies is different.,Also is a corporate website,Some quotes5000many,Some quotes as long as3000many,To see several successful cases of doing website construction companies,After careful analysis,Very high cost-effective company。

Program development cost

(travel website development cost)Web design completed user confirmation,Need to coding a flat design map to a web page,This fees are also the same as artificial costs.。

Program development costs mainly use online free open sourcecms(dedecm、phpcms、PageAdminDiscuz),Still need new custom development,Will affect the increase in the cost of development costs,The cost of general background program development is5000Yuan to50000Yuan belongs to normal,The price fluctuations in this area are relatively large.。

travel website development cost

Website maintenance costs

After the website is completed,It will also involve the second year's maintenance and management fees,Maintenance matters mainly include domain renewal、Space continuation fee、Website data filing、Website information maintenance management, etc.,The charging situation of each company is very different,General enterprise website maintenance costs800-1500Between,The general Kunming website construction company is free maintenance first year.,Until the second year。

Can pass through the aboveHow much is it to do a website?,We are roughly calculated,So the following calculation formula:

Domain name(60Yuan)+Server cost(1000Yuan)+Website design fee(3000Yuan)+Program development cost(5000Yuan)+Website maintenance fee(1000)=10060Yuan

How much is it to do a website?,What are the cost of cost?_Yunnan Talent Website Construction Company