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Zhejiang Yueqing and Jiangsu Changzhou police have cracked a big online gambling case。

today,The Beijing News reporter learned from the Yueqing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province,The bureau has recently cracked a large network gambling case,Gundate10100 million,A total of criminal suspects31name。

recently,Changzhou Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Province held a news ventilation meeting,Foreign informed of cross-country opening network casino case。2018year4moon,The police found a name“Heaven and earth chess”,Gambling website set up in the Philippines,Continuous investigation,Changzhou police arrested criminal suspects in terms of domestic and foreign100name,Completely destroy the gambling website。

Beijing News reporter noted,Zhejiang Yueqing online gambling case,“Fourth party payment platform”Play a key role,In Jiangsu Changzhou case,The man puts the server in the Philippines。

Yueqing police told the Beijing News reporter,“Fourth party payment platform”Usually a personal formation,No payment license can also operate,This is gambling、Private color, etc. provide more convenient fund payment settlement channels,It is easy to become a criminal“Financial settlement center”。

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The suspect is controlled by Yueqing police。 Zhejiang Yueqing police for map

The amount involved in the case is over 100 million yuan

2018year12End of the month,Yueqing police received the clues provided by a bank,from2018year2moon27Until2018year9moon27day,Bank branch has4Suspicious bank account,The amount of transactions in seven months is up to2.5Billion,Direct transaction1.7More than 10,000 pens。

Yueqing police according to the clue,Discover the funds of these four bank accounts closely related to a gambling website。The name of the gambling website“Sun City”,Server is outdoor,Website went to attract gamblers online gambling through development agents,Agents and gamblers all over the country。

2018year4Mid-month,Changzhou Public Security Bureau Zhongtou Branch received a forward clue from the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department:“Heaven and earth chess”Gambling website attracts Chinese civil citizens gamble。

Changzhou police preliminary investigation,The website is open by a gambling company in Manila, Philippines。Its agent grade is clear,There is a proxy account in China1.5Ten thousand,Player account95Ten thousand,More than the case3.6100 million。

Aiming at the case of such a scale,The police of the two places have set up a task force。

2018year4moon20day,Changzhou Public Security Bureau Zhongtou Branch established a task force,right“Heaven and earth chess”Gambling website launched in-depth investigation。

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“Heaven and earth chess”website。 CCTVReport screenshot

The task force went to Hangzhou、Shenzhen and other places to investigate,At the same time, actively contact domestic large Internet companies,Obtain technical support,Key analysis of the website of the website、Domestic agent structure and funds flow。

(website developer manila)After analyzing a lot of data and information,The police have determined“Heaven and earth chess”Office location of the website overseas operation team、Company internal division and operational process,Strip out the overseas website20Main person in charge identity and within100Name core agency identity。

at the same time,The task force is also in China22Bank、21Third-party payment platform for investigation and evidence,Identify“Heaven and earth chess”Website turnover gambling fund bank card300Yu Zhang、Third-party payment merchant500Remainder。

(website developer manila)Yueqing, Zhejiang,Police task force investigation found,Gaming website“Sun City”In order to avoid funding risks,The funds for online transactions are bypassed Alipay、Third-party platforms with strict regulatory mechanisms,use“Fourth party payment platform”Settle with gambling personnel。

(website developer manila)Police discovered,7Month,Only one company will enter the account7Billion,Several companies added to the amount of billions of yuan。

Changzhou police:Hand went to the Philippines to catch gambling website

2018year10moon,Changzhou police decided“Heaven and earth chess”Gaming website。10moon13day,Depend on6The overseas action of the police is flying to the Philippines Manila,Docking communication with the Filled Police Liaison Officer。According to the activities of the abroad of the abroad,Changzhou police first arrested a gambling company in Chongqing4Website operator。

(website developer manila)10moon18Day morning,Project Command Releases Unified Network Action Directive,On the same day, in the cooperation of local law enforcement departments such as the Philippines Immigration Service.,Changzhou Police Overseas Action Group captured in Philippines Manila“Heaven and earth chess”Moumou, head of gambling website、Director Li, etc.8Gambling company,And control the computer and mobile phone used by the suspect。

at the same time,Changzhou police synchronously rushed to the country22Province82City to carry out arrest work,Self-unified net network start10moon22day,Grasp“Heaven and earth chess”Website agents84name。The capital check group is in the country during the unified action.8Province16City500After the third party payment merchant and300Yu Zhang's bank card is frozen,Total freeze“Heaven and earth chess”Gambling website involved in funds1500Million yuan。

2018year11moon16day,Overseas action group will wait for Moumou8The suspect is escorted to return to China and take criminal compulsory measures。2018year11moon20day,“Heaven and earth chess”Gambling website to open server work,Terminate all customer service methods and recharge channels。Hereby,“Heaven and earth chess”This extra large overseas gambling website was successfully destroyed by Changzhou police.。to2019year1moon,Furthermore4The criminal suspect in the name of the gambling company is controlled in territory and overseas。Currently,The case is still in further investigation。

Dealer“Fourth party payment platform”Laundry

Compared to Jiangsu Changzhou police, the gambler of the police is difficult to arrest in the Philippines.,Zhejiang Yueqing police side the gambler is used“Fourth party payment”This“high tech”。

Yueqing police told the Beijing News reporter,“Fourth party payment platform”Usually a personal formation,No payment license can also operate,This is gambling、Private color, etc. provide more convenient fund payment settlement channels,It is easy to become a criminal“Financial settlement center”。

Yueqing police investigation found,2018Year,Criminal suspect Zhu Mou、Bu、Studio and payment platform for Xiao Moumou and payment platform organizes people for gambling websites“Sun City”WeChat、Alipay、Online silver and other scanning code payment services,And draw a certain proportion of handling fee。The company gang is clearly divided into labor,The main person in charge of Xiao Moumou provides a quantity of payment for the payment of the QR code,Zhu Mou、Boumou and others“Sun City”Website make various advertising promotion,Attract gamblers from all over the country to participate in online gambling activities,And get profits from it。

(website developer manila)Yueqing police people tell Xinyang News,QR code for gambling sites to gamblers is constantly changing,Xiao Moumou is the code company that changes these batches.。Xiao Moumou is responsible for providing QR code,Introduce your business“Fourth party payment platform”,“Fourth party payment platform”pass through“Aggregation platform”The channel hangs the QR code,Gambling website connects the aggregation platform to the website,QR code is displayed on the website。The gambler passed the money of the QR code,Will flow first“Fourth party payment platform”,“Fourth party payment platform”After receiving a certain proportion fee,Turn the money to the gambling website by other ways such as Bitcoin.。

“‘Fourth party payment platform’Equivalent to a platform for money laundering。”Yueqing police said。

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When the police arrested,Mobile phone is equipped“Fourth party payment platform”working。 Zhejiang Yueqing police for map

2019year4moon27Day late,Yueqing police set the police force,Different roads rushed to Fujian Putian、Quanzhou、Xiamen、Hunan Loudi implement arrested。

That night,Police31Criminal suspect,Seize30Remain Taiwan、mobile phone300Remain Taiwan,Seizure fund480More than 10,000,Frozen bank card250Multiple and more than ten servers。

Currently,Zhu Mou、Bu、Xiao Moumou and other criminal suspects suspected of opening a casino have been criminally detained by Yueqing police,The case is under further investigation。

Beijing News reporter Ni Zhaozhong Zhang Xingting

edit Guo Wei

Proofreading Wu Xingfa

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