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Below is a list and description of various front-end jobs。Common or most commonly used by front-end developers(i.e. universal)title is“front end developer”or“Front-end engineer”。caution,any contains“front end”、“client”、“Web UI”、“HTML”、“CSS”or“JavaScript”Equal word work usually infers that a person has some degree of HTML、CSS、 DOM and JavaScript professional knowledge。

(junior website developer jobs)front end developer

described in HTML、CSS、DOM and JavaScript have certain skills and Web Generic jobs for developers implementing these technologies on the platform。

Front-end engineer(aka JavaScript Developer or full stack JavaScript Developer)

(junior website developer jobs)Granted with Computer Science、Jobs for developers with engineering and background and who are using front-end technology with these skills。This role typically requires a degree in computer science and years of software development experience。When the job title contains“JavaScript application”word time,This will indicate that the developer should have advanced programming skills、Software development and application development skills(i.e. years of experience building front-end applications)advanced JavaScript Developer。

CSS/HTML Developer

Front-end job description proficient HTML and CSS(does not include JavaScript and application knowledge)developers of。

Front-end web designer

When the job title contains“designer”word time,This will indicate that the designer will have front-end skills(which is HTML and CSS)and professional design(​Visual Design and Interaction Design)Skill。

Web/front end user interface(aka UI)Developer/engineer

When the job title contains“interface”or“UI”word time,This would represent a developer in addition to front-end developer skills or front-end engineering skills,Should also have interaction design skills。

move/Tablet front-end developer

When the job title contains“move”or“tablet”word time,This will indicate that the developer has experience developing front-ends that run on mobile or tablet devices(Locally or on a web platform,i.e. in the browser) )。

front endSEOexpert

When the job title contains“SEO”word time,This will indicate that the developer is SEO Extensive experience in strategy production front-end technology。

Front-End Accessibility Expert

When the job title contains“accessibility”word time,This will indicate that the developer has extensive experience in crafting front-end technologies that support accessibility requirements and standards。

Front-end development Operation and maintenance

When the job title contains“DevOps”word time,This will indicate that the developer is collaborating with、integrated、deploy、Extensive experience in automation and measurement related software development practices。

Front-end testing/QA

When the job title contains“test”or“QA”word time,This will indicate that the developer has extensive experience in testing and managing software,Include unit tests、function test、user testing and A/B test。


(junior website developer jobs)If you meet in the title“full stack”or generic“Web Developer”the term,Employers may use these words to describe responsible Web/Roles in all aspects of application development,front end(may include design)and backend。