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(website development company in pune kothrud)Editor's note:Berners-Li isWWWthe creator of。he is creatingWorld Wide Weba quixotic ideal,Bundlewebopen for free,Allows many players to participate fairly when they have no advantage over each other。It's a decentralized digital utopia。but nearly30after years,As half of the world's population is about to be connected to the Internet,Webincreasingly dominated by a few digital oligarchs,Constant exposure of fake news、invasion of privacy、Things like cybercrime degrade quality,reduced to a centralized dystopia。presentWebin Berners-Lee sees what Oppenheimer sees the atomic bomb。saddened by thisWWWFather is determined to turn it around。He said“althoughwebThe problems faced are complex and large,but I think we should think of it asbug:Problems with existing code and software systems,These are man-made,It can also be repaired by humans。”For this he has formulated aWebrepair plan,《Vanity Fair》This magazine article gives us a detailed introduction。

website development company in pune kothrud


one morning,In downtown Washington, D.C., about half a mile from the White House,Berners-Li is enthusiastic、cadence to talk about the future of the Internet:“For those who want to ensureWebFor those who serve humanity,we have to care about those who arewebsomething built on top。” A lock of Oxford hair frames a chiseled face,Berners-Lee emerges as a perfect scholar——He communicates quickly with a clear London accent,just stutters when passing an idea,Occasionally skip some words and skip some sentences。His monologue is a mixture of excitement and a touch of sadness。nearly30years ago,Berners-Lee inventedWorld Wide Web。this morning,as salvationWWWpart of the mission,he came to Washington。

(website development company in pune kothrud)63Berners-Lee's career so far can be somewhat divided into two phases。In the first stage he came to Oxford,at CERN(CERN)Work,Then,arrive1989year,He came up with what eventually evolved intoWebthat idea。at the beginning,Berners-Li's innovation was originally intended to help scientists share data on platforms that were not well known at the time.,That platform is called the Internet,It is self1960A version that the U.S. government has been using since the 1990s。But due to his decision to release the source code for free——in order toWebBecome an open platform for everyone——The fruits of his intellectual labor quickly embarked on an independent path of development。Berners-Li's life has also undergone irreversible changes。he was《era》magazine named20One of the most important figures of the century,and won the Turing Award for achievements in computer science(The highest honor in the computer industry),and was respected by everyone at the Olympics。He was knighted by the Queen of England。President of the Ford FoundationDarren Walkercall him“Martin of our new digital world·Luther·gold”。

Berners, who never directly profited from his invention-plum,And spend most of his life defending it。When Silicon Valley Started Ride-sharing Without Seriously Considering the Consequencesappand social networks,Berners-Lee in the past30years have hardly considered anything else。Actually,Berners from the beginning-Lee understandsWebEpic power to revolutionize government、business and society。He also envisions his invention falling into the wrong hands,will be the destroyer of the world,like oppenheimer(leader invented the atomic bomb)It's like a disgraceful observation of what you've created。His predictions have recently come true,When it was revealed that Russian hackers had interfered2016the U.S. presidential election,or whenFacebookadmit that you will exceed8000Data of 10,000 users exposed to political research institutions,Cambridge Analytica for the Trump campaign。This is the latest development in an increasingly scary story。2012year,Facebooksecret to near7010,000 users conducted psychological experiments。GoogleandAmazonBoth patented devices designed to listen to the mood changes and emotions contained in the human voice。

(website development company in pune kothrud)For the man who started it all,The mushroom cloud unfolded before his eyes。“i was shocked,”that morning,in Washington a few blocks from the White House,Berners-what lee said to me。for a moment,when he recalled hisWebrecent abuse response,Berners-Li was silent for a while。Actually he was very sad。“In fact,My body and mind are two different states。”Then he continued to narrate in a broken rhythm,But the speech has been very brief,It's so painful to see my work being so distorted。

But this excruciating pain is not-Lee has had a profound impact。He's now working on his third move——Decided to rely on their celebrity status,and especially skills as a coder to fight back。especially Berners-Li is working on a new platform for a while now。Solidin order toWebTake it back from the business,Bring it back to the roots of democracy。in this winter,He came to Washington to attend his2009founded inWorld Wide Web FoundationAnnual meeting。for Berners-Li Lai,The mission of protecting the rights of the masses in the digital realm is critical to a fast approaching future。He estimates that this year11month or so,half of the world's population(about40billion people)connected to the Internet,Share everything from resumes to political views toDNAall information。As the other billions gradually go online,They will inject trillions of additional information intoWebsuperior,make it more powerful,More valuable,It may also be more dangerous than ever。

he told me:“we provedWebhas failed in serving humanity,It was meant to serve humanity,but failed in many places。”He saidWebCentralization has increased“culminated in a massive emergence of anti-humanity——This is a result of the actions of the people who designed the platform without careful consideration.。”

(website development company in pune kothrud)WWWoriginal intention

WebThe original idea of was born in1960s,Berners-Lee is spending his teenage years in London。His parents were pioneers of the computer age,Helped create the first commercially available electronic computer with stored programs。Their son grew up with the story of word bits and processors and the power of machines。One of his earliest memories is a conversation with his father,It talks about how computers will one day behave like human brains。

as1970An Oxford student in the early 1990s,Berners-Li builds his own computer out of an old TV and an electric iron。He got his physics degree with honors,But I don't have any special plans for my future。He then found a series of jobs in different companies as a programmer,But it didn't last long。until1980early s,when he was near GenevaCERNWhen getting a consultant position,His life just started to change。He developed a program to help nuclear scientists share data through another budding system。at first,Berners-Lee gave it a strange name:“Enquire Within Upon Everything(Jack of all trades)”,This is the name of a Victorian home life manual he read as a child。

website development company in pune kothrud

1994year inCERNBerners-plum

Berners-Lee spent nearly10years to improve the technology,Rename,and then publishedWeb's source code。1991year8moon,when it first appeared in academia chat rooms,The significance of that moment was not immediately apparent。Vinton Cerfrecalled:“Everyone doesn't pay attention。”Cerfconsidered the internet——WebOne of the co-inventors of the foundation,it is ... nowGoogleInternet Chief Evangelist。it is an information system,using a method calledHypertext(Hypertext)of old software links data and documents on the internet。There were other information systems。butWebWhat makes it powerful and ultimately dominant,will one day be its greatest weakness:Berners-Lee gave it away for free,Anyone with a computer and an internet connection,Not only can access it but also build things on top of it。Berners-Li Mingming,WebNeed to get rid of patents、cost、Royalty or any other restraint of control to develop。Thus,Millions of innovators can design their own products to take advantage of it。

Of course,Millions of people do。Computer scientists and academics picked it up first,Develop an app and attract others。WebReleased in less than a year,Early developers are already thinking of ways to attract more and more users。From browsers to podcasts to e-commerce sites,Webecosystem exploded。In the beginning it was really developed、free,not controlled by any company or group。1996YearsAlexa(laterAmazonacquisition)Internet pioneer who developed original systemBrewster Kahlerecalled:“We're in the first phase of what the internet can do。Berners-Li HeVintThis system is made so that many players can coexist,and they have no advantage over each other。”Berners-Li also remembers the quixotic temperament of that era。He said:“That spirit is very decentralized。individuals are fully empowered。It's all based on a home without a centralized agency,You don't need to go there and ask for permission。that sense of self-control,that sense of empowerment,is what we have lost。”

Webpower has not been taken away or stolen。it's all of us,billions of people online,voluntary surrender,By signing a paper user agreement,By sharing our private moments with technology。Facebook、Googleas well asAmazonNow has almost a monopoly on everything that happens online,what we buy,News we read,even who we like。The level of monitoring and manipulation they can achieve was once unimaginable。2016shortly after the U.S. presidential election,Berners-Lee felt that the situation had to change,So he began to systematically attack his own creation。last fall,World Wide Web Foundationfunded researchFacebookHow the algorithm of the company controls the news and information users receive。he explained:“is to look at the means by which algorithms provide news,and explore the responsibilities of algorithms——These are open toWebare very important。”he hopes,By understanding these dangers,We,Internet users, who account for half of the world's population, are no longer fooled by machines。Berners-Lee said:“span50%It's time to stop and think。”He's referring to the upcoming milestone。As billions of people will connectWeb,He feels a growing urgency to solve his own problems。For him it's not just about those who are already online,Including billions of people who are not online。When left behind by the rest of the world,How will they become more vulnerable and marginalized??

We are currently in a small、uncharacteristic conference room conversation,despite this,Berners-Lee still feels the need to act。about that milestone,He grabbed a notebook and pen and started to draw,line segment、Dots and arrows fly full of paper。He's drawing a social graph of global computing power。“This is probably Musk using his most powerful computer,”Berners-Li said,A black line was drawn on the top right side of the paper to illustrate thisSpaceXandTesla CEOdominance of。On the lower part of the paper he made another mark:“these are Ethiopians,They have a fair connection,but completely monitor。”which he originally intended as a radical tool for achieving democracyWeb,exacerbated the challenge of global inequality。

(website development company in pune kothrud)when the page is about1/5when the place is covered with dotted lines and graffiti,Berners-Lee stopped。He pointed to the untouched place and said:“Our goal is to fill that area。fill it with all mankindWebhas all the power。”His expression is very determined、focus,As if thinking about a problem for which no solution has been found。

one afternoon this spring,when he wasGitter(an open platform,Coders are often used to collaborate on ideas)When posting some code in one of the chat rooms,Berners-Lee writes:“I wrote a bit of code to handle mail messages。”That was a few days before Zuckerberg was ready to testify before the US Congress.。existWebthis humble corner of,Berners-Lee is busy with a plan to make his testimony meaningless。

repairWebthe plan of

His idea is simple:LetWebre-decentralized。with a small team of developers,He now spends most of his timeSolidsuperior, It's a platform designed to put individuals, not businesses, in control of personal data。Berners-Lee told me:“People in the lab are trying to imagineWebwhat can become。Webhow society can appear different。What would happen if we gave people privacy and control over their data。We are building an entire ecosystem。”

CurrentlySolidtechnology is still very new,Not yet ready for the masses。But its vision, if realized,promises a radical changeWebExisting Power Patterns。The system is designed to provide users with a platform,let them control themselvesWebaccess to generated data and content。so with love,Users can choose how the data is used,rather than lettingFacebookandGoogleDisposition。SolidCode and technology for everyone open——Anyone who can access the internet can go to its chat room and start coding。He said:“There will be newcomers to join every few days.。Some of them have knownSolidAfter the commitment, I was driven.,Determined to subvert this world。”There are also some attractions that come from idols.。For a computer scientist,With Bernas-Li Yixian wrote the code is like thoughts·Richard playing guitar together。But these codents come here not only to followWebThe inventor works,They are because they want to join this cause。There are digital idealists in these people.、Subvert、Revolutionary molecules and anything you wantWebCentralization of people fighting。For Bernas,SolidThe work makes him returnWebEarly days:“Our work is low-key mystery,But its work has been retrieved to some extent‘False news’Optimism and excitement。”

website development company in pune kothrud

WebLost road:1)1971year,The first worm is born 2)1981year,The first network crime was sentenced 3)1982-83year,Juvenile Network Black Help Invasion Laboratory and Research Center 4)1996year,US government agency website is black 5)2001year,George·Bush signNSAMonitor plan 6)2006year,FacebookLaunch a news stream published user detail 7)2009year,Bernas-Li Cheng's online information will stimulate the personal abuse of enterprises 8)2013year,GoogleAcknowledged that its street view applications collect home network data without knowing users. 9)2014year,NSAExplosive face recognition software stores millions of images 10)2016year,BuzzFeed NewsThere are at least the exposure140A fake news website spread false information 11)2017year,FacebookRecognizing that Cambridge analysis has collected more than8000Ten users data。

(website development company in pune kothrud)forSolidConvinced,Still now,But Bernas action is very fast。The person who is closely working with him said he created the year.WebThe energy and determination displayed also put into this project。Volkswagen emotions seem to also offer Tiantiansi and。in India,A event group successfully stoppedFacebookImplement a new service,Once this service is implemented,Can effectively control the country's large-scale populationWebaccess。in Germany,A young coder developedTwitterGo to the centering version,Name is calledMastodon。In France,Another group createdPeertubeBeYouTubeGo to the center replacement。Amy GuySay:“I am disgusted that the company's control of the public and its people often live。I hate our surveillance society that we can't bring to yourself.。”AmyIs a Scotch coder,Once helped to developActivityPubPlatform to connect to the centeringWebwebsite。this summer,WebActive molecule plans to call the second time in San FranciscoDecentralized Web Summit(DetrimentWebSummit)。

Bernas-Lee is not the leader of this revolution——According to definition,DetrimentalWebShould not have leaders——But he is a powerful weapon of this battle.。He fully realizes re-centeringWebWill be more difficult than when I originally invented it。Brad BurnhamSay:“WebJust started,No one is on top,There is no stakeholder against it.。”BradIs a well-known ventilatorUnion Square VenturesPartner,The latter has begun to invest inWebTarget company。“There are some deep-rooted and very rich interest groups,They benefited from the balance of controlling in accordance with their own preferences。”There are billions of dollars and stakeholders:Never fight,Amazon、GoogleandFacebookNever give up on our profits。exist2018Year of head3Monthly,even ifCEOApologize for the disclosure of user data,FacebookStill earn119.7One hundred million U.S. dollars。andGoogleEarn310One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Under negative reports and public anger,Science and technology giants and other companies temporarily expressed their willingness to make changes to ensure privacy and protect their users.。This year4moon,FacebookZachberg tells the US Congress:“I am committed to doing this thing。”GoogleRecently launchedGmailNew privacy features,Users can control their mail messages、copy、Download or print。With dark monitoring、Manipulate and other abuse of means disclosed,More governments have changed strong demand。last year,The EU is sought by manipulating online shopping market.GooglePut out27Billion dollar ticket。This year,New regulatory policies will require it and other technical companies to construct the user agreed to use their data.。In the United States,Congress and regulatory authorities are carefully consideringFacebookWaiting for the company's forces。

But today's law cannot predict future technology。And the legal formulator(Many of the entanglement of business speakers)Not necessarily, always choose to defend individual rights。last year12moon,Telecom's speaker promotes the Federal Communications Commission(FCC)Cancellation of the legislation of the network to the Internet fair access。This year1moon,The US Senate vote adopted a bill,LetNSAContinue its large-scale online monitoring plan。GoogleThe speaker is now working to modify how companies collect and store biometric data.(fingerprint、Iris scanning、Facial identification image, etc.)Regulations。

Bernas-Li is near30The force released earlier is accelerating,Develop in a way that no one can fully predict。Now,As half of the world's populationWeb,We are in a social inflection point:We are moving towards Owawell's future.,Monitor and control our lives by a few companies??Still in the edge of a better online society,Relying on the freedom of thinking and information to help cure diseases、Exposing corruption and twisting unfair?

(website development company in pune kothrud)It's hard to believe who will want this1984Version,Even if it is Zachberg himself。He did not findFacebookManipulate the election。Jack DorseyOtherwiseTwitterThe founder is not like a digitizer to Trump.。It is these let Bernas-Li believes that the war for digital future is wins.。With the publicWebThe centralized anger is growing,And the joining the coder team to go to the centering effort is increasingly growing,He hopes that other people can join his ranks.。Today's spring,He issued a battle to the digital public.——Is it。In its foundationWebOn the website,He published a public letter,Write in the letter:“althoughwebFaced with complex and huge,But I think we should treat it asbug:Existing code and software system issues,These are all artificial,It can also be repaired by people.。”

What can I do when I have been asked?,伯纳斯-Bernas:“你不需要具备任何编码技能。Li replied。拿出你的记号笔(You don't need any coding skills:Magic Marker,也许也有群众是魔法创造者的意思)、You only need to have a heart that decides when it is suitable.。走上街头吧。”Take out your marker pen,是时候起来反抗机器了。

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编译组出品。Maybe there may be the masses' meaning of magic creators.:郝鹏程。