trello board for website development


Product making is often interrupted,by various insertion tasks,This tool helps you organize yourself after doing things,Not heavy or leaking,even if something comes in,also orderly,Take it easy。

one thing one card,Move the completed things to the corresponding column or archive,share my category。

trello board for website development(trello board for website development)

  • Today's plan:The first thing I do every day when I come to the company,is to clear the today's plan column,Decide what to do today
  • this week's plan:things to be done in the near future,Most of today's plans are selected from this column and put into today's plan
  • Other jobs:what credit card repayment,reimbursement etc.,not directly related to work,I list it separately,do not want to work,when you want to swipe,complete the card here
  • Finish:Move completed things to this column,Clean up once a week。what to write in your weekly report,Just look at this column
  • plan for next week:Work not to be done this week
  • future needs:Do the product line,Every now and then there will be some new ideas,remember here,After that when you want to listFLwhen,You can pick some out of it。

TrelloYou can also add different colors for different cards,Usually I will distinguish by project

trello board for website development

Of course you can leave the green to the boss,The tasks assigned by the boss are marked in green(why green?black question mark?)

TrelloThere is also a mobile version,The mobile phone and the website are also synchronized。correct,Trellopictures can be inserted,But I don't use it。

trello board for website development(trello board for website development)

【Overall evaluation】I have used the Pomodoro Technique and variousTODoListsome type ofAPP,Finally choseTrello,one thing one card,perfectly worked,visualization panel,Basically, I leave him on the hook now。