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(ecommerce website development company delhi)since Shopee The news to be online in India,Few months,In the face of such a gold, there is no next action.,People who can't help but wait for the online notice:Shopee What is wrong in India??

ecommerce website development company delhi

According to foreign media reports,Tuesday,Indian High Court to Public Interest Litigation Center ( PIL ) make a notification,Require India's Federation and the Ministry of Commerce for allegedly operating e-commerce websites“Shopee”Chinese company“SPPIN India Private Limited”Take appropriate measures,Because it may be safe to India、Sovereign and territorial integrity“Serious and imminent”danger。

Well-known,This is not the first time in India.“Chinese company”The head obstructs foreign companies operate。

Last year,Indian government“Loss Indian sovereignty and complete、Indian defense、National security and public order”By,Hundreds of Chinese applications have been banned;

11 moon 24 day,include AliExpress E-commerce applications in the e-commerce application in the second wave of blocked lists。Later,AliExpress Thoroughly leave the Indian market。

Not only is Chinese companies that cannot step into the Indian market,Even this parent company in Singapore SEA Not good。

In this year 8 month Shopee Announced less than a month after entering the Indian market,Federation of Indian Traders(CAIT)Just published a written letter of Indian Prime Minister Modi,Letter,The association requires investigation Shopee In India。

(ecommerce website development company delhi)The reason for the investigation is the Chinese company Tencent holds Shopee parent company SEA close 25% Equity,in addition SEA Helm Forrest Li Originally Chinese,Join Singapore nationality a few years ago。

Although this is currently scheduled 2022 year 1 moon 11 Day re-definition,But I can't help but think about it.“Taobao Taiwan”Encounter,Fear also(Click for details)

Market opportunity

(ecommerce website development company delhi)Referral to the Indian e-commerce market,That's definitely one“Fragrant”Presence。

First of all, in the population market,Cut off 2020 year,The total population of India 13.8 100 million,Second to China,And data prediction,arrive 2027 I will surpass China or so,Become the country in the world。

in addition,India is currently the sixth largest economy in the world.,Maybe 2026 Year of the third largest economy,Second to China and the United States。

Secondly, it is an e-commerce development.,Although Amazon and Filpkart Profess for many years,However, e-commerce retail only accounts for total retail sales. 3% about。

Because of the Indian population structure、Most of them speak English and live in urban areas,Add epidemic,Make their average online time before the outbreak 4.9 Hours rose to 5.2 Hour,Far ahead of its neighboring Indonesia in Southeast Asia、Thailand、Malay and Vietnam,This promotes the development of the e-commerce industry to a certain extent.。

according to MAAS and Sensor Tower A report released by cooperation,Under the promotion of the epidemic,Expected to 2024 Indian e-commerce industry revenue will grow 84% to 1110 One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Consultation company Grant Thornton Data display,Expected to 2025 year,Indian e-commerce industry revenue will reach 1880 One hundred million U.S. dollars。

I don't want to enter the game

(ecommerce website development company delhi)but,The development of Indian e-commerce market is also caused,In addition to per capita GDP Low(2020 Injury 1900 Dollar)、Cash is the way of payment(Proportion 85%)Outside,Another important reason is the impact of policy。

This year 6 month,The Indian Consumers Department submitted a draft e-commerce industry development supervision,proposalForbidden to buy on the e-commerce platform(Flash sales),It is also not allowed to be a trading of the relevant affiliate entity。

ecommerce website development company delhi

India Consumers said in the statement:“The seller on the platform may not have any inventory or no order fulfillment,They just place an order to other vendors controlled by the platform,This limits consumer selection。Such competition is unfair,Finally compress consumer selection face,Will also raise prices。”

in addition,The Indian Consumer Department also recommends let e-commerce company“Chief”Position,Also set up a contact 7 sky 24 Hourly keep in touch with law enforcement departments,Also arrange special people to ensure that government orders are implemented,Also set up a resident complaint officer to handle consumer complaints。

In order to verify the identity,In order to prevent under the current law、Investigate、survey、Reporting criminal acts or network security incidents,If the government requires the e-commerce platform to provide relevant information,The motion thinks they should72Provide。

People in the industry know,If the bill passes,Amazon、FlipkartAnd other e-commerce platforms may not operate their own brands。

in addition,The proposal requires an e-commerce platform to take out a set of places.,Let consumers can quickly find the goods according to the origin,India is doing“Provide fair opportunities for domestic goods”。

Because this is involved in multiple departments and industry development,So the draft has not progressed for a few months.。

According to yesterday's latest news,An anonymous official revealed,Prime Minister Office(PMO)Promotion of the draft draft,Supervise the implementation of relevant departments。

Although under the great trend of e-commerce development,The limit is limited to stop Shopee Expansion,But if the bill is landed,Platform self-operation、Not allowed“Flash purchase”Allow time promotion、Plus cross-border product restrictions,How do you play in India??

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