trello for website development


WebDevelopment day and new,This also makes itWebDevelopers have to speed up footsteps,Learn new technology and programming languages。Especially for those websites that have a large amount of traffic entrance,It is especially important to keep up with technology development trends.。In order to makeWebDevelopers can more focused on the development of business level,Various places have emerged in the marketWebdevelopment tools,Flexible use of these tools to make your development efficiency greatly improve,Implementation half-mexion。

(trello for website development)1.WebApplication framework

trello for website development

These software is specially designed to help website development,And make the founding websiteWebThe process of developing is easier。This software is fully supportedWebServe,WebResources andWeb API。These frameworks are automatedWebSome processes associated with common activities in development,So thatWebDevelopers' work is easier。usableWebDevelopment framework includesASP.NET,JavaEE,WebObjects,web2py,OpenACSWait。

(trello for website development)2.Collaboration tool

trello for website development

Team for remote work,Need to keep in touch and collaboration。In order to improve development efficiency,Shem simplify development processes for developers working on the same project,To achieve a team's setting goal,There have been many collaboration tools in the market.,Such asSlack,Trello,Asana,JiraWait。

3.Local development environment

trello for website development

A fast local development environment,Can be launched depending on the operating system or your computer you are using。Various free software,softwareApache,MySQLAnd other packages。This is the fastest test method on the local computer.,For convenience,Some programs have also made portable versions。Local development environmentMAMP,LARAGAN,XAMPPandVagrantWait。

4.Frontal frame

trello for website development

The front end frame is basically some files and folders.,Such asHTML,CSSandJavaScriptWait。The front end frame typically contains an assembly that is ready.,Most components can be modified and adjusted.,Developers can choose to use according to their own development needs,The most common front end frame is currentlyBootstrap。


trello for website development

(trello for website development)IconWebDeveloper,Especially the front-end developers are very important,They areWebAn important part of development。The icons in the above picture can be applied to your project,And most of this is free。Common icon galleryFont Awesome,Icon Monster,Icons8,IconFinderWait。

(trello for website development)6.Website speed test tool

(trello for website development)trello for website development

Website speed is an important factor in determining whether a website is successful.。The current user is getting more and more picky,Everyone is often more inclined to load the speed of fast.,For websites with slow load,Everyone is almost zero tolerance。in addition,SEODone,May bring higher conversion rates and better user experience。WebDevelopers can use tools to test their website speed,To ensure that their website can have a shorter loading time。Common website speed test toolsWebPage Test、Pingdom,Wait。

7.Text comparison check

trello for website development

Diff checkers Can help you compare the differences between files,Then merge changes,Help us more intuitively see the difference between text。Common text comparison toolsDiffcheker andBeyond Compare.


trello for website development

The database is basically a collection of stored information.,Search for information,Management and even update。WebDevelopers commonly used databasesMySQL,MariaDB,MongoDB,RedisWait。

9.WebDevelopment and communication

trello for website development

Why choose communication subscription,Because developers can use these tools to save time and fine,Choose the best through these toolsWebDevelopment and performance theme,Don't do it yourself。

(trello for website development)10.Task batch tool/Package manager

trello for website development

(trello for website development)Task batch tool helps automation workflow。E.g,You created a task,able to passJavaScriptWritten tools to automate workflow。Besides,Can also create new and combined tasks,Use task manager to shorten development time,Accelerate development rate。

on the other hand,Package manager is also very important,It can track all software,Make sure these software is updated to the latest version,Have the strongest function。These tools include:Grunt,Gulp,npmWait。

11.Text and code editor

trello for website development

Text and code editor not only brings a good code experience for developers,And it can greatly save the time of website development。More common editor hasAtom,Notepad++,VimWait。Before,The author also sent a process sequence vote for the best code editor,Interested friends can poke in and see。


trello for website development

For many types of work,Inspired is extremely important,But inspiration is not available,So once you have inspiration, you must record it in time.。In addition to our own inspiration,We can also extract new inspiration from other people's works.。Common record inspiration toolsCodePen andDribble。

13.Programming language

trello for website development

(trello for website development)EachWebDevelopment tools have a programming language。Programming language is designed as a bridge between developers or programmers and computers,And help programmers create our daily programs。Comparative pop-out programming languagePHP,NodeJS,Python,RubyWait。

(trello for website development)14.Code sharing/Experimental tool

trello for website development

Basically programmed this job is a teamwork,The team should maintain intimate collaborative relationships,Check each other's code helps more effective programming。代码共享是现在程序员都在使用的一种方式,Code sharing is a way that is now usefulSlack。

15.Git 托管

trello for website development


Common useWeb开发工具是Webdevelopment tools。希望这15Free,如果你有什么好的开发工具,Open source distributed version control system。