website developer meaning


website developer meaning

while browsing the web,Have you ever thought about designing your own website??I'm sure,Everyone will have the same idea-an own website or showcase their work,A personal portfolio of skills and achievements,or a start-up/business website。

WebDevelopment is the most in-demand skill,and with the rapid growth of the digital world,rightWebThe demand for developers is also increasing。

(website developer meaning)if you are theWebBeginners in the field of development,Then this article will introduce theWebAll the skills and techniques that will help you during the development,and provide information on how toWeb DeveloperA complete roadmap for character preparation。

Learn how the internet works

(website developer meaning)When creating a website,The goal is to post it onInternetorWebsuperior。We need to have a basic understanding of how the internet works and the requests made by the browser and the responses made by the server。

in short,Internetis a large network of computers that communicate with each other。When we use the browser and typeURL(URL)Time,We are using a domain name to access a website hosted on a server。

now,Hosting made easy,You don't have to get a domain name or set up a server。Many free sites will host your website for free,E.gGithub Pages。

(website developer meaning)You can also buy a cloud server yourself,Set up website services on it,Upload your own developed web pages to the server for publishing。such as Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud,Huawei Cloud is a good choice in China。if you are a student,Major manufacturers also have discounts for students。

website developer meaning

three typesWebDeveloper

The process of website creation starts with design and mockups,Decide how your website will look。Then,Developers start designing the interface,add functionality,and make the website responsive。Then,They send it to another group of developers,These developers work on server-side code and deploy it on the server。

  • front end developer:They are responsible for the user interface and design of the website,and make it responsive to all devices。
  • backend developer:They handle server-side code,and deploy the website on the server,to handle requests and responses。
  • full stack developer:them Be a developer with both front-end and back-end skills。

Front-end development

Front-end developers are responsible for the look and feel of the website。The basic skills required to learn the front end areHTML,CSSandJavaScript。

now,Most users browse websites on mobile devices,therefore,when creating a website,Developers must also keep in mind how it will look on desktop and mobile。

The next step is to master the framework,Once you understand the above concepts of using frameworks,to create websites easily, quickly and user-friendly。use frame,You don't have to write all the code from scratch,and can use the various functions provided。

For example, a popular framework isBootstrap。

The above skills will help you create a static website,But to be an industry leader,You need to learn how to create dynamic websites andWebapplication。Used by advanced front-end developersReact JS,AngularorVueand other frameworks to create dynamic large-scale applications。I recommend you learn any of these frameworks

Backend development

Backend developers handle many functions in addition to deploying code on the server。If the website is static,you can host it inGithubor some object service platform。but,When the application involves dynamic functions(For example using database and authentication)Time,Back-end engineers came into being。

Backend developer roles include:

  • Design and manage databases and connect them to servers。
  • Add authentication and handle requests from clients。
  • Scalability and Versioning
  • Implement automated tests

There are many techniques available for learning backend development。You must havePython,Java,.Net,Javascriptlanguage expertise。

(website developer meaning)rightSQLandNoSQLdatabase(Such asMYSQLandMongoDB)understanding

If you are a beginner,I recommend you to start usingNode.js,Because it's server-side codeJavaScriptframe。Other frameworks areDjango,Flask,ASP .Net,J2EEWait。

How to prepareWebdevelopment interview

(website developer meaning)if you plan to serveWebDeveloper roles and preparing for interviews,Then the most important skills that are most requested areJavaScript。

pictureReactandNodeSuchJavaScriptConcepts and frameworks are the most in-demand skills for companies。You can expect a lot of questions from these topics。

(website developer meaning)You need to have good knowledge in stack frontend or backend,And also have good knowledge of database management system。If you are a beginner,You can try to develop some web pages that you are interested in or useful to yourself、website starts。