ecommerce website development company in gurgaon


ecommerce website development company in gurgaon

For the average person,Those foundings of start-up companies such as rockets,It looks like a half contemplation。Everyone thinks they have nothing to do.,They can raise billions of dollars funds,Develop the company to the peak,And win friendship and fame。

But this kind of omnipotent is just an imagination。In fact,Any well-known founder will tell you,Even if its entrepreneurial continues to grow,But challenges and problems will not disappear,Only the nature changes。

Sahil BaruaYesDelhiveryCEO and joint founder。DelhiveryIs one of the largest third-party logistics service providers in India,Five joint founders2011Established in Gurgang。Most large e-commerce companies,includeFlipkartAnd Amazon, etc.,Depende thereofDelhiveryWarehousing、Distribution and logistics。The company has been from Tiger Global Fund(Tiger Global Management)、Kelle(Carlyle)、Fond star(Fosun)andNexus Venture PartnersWaiting for a well-known investor to raise hundreds of millions of dollars,Current over India1200City to carry out business。

ecommerce website development company in gurgaon(ecommerce website development company in gurgaon)

Under strong growth and greater ambition,ListedDelhiveryIt seems just a matter of time。2018Middle of the year,Rumor,DelhiveryInformal prospectus(IPOPrecursor)Will be available at any time,The company will become one of India's initial enterprises listed on the Indian Stock Exchange.。

But it never did this。becauseBaruaReceived the phone from the multinational group soft silver。He found that he had to pay attention to a question.,I am happy and fearful——Do you want to be purchased by Soft Bank?。This is also the past two years,Many well-known startup companies are working hard to solve problems。

Soft silver vision fund has near1000100 million US dollars,It is the largest risk investment fund that has historic in history so far.。already2017year5moon,At each time10Yili dollar fund will make people look,Soft silver brings a one hundred-fold fund。

according toBaruaSaying,Soft silver problem is not a single binary issue。this is a big problem,It contains a series of small problems,Every small problem needs to be carefully considered。

Soft silver is a kind“allowIPO”

exist2019Annual controversialDelhivery,In recent years, this is like this.:

⚪ 2016year,The company will conduct the first timeIPO。

⚪ 2017year,Company Established Internal External Audit Committee,Specialized quarterly report/Accounting。

⚪ 2017Year of the year and2018Year,DelhiveryIncreasing4New members have strengthened the board of directors。Private equity companyTPG CapitalConsultant、Former Director Managing Andali•Ban Sal(Anjali Bansal)、St. Star CapitalWilliam Tang、Masschi, logistics company(Maersk)And professional service company Pu Huayong Road(PricewaterhouseCoopers)Pre-high executive Hunn•Bijit•Soronony(Hanne Birgitte Sorensen)Dipick•Kapur(Deepak Kapoor)Serve as new directors。

⚪ 2018year,DelhiveryGoldman Sachs、Morgan Stanley、Citigroup and Cotac-Ma Hendra Bank, etc.,Plan to let them be responsibleIPOprocess。

butIPONever occurred。

(ecommerce website development company in gurgaon)A few days ago,DelhiveryExpress,It has been raised by the vision fund of Soft and Silver.4.13One hundred million U.S. dollars。Soft silver partnerMunish VermaIn a press release:“WeDelhiveryinvestment,Reflecting our focus on collaboration with leaders in innovation market。For many years,DelhiveryIndustry leading growth has been displayed,One-stop solution for e-commerce logistics。We are very happy to becomeDelhiverya part of,This will establish a new benchmark for the logistics industry。”

VermaMay want to express,Soft silverDelhiveryInvest in a lot of money,So don't workIPOIn。

ecommerce website development company in gurgaon


This will lead a problem:whyDelhiveryThe five joint founders chose this road?

(ecommerce website development company in gurgaon)In the traditional wind vault,IPOIt is considered to be the ultimate peak of honor。to some extent,This is a must-have to grow into a big company.。

But soft silver does eat it.IPO。What is this?

In addition to helping companies raise more funds from the public,IPOAlso brought two key benefits for existing shareholders。first,It provides liquidity,Because if shareholders are willing,They can sell their stocks in the stock market。Secondly,It provides venture opportunities to venture capitalists。

(ecommerce website development company in gurgaon)But these benefits are conditional。

first,It requires the company's operations more transparent and foreseeable——The report and governance of listed companies is much higher than listed companies.。more importantly,Although technical,Listed provides venting channels for venture capital,But in fact,How many shares can investors can sell?,And how many shares held within the time limit are restricted——Usually windsuit onlyIPOCall a small part of share,Then stripped the remaining shares over a period of time。

The most obvious reason is,If a large number of shares are attached to the fall(Sell intention),The stock price is very easy to fall,Especially if there is not enough buyer in the market。For those hope to be released for the first time(IPO)The founder of the sale of stocks,The situation is even more severe——The market may take a founder to sell stocks as a signal that is pessimistic to the company's future prospects.。

therefore,In addition to signals as a victory,IPOMay not always be a happy ending。

Another choice appeared at this time——Soft silver,It is actually a quasiIPO。Soft Silver not only has mainly investing in startups.,And usually provide export opportunities to existing investors in the form of secondary acquisitions.。It also allows founders and employees to achieve similar ways。

rightDelhiveryConvinced,2018Year is a difficult year。Year,The company is in Indian goods and service taxes(GST)Maze,Struggle。Soon after,E-commerce rules have also changed。

Both of these letters the company——If they willIPOWhat should I do when I change??The company has waited6year,And made full preparation for this,So don't want to go on the footsteps of supervision reform。The simplest problem is, DelhiveryDon't want to do during the electionIPO。

(ecommerce website development company in gurgaon)BaruaExpress:“If we plan to market according to the original plan,Will meet the election season。We look at the macroeconomic economy,But the industry has huge volatility。We can't postpone6Let a few people doIPOPreparation work。Just when we are 徘徊,Soft silver has achieved contact with us,Ask us that we can talk to them。”

Influence of peers from China and India

Reason,Unexpectedly,From China。

(ecommerce website development company in gurgaon)China Logistics Company Zhongtong Express and Bai ExpressIPOexperience,GiveDelhiveryBrought heavy pressure。The business of these two companies is seriously dependent on Alibaba Holdings Group(This is also the soft silver investment portfolio company.),Respectively2016Year2017Listing in the New York Stock Exchange。2016year10moon,Zhongtong Express19.50Dollar price listing,2018year10moon,The stock price fell to15Dollar。Bai Shi Express reduced the initial10Billion dollar financing plan,Only raised4.5One hundred million U.S. dollars。

ecommerce website development company in gurgaon

These letDelhiveryPressure dramatic。therefore,Soft silver, this phone call is a good plane for the company.。

But if you call the phone, it is not soft silver.?If it is someone else??

“This is a problem that is difficult to answer,” DelhiveryA venture capital investor that requires anonymous。“If soft silver is not in India,It's hard to tell us that we will do this.。I think we will say,Let usIPOBefore matters reached a consensus,Then look at the progress after six months or after a year.。But due to soft silver in India,The problem that people need to consider is,What if the soft silver will provide funds for other players??This triggers price war in the market,Why do you take this insurance??It is best to make Soft Silver becomes a partner,Non-competitor。”

within the globe,This may be a problem that many initial enterprises are working hard.。You can say that Soft Silver is not,Then look at it supports competitors??Soft silver huge funds,Can provide powerful scale for competitors、Ambition and persistence,Can you bear it??Maybe capital is not everything,But it is still very important。Look at a budget hotel chainTreeboandFab Hotels,They are struggling to operate operations,ConfrontationOYOThis got a chain hotel company that Softbank supported。

In addition to capital,Soft silver's strong status also allowed them to have access to channels and cave,Whether it is strategic cooperation with Soft Silver Other Portfolio companies,Still in the details and challenges of the specific operations, gaining opinions。The above investor added:“This is different from the team before Softbank.。we discover,Depend onMunish Varma(Soft silver partner)andMarcello Claure(Soft Silver Vice President)Composition team,Really focused on the details of the operational level。”

(ecommerce website development company in gurgaon)ecommerce website development company in gurgaon

Marcello Claure,Sprint CEO

(ecommerce website development company in gurgaon)The last problem that needs to be considered,Related to soft silver to future vision。This is willing to surround this“Singular point”Idea——A machine beyond human intelligence“Super intelligence”world。Soft silverCEOSun Zhengyi's world,“All departments in society and industries will be redefined,How to do business and lifestyle will have a fundamental change,New business opportunities will be created。”

Soft silver words must be,As long as they invest hundreds of millions of dollars to some companies,These companies may have gradually realized the singularity。

Most of these funds may be used in technical infrastructure and services,But soft silver quite clear,A large part of them will need to invest agriculture.、Medicine, etc.“Tradition”industry,as well asDelhiveryLogistics industry。In today's world,Robots and automatic driving cars may replace human resources——This will not only change the measurement of performance and service,Will completely subvert the company's unit economy。under these circumstances,DelhiveryCan you afford the cost without these technologies?(These technologies are provided by Softbank's Portfolio,These companies have invested billions of dollars in related technologies.)?

author:Zhou Xin

This article originally created in Zhimin WeChat public account(ID:passagegroup)。

Image,Witness the road of globalization of China Science and Technology Enterprises。


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