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36kryptonTo BIndustrial group launched a new sector“Digital Innovation Guide”,We will summarize the main news of the digital innovation business of major companies in various industries.。

2moon25Da Da Company Digital Innovation Industry Dynamic Daily Please check:

Huawei digital energy and Hui Tian network cooperation to build a green zero-carbon data center

2moon25day,Hui Tian Network and Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing。According to the agreement,Huitian Network and Huawei Digital Energy2022The size of the year of cooperation is expected to reach10Billion。It is reported that,Both parties will adhere“Green low carbon”Development concept,Based on new power systems and countries based on new energy“Double carbon”Target,Integrate into data center green energy-saving innovation technology,Creative“source、network、Unfold、Store”Green zero carbon data center。Day eye check data,Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd.,was founded in2021year6moon7day,Legal representative Hu Qiang,Registered capital30Billion。The company is from Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.100%Shareholding。

《Huawei Digital Energy and Hui Tian Network reach a strategic cooperation Plan this year's cooperation amount10100 million》

Tencent established a new company in Zhejiang,Digital content

DazzlingAPPshow,2moon25day,Zhejiang Tencent Video Co., Ltd. was established,Registered capital8000Wan Yuan,Business scope:Camera and video production services;Digital content production service(Not included issuance);Literary creation;Movie art props set service, etc.。The company is from Tencent Technology(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.100%Control。Another new project in the country“East number”Chengdu Hub,Tencent said its second phase of the Western Cloud Computing Data Center in the Construction,Will further expand the scale of the Chongqing data center,Overall installed capacity20Tabtan server。Tencent's second phase of the project107mu,construction area7.4Ten thousand square meters,At2020year4Monthly construction construction,Plan to create the first one of Tencent Company in Southwest ChinaTbasePark,Become the largest monomer data center in China。

(website development company in riyadh)《Invest8000Ten thousand!Tencent established a new company in Zhejiang Digital content》

Ningxia《Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Big Data Industry》

To actively cultivate new kinetic energy,Ningxia has developed《Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Big Data Industry》(Later referred to《Implement opinion》)。《Implement opinion》Express,To introduce advantageous enterprises,Big data on the settlement、Advantageous enterprises such as cloud computing,3In the year, it can be put into action.20%to30%,Give a maximum200Wan Yuan30010,000 yuan fund support。Supporting companies doing big strongest,Implement large data、Cloud computing and software corporate breeding plan,Support enterprise development zone market,For the first time, the main business income exceeded1000Ten thousand yuan、300010,000 yuan software and information technology services,Give one-time50Ten thousand yuan、10010,000 yuan fund support。Support using cloud computing services,In order to support the industryAppDevelopment and application,Encourage the service enterprise to reduce the charging standard,Attracting and driving the entire district enterprises and institutions using cloud computing services。

《Implement opinion》Also mention,To reduce the cost of enterprise tax,New dozen data that meets the conditions of the Western Development Tax Countries、Cloud computing and software development companies,Division15%Tax rate levies corporate income tax,From the first production and operation income of the first production and operation,Implement part of the corporate income tax“Three free three halves”,Implementation of property tax in urban land use tax and self-use property“Three free three halves”。For the first time, the autonomous region is identified as a high-tech enterprise.,Corporate income tax local sharing part exempt from3year;Re-identified the first year after the expiration of the valid expiration,Corporate income tax local sharing part is half-levy。

《Ningxia focuses on creating new highlights of digital economy and new high-tech industry》

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Shanghai Yangpu Bridge“Digital twins”Promote the digitization of the bridge

Shanghai Road Transportation Development Center promotes modernization with governance digitalization,Strive“Yun Road Center”,Covered road facility management、Transportation service management、Safety dynamic supervision and four core areas of static traffic supervision。Yangpu Bridge is a traffic main road across Huangpu River.,1993The annual traffic is running so far28year,The road management department uses a new generation of digital twin technology to enhancing the digital innovation application,Guarantee the safety of the bridge,accomplish“Watch、Tube、Defend”Stereo integration control。

To master the digital signs of bridge traffic,All bridges set traffic perception equipment10kind200set,Including video surveillance、Dynamically weigh、meteorological、Vehicle flow detection and edge calculation analysis and other equipment,Real-time master of the bridged vehicle running live and automatically identify the bridge abnormal event;Dynamic simulation software using vehicle model,Realizing the dynamic twin simulation of vehicles on the bridge,And keep a full tracking of operating vehicles that need attention,Provide intuitive for transportation management、Efficient data support system。Yun Road Center maintenance online regulatory platform can also realize online supervision of the whole process of daily management of the facility,Faster、More accurately completed disease defect positioning、Report、Review and other series of operations。

《Yun Road Center“Yuan universe”First Experience,Yangpu Bridge welcomes numbers“newborn”》

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Bike battery Fuzhou production base promotes intelligent production

recently,The third largest production base in the bik battery,Fuzhou production base officially completed and put into production,The first product has officially launched。The second phase plan of the Bacus Production Base will be completed at the end of the year.。The Bacus Production Base is the third completion of the third completion plant in the country.,Located in Fuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province,Total investment10Billion yuan,Production line construction set automation、Information management,Main business direction is energy storage and car square lithium battery。

Bikkuzhou Production Base this first batch of products underline is a high cycle lifeLFPproduct,Will be applied to electric vehicles、UPS、BESS、telecommunications、Yacht and other application scenarios。Wang Pan, Vice President, Shenzhen Bike Power Battery Co., Ltd.,BAK Fuzhou production base builds big data analysis、artificial intelligence technology、The Internet of Things and One-Core One-Code Traceability System,automated to a certain extent、Intelligent and information-based production。

《The first batch of products of BAK Battery's Fuzhou production base officially rolled off the production line,Advanced equipment helps intelligent production》

Belle International and Dipu Technology cooperate to promote the digitalization of fashion industry

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recently,“Belle International x Dipu Technology Data Lake&Signing Ceremony of Lake and Warehouse Integration Project”officially held。since2021year onwards,Dipu Technology and Belle International Technology Center have successively carried out co-creation of various data-based platform projects,Including Brand Brain、data management、Data intelligent application and other projects,Created such as data management platform、Label Platform、store managerAIassistant、Shadow Insight Equipolar System。

2022year,“data lake&Lake and warehouse integration”The project is an extension of the previous data platform project。“data lake&Lake and warehouse integration”the value of,Belle International can first store massive multi-mode data into the lake,After future computing power allows and in-depth exploration of business analysis scenarios,Scrape data analytics from the data lake,Make better use of data。For example,When the designer understands the sales performance of the product over the whole life cycle、Brand story、After competitive analysis and other data,can better empower production and business decisions,Unleash the value of your data more effectively。2023year,The two parties will also integrate the data flow and batch、Explore more new possibilities in areas such as data asset management。

《Belle International x Dipu Technology|Advanced digital transformation of fashion industry group“wind vane”》

Insurance Geek and Dacheng Shanghai reach a cooperation,Bringing digital employee benefits to the legal profession

2moon25day,Digital group insurance company insurance geek and Dacheng Shanghai、ZhongAn Insurance Holds Cooperation Signing Ceremony,Provide one-stop digital employee benefit plan for Dentons Shanghai,Build a newer and more efficient employee benefit system。Insurance geek digital group insurance solution on the enterprise side,is through“Cloud group insurance”SaaSsystem,Make the company increase or decrease the number of employees、Installment payment is more convenient。Staged deductible innovation plan,through the number of claims、Flexible mix of deductibles and payout ratios,Effectively balance enterprise cost and employee experience。Enterprise health force kanban can strengthen the digital management of employees' health,Evidence-based and dynamic adjustment of benefits。on the employee side,Mainly through the mobile claims system,Fast online claims settlement。Also provide online medical services for employees,Reduce the risk of cross-infection in medical treatment after the epidemic and reduce the time and cost waste of medical treatment for minor illnesses。

《Insurance Geek and Dacheng Shanghai reach a cooperation,The digital employee welfare guarantee system is pushed to the lawyer industry》

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Digital Partnership Issues Joint Statement:Big tech companies urged to protect data privacy

according toZawya 2moon24daily report,Saudi Arabia and others urge global tech firms to better protect user data,To protect users' private information from misuse。Riyadh-based digital partnership(Digital Cooperation Organization)issued a joint statement,Saudi Arabia、Bahrain、Jordan、Kuwait、Pakistan and others urge global tech companies to cooperate with government,Establish privacy and user terms that protect user data。The signatories of the statement represent more than5billion people,Most of them are in the Middle East and Africa,Their combined gross domestic product exceeds2trillion dollars。The statement highlights several privacy standards issues that need to be addressed,Including ensuring that data is used in accordance with informed user consent,No transfer of data to third parties that violate the privacy regulations of member states,and enable users to migrate or delete their data from the platform。

《Digital Partnership Issues Joint Statement:Big tech companies urged to protect data privacy》

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China's first digital collection of ancient Chinese medicine books《Compendium of Materia Medica》Jinlingben is officially released

2moon25day,China's first ancient Chinese medicine bookIPdigital collection《Compendium of Materia Medica》Jinlingben signing ceremony and release ceremony2022Metaverse Digital Collection Development Online Seminar Officially Held。The prototype of the digital collection of ancient books released this time is the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Information, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences(Library of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences)collection《Compendium of Materia Medica》(Ming Wanli Jinling Hu Chenglong block copy),Authorized by the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Information, Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences。This digital collection is hosted by the Science and Technology Innovation Board“The first share of healthy intelligent hardware”Easy to provide strategic support,pass through“easy town”Exclusive distribution of the big health digital social space。

《China's first digital collection of ancient Chinese medicine books《Compendium of Materia Medica》Jinlingben is officially released》