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coronavirusCOVID-19The pandemic has put enormous pressure on many regional countries with soaring unemployment。Although some countries are doing better than others,But all governments can use advantages like cloud technology to prepare for the next storm。

According to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation(ITIF)analysis,arrive4mid-month,More than half of state unemployment sites experience severe downtime。Florida site went down for a while16Hours,And Michigan's outage is nearly6Hours。Even residents can access these sites,They are also often unable to complete their application,or you will get an error message,say they are ineligible。

Coronavirus has devastating effect on the economy。exist3late month to4between the beginning of the month,have220010,000 Americans file for unemployment。Unfortunately,Due to the surge in demand,Many state government websites crash,The call center is overwhelmed,Many face enormous challenges and delays in seeking benefits。

website development michigan

obviously,Part of the problem is that many institutions simply don't think about this surge in numbers。E.g,in Minnesota,the state from every hour50applicants increased to every day2000applicants。The New York State Department of Labor reports that,compared to the usual week,network traffic increased1600%。

(website development michigan)but,Even with a surge in unemployment across the country,Not all states' unemployment websites crashed。Agencies that have developed cloud-based applications are often able to meet the demand。Others are running outdated systems。E.g,Florida's unemployment website is running an older version ofInternet Information Services(based onWindowsofWebserver),and use the old versionASP.netdesign its system。A survey of state unemployment agencies found,At least12states used in their systemsCOBOL(one in1970popular programming languages,Few programmers are available now)。

website development michigan

Another problem is that unemployment websites can't keep up with policy changes。E.g,Many states typically require applicants to demonstrate that they are actively seeking employment that is eligible for unemployment benefits,But dropped those requirements during the pandemic。Unfortunately,These changes are not always made on the government's online form,thereby confusing applicants。

E.g,The Texas Labor Commission reports that the most daily300million calls。also,Many government agencies have not fully digitized the entire unemployment application process。E.g,in New York,Applicants are required to call to verify their details,then get benefits。result,The state sees an uptick in call volume in the usual weeks16000%。in the programs of many institutions,Reliance on call centers exposes second line of failure。

These little mistakes can make a big difference。usually,If people have questions about their application,or the site is down,you can call the agent。But the call center can't do anything,Because they don't have the ability to scale quickly to meet higher demand。

website development michigan

now,Countries around the world scramble to solve these problems。Some people solve their problems by suggesting they file late at night or only on certain days,It depends on the initials of their last names,to avoid overwhelming the system again。Others started quicklyITplan。New York andGooglePartnership to create a new unemployment website。Florida signed for more than1billion dollar contract,to provide more call centers,and added100servers to handle the surge in internet traffic。

(website development michigan)but,even though these sites are online,Many websites still fail to meet the needs of users。E.g,according toITIFsay,have41Unemployment sites in 3 states perform poorly on mobile。Designing government websites for mobile is critical,because it is approximately20%of Americans have the only form of home internet access。also,have19State websites do not meet World Wide Web Consortium accessibility standards,This ensures that people with disabilities(especially those who are blind or have low vision)can visit the website。

(website development michigan)While states are ultimately responsible for ensuring their sites are fast、accessible、Mobile friendly and secure,But moving to the cloud and adopting a mobile-first strategy are steps in the right direction。