keywords for website development company


(keywords for website development company)first,If you want to get a good keyword rankings,You must choose a suitable keyword。This keyword should be able to bring you traffic while bringing you.,Convert a large number of business or orders。Good keywords must have the following conditions:1.Radiation exactly covered our business range。2:Keywords should have certain user groups。These two points are very important,If we don't choose a good keyword,No matter how we actively optimize,How is the ranking?,Be no harder,soseoOptimization reminds you,Looking for the target keyword is the first step in optimization,It is also the most important step。

Reasonable keyword layout,The virtual combination of website design, the website title is the core of keyword layout,The title is not too cumbersome,Can't just easy,For example, we are doing website construction,So our title must include the word construction,Not just website construction。first,We need to know what customers will search.。After more than five years of virtual real design statistics,Very good search is a region+Key words。For example, Harbin should build a Harbin website.。The second is to make Harbin website。Why do you want to add Harbin??Very simple,It is the local people who will not go to other regions.,The title must also have our company's name,This is very convenient to use without ranking or brand.。The number of keywords should not be too much,As long as the control is good。

Site links and anchors,Website links Try to show the keywords of the page,for example,The title of the link page is the design of the website,ThenURLPinyin as a link,English can also,This helps rankings。Anchor is the same,Try to have the corresponding keyword,It is important to have anchored site.,We must improve this station and the weight of this page,Be sure to find a way to let many stations anchored to this site or page,Let's search the engine to pay attention to him.,Natural weight is very high。This is our soft text and optimization。

keywords for website development company

Your website,Especially keywords can't be spelling errors。E.g,Spelling mistakes are a serious problem for the seller,No one can bid。on the other hand,Deliberately add some words that often misleads sometimes can't think about it.。

Use a lot offlashThe website looks cool,But search engines do not buy。In fact,The closer website content is close to ordinary text,The easier it is to be searched by the search engine.。Although today's search engines are more likely to handle more than the pastflash,But if you pay more attention to your ideal search results rather than beautiful interface,So text andHTMLStill outline。

One of the more difficult website optimization issues is the content repeat。Others may steal your works,Take it away and re-publish,Claiming this is your own content。Which version of all search engines is not good to identify the page is the original version。If the search engine can't identify who is copying?,Then you are likely to be punished by repeating the page.。And punishment is very serious:Duplicate website does not appear in search results,Unless the searcher click the search engine link,so“Repeated search contains the result of omission”,But no one will do this。

summary:The domain name and keyword layout of the site also mentioned in the text.。You can go check it out,But can't be here。The last suggestion for the search engine given by virtual and real site design is,SEODo not contradict good user experience or ease of use。It's almost always good for users.,So what we should use、Design and architecture to create a website,This is very helpful for our website in front of search results.。