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Although the number of houses for sale in Florida continues to decrease,But the housing market in Florida is still2022One of the hottest housing markets。

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The lack of housing construction is a topic I have been writing over the years.。This is due to government policies(Adjacent)Resisted on new housing development,It pushes prices to dangerous high。This big popularity may help inhibit some housing listings.

Florida's buyers have always been frustrated due to lack of listings。Since the president provides the first buyer1.510,000 US dollars tax,House prices may be further pushed。

over time,It is more difficult to find a house and even apartments here.。The houses for sale in Florida are too small.。Surprisingly,During operation,Sales is so low。Florida real estate agent said,Due to government depression of government closing and coronary virus,Florida's housing sales is actually reduced40Universal set。

Florida's housing prices are twice that of normal levels,The sales speed is now fast.12sky。Sunny(Sunshine State)House sales declines low in South Florida14.9%,Jacksonville(Jacksonville)Plump45%。

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Houses and apartments supply

These data is now a bit outdated.,But in fact, they have deteriorated last year.。

In Orlando,Housing sales have grown strong19.4%,achieve2750set,Leading inventory drop。Housing supply2019year10Month6102Set of falling to3986set,decline34.6%。Townhouse、Duplex apartment and villa inventory from last year633Set746set,Increasing17.8%。9Month apartment inventory increased year-on-year18.2%。

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This year10moon,Tampa Real Estate Broker Company(Tampa Realtors)Report,Stock House Quantity from last year10Month4510Set of falling to this year2383set,going down47.2%。Tampa City(Hillsborough County)Apartment inventory from1212Set894set(decline26.2%)。existSt Petes/Clearwater,Housing inventory declines year-on-year45.4%,from10,428Set down to5,694set。Apartment inventory decline24.7%,from3,888Set down to2,926set。

Miami Real Estate Brokerage Company(Miami Realtors)Report,10Month house inventory from6,548Set of falling to3,941set,Decline39.8%;Townhouse/Apartment inventory is also from15,295Set of falling to14,004set,Decline8.4%。

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Florida Real Estate Broker Kerry·Smith(Kerry Smith)Report display,The number of listed houses in various cities in Florida have fallen sharply,The number of listed days is also greatly reduced。

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Hole of Gulf County,Central Negative Zone Real Estate Broker Association(Central panhandle Association of Realtors)Report,10The number of houses for sale in the month has fallen2%,From last year10Month1042Set of falling to this year10Month1021set。This year10The number of conventional apartments in the new listing580set,Last year10Monthly decline24.3%。past3Month,Inventory drop speed acceleration。

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A report of the Florida Real Estate Broker shows a small city in Florida.:

1.Cape Coral-Fort MyersListed houses fall32.8%,Listing day reduction20sky

2.Deltona-Daytona Beach- ormond Beach-Residential listing43.3%,DOMFall16sky

(website developer melbourne fl)3.Jacksonville——House sales have fallen44.9%,House sales in advance11sky

4.Lakeland-Winter Haven -House sales have fallen30.8%,House sales in advance7sky

5.Miami-Lauderdale-West Palm Beach-The listings are reduced14.9%,But the sales speed is accelerated.5sky

6.North Sarassa-The number of houses in the Harbor of Bradenton fell.32.1%,It is incredible to decrease21sky

7.Orlando-Kissimi-Sanford-Listed houses fall20.4%,DOMFall7sky

8.Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titsville-House sales have fallen42.6%,Sales in advance7sky

9.Tampa-St。Petersburg-ClearwaterListed for sale in the house plummeted45.1%,Listing time is reduced10sky

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National housing inventory shrinking

Florida Realtors®In another press release,In the background of inventory reduction,The United States in the end of the summer rising。As Americans are migrated to different cities and states due to work,Seeking lower living costs and better lifestyle,The lack of housing development and construction may become a major economic issue。

They reiteratedNARHousing market report,This report shows,American housing inventory(MLS)Last year8Monthly decline36.4%,Big city inventory declined38.1%。The amount of demand is a monomeric house.。

NARsData display,past12Month,The new listings in the country have been reduced11.85%,The decline of large-scale listings is11.4%。8The monthly medium value in the month35Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Year-on-year increase10.1%。The housing prices in the big city have risen8.9%。

NARReport,Indianapolis、Riverside/St. Benadino and Povendswark's house inventory is largest。Be mentioned50Market in the market,have34Market inventory7Month decline。

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