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tucson website development

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Introduction:Beijing Tucson Internet Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology innovation company specializing in the development and application of artificial intelligence and computer vision technology.。The company has R & D centers in the United States and China,Among them, the engineering and commercial team is located in Beijing, China.,Core Algorithm Research Institute is located in Santiago, California, USA。Company business involved image identificationSaaS、Intelligent driving, etc.。

Financing:A wheel

Number of teams:Current70people,Beijing50people、North America20people

interview target:CEOChen Mo,CTOHumdi

Team usedtoBField product

cloud service:AzureChina、Azureinternationality、Ali Cloud。Because Alibaba is the most important cloud service provider,andAzureFree quota provided by Microsoft Accelerator,So I have been using。

Data statistical analysis:useGoogle AnalyticsFlow analysis。

Developer tools used by team technical staffIDE:PyCharm、Sublime、WebStormWait。

Business Registration:Through Beijing Zhongjun Registration Registration Agency。

Social security、Provident fund:Agency through Beijing Qijia Yue Human Resources Management Co., Ltd.。

Recruitment:Recruitment website+Headhunting+School trick+Internal push。Mainstream is internal recommendation、School trick;He also recruits high-end talents using a headhunting。

work placeBeijing Headquarters, I used to be in Haidian District, Haidian District,With the expansion of people,Now moving to Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District9Warm Business Building。

(tucson website development)work together:①IM:WeChat、Google Hangout、Skype;②Document collaboration:Google Drive;③Task management:Trello

Technical engineer used tools:GitHub、Slack

Product manager use tools:Axure、Project

Tools used in market sectors:Easy to makeH5,Use Xiimi to perform WeChat map。

ChooseToBServing standards and principles

meets requirements,Easy to use。

What is third-party service in the future plan

Enterprise micro signal。

Personal recommendation&tool

CEOrecommendourselves8Monthly launching car artifactdemo(http://car.tusimple.com/)

(tucson website development)Recommended reason:Just upload the car picture,Identify2016year3Mainstream passenger car brand released earlier、Model。


Recommended reason:Trello Is a very goodGTD (Getting Things Done) platform。Under the guidance of methodology,Endless powerful flexibility。

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