microsoft website development tools


In the construction of the web page,For fast、Efficiently complete tasks,Will usually use some code highlight display、Site development tools such as grammar prompts。Common website construction toolsSublime、Visual Studio Code、webstorm、Dreamweaver、HbuilderWait,Specifically, as follows。

1、 Sublime

(microsoft website development tools)SublimeAll asSublime Text,Is a code editor,First by programmersJon SkinnerAt2008year1Month development。Sublime TextBeautiful user interface and powerful function,Such as code thumbnail、Function plugin, etc.。Sublime textStill a cross-platform editor,branchWindows、linux、MacWaiting for the operating system。

microsoft website development tools(microsoft website development tools)

2、 Visual Studio Code

(microsoft website development tools)Visual Studio Code(Abbreviation“VS Code”)YesMicrosoftexist2015year4moon30dayBuildThe developer conference officially announced a running Mac OS X、Windowsand Linux Above,For writing modernWebInter-platform source code editor with cloud applications, Can run on the desktop,And can be usedWindows,macOSandLinux。It hasJavaScript,TypeScriptandNode.jsBuilt-in support,And rich in other languages(E.gC++,C#,Java,Python,PHP,Go)And runtime(E.g.NETandUnity)Extended ecosystem。

microsoft website development tools

3、 Webstorm

WebStorm YesJetBrainsCompanyJavaScript development tools。Has been by ChinaJSDevelopers are known as“WebFront-end development artifact”、“Most powerfulHTML5editor”、“IntelligentJavaScript IDE”Wait。andIntelliJ IDEAHomology,inheritIntelliJ IDEApowerfulJSPartial function。

microsoft website development tools

4、 Dreamweaver

(microsoft website development tools)DreamweaverAbbreviationDW(Chinese translation“Dream woven”),Is the United StatesMACROMEDIAThe company's development web creation and website management“See what you have obtained”Web editor,2005AnnualAdobeTakeovers。DWIs the first set of visual web development tools for non-professional website construction staff,Use it to make web pages easily。

microsoft website development tools

5、 Hbuilder

HBUilderYesDCloudA support for launchHTML5ofWebdevelop software。“quick”YesBUilderThe biggest advantage,Through complete syntax prompt、Code input method and code block, etc.,HBuilderCan greatly improveHTML、JavaScriptDevelopment efficiency。

microsoft website development tools