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American Housing and Urban Development(HUD)Washington,It is the US government specializes in establishing a reasonable housing system and living environment for US nationals.。HUDProvide guarantees for housing of medium and low-income families through their mortgage guarantee programs,There is an important role in supporting residents' ownership。The current minister is this·Carson(Ben Carson)。

However,This is such a very serious institution,At the meeting this Tuesday, I made a lot of trouble.“Oolong”。

according toMarketWatchReport,Local time5moon21day,At the House Financial Services Committee hearing,California Democratic PartyKatie PorterAsk Carson is familiar“REO”Word。

(housing and urban development website)Interestingly,Carson is very confused by this term,I ask this is not a chocolate sandwich cookie“Olio”The problem(Olio English is“OREO”)。

Not only that,Carson also mistakenly will abbreviate the letters“O”Understandorganization,which is“organization”the meaning of。

butPorterExplain,This abbreviation word means“Real Estate Owned”(Bank house),“It is when the redeem of redeemed by the property is canceled.,We call itREO”。

Subsequently,Karson sent a pusher“OH, REO!”,and@PorterMembers thank you,Also said that it will give her some“Olio Biscuits”。

housing and urban development website


Why is the Minister of Housing and Urban Development committed such professional mistakes??

In fact,Carson is not an expert in this field.,Not only that,Its specialty is also“Housing and development”Far away,Because his previous occupation is“Neurosurgery”。

As an American“Legendary neurosurgeon”,Carson and his team have successfully implemented the first case of brain-replenished infants in human history.,and2009American famous drama film《Gratiment》,That is, he is adapted to the prototype of character.。

Understand,Carson1951Born in Detroit,I have won my psychological degree in Yale University.,And adopted the University of Michigan Medical College,Behind a neurosurger。In addition to exceptional“Connected baby separation surgery”Surrounded by external attention,As a republican,He also held in Washington“The United States pray for breakfast”,And in front of the President Obama、Vice President Biden's face criticized the education of the government、budget、tax、Major national policy such as health insurance,Become a well-known political event in the United States overnight。Carson also2014Announcement of the US president,But later because of the causes of the campaign。

2016year,Trump nominates Carson for the Minister of Development of Housing and Urban Development。2017year,Carson passed the Congress Senate vote,Officially served as Minister。

This time“Oolong”Another protagonist,QuestionKatie PorterIt is also very famous for its hassry.。

according toMarketWatchReport,Earlier this year,Katie PorterDirector of the Consumer Financial Protection BureauKathy KraningerEmphasize“interest rate”and“Annual interest rate”difference between。

After this hearing,Katie PorterAlso released:“I asked Carson in today's hearing.REOThe problem,Be a‘Mreathel redemption right cancellation’Basic terminology。He didn't think I said‘Chocolate sandwich cookies’。Oh no,This is really true!”

housing and urban development website

“Bank house”Buy risks

There are some homes far lower than the market price in the housing market in the United States.,This kind of house is also known as“Adverse assets”(Dispressed Property),And Carson as“Olio”of“Bank house”(REO)Is one of this bad assets。Let's take a look,this“Olio”What exactly is it。

“REO”The full name is“Real Estate Owned by the lender”,That is to refer to the bank or lending party for recycling through legal means.,And no real estate sold in the auction,They will give these homes to housing intermediaries to sell。Generally,Although the bank will guarantee the integrity of this housing property,And the necessary maintenance is performed on the house,But this“Bank house”There will still be a lot of quality and condition.,So the buyer needs to ask a professional inspector to check the housing status before purchasing.。

in addition,Buyer is buying this“Bank house”Time,It is best to leave enough time。Because during the entire purchase process,From view、Inspection room、Court、To transfer, etc.,Buyers need to cooperate with bank arrangements。

also,Buy“Bank house”There is also a certain legal risk。For example, the original house owner is refused to handle、Arrears、Engineering, etc.。

actually,You can only choose to resort to law when the buyer encounters such a situation.,Waiting for the court to expel the original house owner。But you need to pay attention to,This process may take a longer process,And the cost of the original house owner is also possible to transfer to new buyers。

(housing and urban development website)Interesting English abbreviation

English abbreviation as a customary product,Is a crystallization of cultural exchanges,In the absence of ambiguity,Can still be used properly,But it is also inevitable to make some“Oolong”。actually,There are still many English abbreviations that are easily misunderstood.,Let's take a few interesting things。

BMW(BMW):Its English“Bayerische Motoren Werke”,The meaning of this translation is meaningful“Bavarian engine manufacturer”。

KFC(KFC):Full name“Kentucky Fried Chicken”,Chinese meaning“Kentucky fried chicken”。

OoO:This is an abbreviation that looks very cute.,But it is actually a commonly used abbreviation in a workplace.,Full name“out of office”,which is“not in the office”the meaning of。

Xing:On the US road,You may often see a huge“Xing School Slow”Brand,Many people think“Xing”这But actually it is汉字“This is Chinese characters”的拼音,Row“crossing”Yes“Pinyin”Abstract,“X”是“cross”的简写。

CCTV:which is“CCTV”,中国人都知道这是“Pass through”的缩写,the meaning of,“CCTV”是指“Closed Cirvuit Television”,即“闭路电视或监视系统”的意思。



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