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“Fourteen five”period,my country will focus on the development of affordable rental housing,Further improve the housing security system。Currently,All localities are actively innovating and planning,Widen the range of guarantees,Gradually relieve young workers、Difficulties in the phased housing of new citizens such as talents and migrant workers,Let the affordable rental housing become the starting point of the new youth struggle of big cities。

2021year7moon2day,The General Office of the State Council released《Opinions on accelerating the development of affordable rental housing》(Next《Opinion》),In history, the top floor design of my country's housing security system was first clarified in history.,Providing important policy support for the development of my country's rental housing market in China。

2021year7moon7Policy blowing in the Japanese New Office,Ni Hong, deputy director of the Ministry of Housing and Construction,Talent is a city's core competitiveness,a city,Young people have hope,City has the future,Young people have hope,The country has the future。

housing urban development website

State Council News Office2021year7moon7day(Wednesday)afternoon4Hold a policies of the State Council Policy,Introduction to accelerating the development of affordable rental housing

“Solve youth、The new citizens' housing problem is the responsibility of the governments at all levels.,It is also an inevitable requirement for improving competitiveness to achieve sustainable development.,The government should have endurance to do this.。”Ni Hong said。

(housing urban development website)Li Xuhong, Director of the Financial and Tax Policy and Application Research Institute of Beijing National Accounting, said,This government introduced《Opinion》,In the land、Taxation、finance、Give strong support for policies such as approval,Will effectively promote the healthy development of my country's affordable rental housing industry,“Housing issues are a major event that is about people's livelihood,Must increase the intensity of housing security of urban difficult people。”

“Fourteen five”period,Developing rental housing has also been identified as a key task in China's real estate field.。Multi-industry experts,In the background of high housing prices,Rental housing is an effective idea to solve the problem of housing in my country.,It will also become an important aspect of the resolution of the contradiction between the supply and demand structure of the real estate market.,Next, we will usher in an unprecedented historical development opportunity.。

1、Leasing market enters policy center

“The new citizens provide dividends for urban development,But the primary problem that they have entered into the city is the housing.。In the background of high housing prices,Rental housing is the first foot of most new citizens,There are many new and old problems in the rental housing.,Solving the issue of rental housing has become very urgent。”Ni Pengfei, director of the Cities and Competitiveness Research Center of China Academy of Social Sciences。

In recent years,my country's government continues to increase the cultivation and development of rental housing markets,Especially from2015Beginning,The government's gravity gradually turned from commercial housing to affordable housing,Survival of the rental market,Support policy。

housing urban development website

National statistics、Zhongjin Company

2015year1moon,The Ministry of Housing and Construction took the lead《Guidance on accelerating the cultivation and development of housing rental market》,Propose to have a three-year time basically form a sound housing rental market,At the same time, it clarifies the cultivation housing rental institution.、Support real estate development enterprises rent-selling、Development Real Estate Investment Trust Fund(REITs)Many support channels。

(housing urban development website)2016year6moon,State Council issued a program《Some opinions on accelerating the cultivation and developing housing rentals》,After that, the provinces have issued document response。2017year7moon,The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development further clarifies Guangzhou、Shenzhen, etc.12City is the first batch of rental purchase and housing system pilot,And determine Beijing、Shanghai, etc.13City is the first batch of housing rental pilots using collective construction land。

2020The central economic work meeting of the Year is again emphasized,Highly attach great importance to the construction of affordable rental housing,Accelerate the perfect rental policy,And ask the land supply to be inclined to the rental housing,Single column rental housing land plan,Exploring the use of collective construction land and enterprises and institutions to have their own idle land construction rental housing, etc.。

Under the stimulation of the series of policies,The domestic leasing market has developed rapidly in the short term,Also exposed some questions。2020year9moon,Housing and Construction《Housing lease regulations》,Rent and rent、Leasing business、Broker activity、Legal responsibility and other aspects60Multiple specification measures,Strictly control the long-term apartment field“High progress”、“Rent”Equal phenomenon。

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Housing and Construction,Should《Housing lease regulations》It is the first rule of regulatory document in the field of housing leases in my country.,Helps to promote the institutionalization of housing rental market supervision、Normalization,Major development significance for the industry。

2021year7moon,National office released《Opinions on accelerating the development of affordable rental housing》,It is the refinement and continuation of previous policies。“Safe rental housing must be eligible、Talent housing can live,And is the rent of not selling。Hold these two bottom lines,Can work good luck,Let the truly demanding people are guaranteed,Can't become awkward。”Ni Hong, deputy director of the Ministry of Housing and Construction。

(housing urban development website)This is visible,Advancement,The support policy for renting housing in the central level is successively introduced and complement each other.,The top floor is getting more and more perfect。

2、Big city housing supply and demand contradiction

From global experience,Country and regions of economy,The higher the household, the higher the family,And the masses choose to rent a house or buy a house,By urbanization、Effects of multi-factors such as real estate policies and traditional ideas。

E.g,Statistics show per capitaGDPPositive association with rental households,Switzerland2019Per capitaGDPachieve7.9Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Its rental family accounts for58.5%,German per capitaGDP4.7Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Renting household accounts52.3,my country Shanghai、Shenzhen and Beijing rental housing proportion,Current20%about。

(housing urban development website)same,Democratic urban circle,The proportion of households in renting is often significantly higher than the national average。2016year,US national rental household accounts for approximately36.8%,But the proportion of rental in Los Angeles is reached52.3%,New York、San Francisco、San Jose、Austin、Houston and other city circles are also exceeded40%。

(housing urban development website)Currently,For the big city of my country、Extra large city,The structural contradiction of housing supply and demand is more prominent。

(housing urban development website)“With the rapid development of urbanization in my country,A large number of young people enter the big city,Provided huge bonus for urban development,But the market-based rental housing and the government offer public rental room,It is still difficult to meet demand。”Xu Xiaole, chief analyst of the Shell Research Institute。

(housing urban development website)Seventh national census,2020my country's floating population scale3.76Billion,Account for a total population26.6%,And the province of the population inflow is mostly economically developed.,Big cities have a siphon effect,Long、Pearl triangle talents aggregate extremely high,And this trend is still further enhanced。

“Urbanization brings a change in spatial structure。Even if the total population is constant,But the population will also migrate in space.,Guangdong、Zhejiang、Jiangsu is the province of population flowing into the top three,Behind it is a few big urban circles。”Li Yujia, Chief Researcher, Guangdong Housing Policy Research Center。

As the big city house price continues to rise,Social funds and speculators are constantly incorporated into,It is constantly increasing the pressure of young people who have caused social people, especially those who have just graduated.,Social anxiety is aggravated。In the new urbanization background,The expansion of the rental housing market is the general trend,Improving the proportion of rent is one of the main melodies of the future development of China's housing market.。

housing urban development website(housing urban development website)“Fourteen five”period。Beijing will target the medium and low-income families,Vigorously raise to build a variety of rental housing

for example,Beijing“Fourteen five”The plan is clearly proposed.,Strive for home-low-income families,Will raise all kinds of rental housing,Family affordability rate of public rental housing filing,The number of new supply sites is not less than40%,Supported rental housing for new collective land rental housing,Not less than the total supply of supply15%。

CICConsultation measurement,2020my country's domestic rental market is reached1.9Trillion,Expect2024The size of the domestic leasing market will reach3.1Trillion。

3、Building a mature business logic

To sum up,Since the increase in rental housing is the most important link to the development of the housing rental market,So why have been difficult to break?

2017year,Central Economic Work Conference“Accelerate the establishment of multi-body supply、Multi-channel security、Housing system rental”,And encourage private sectors to actively participate in the construction of the rental housing market。up to now,Rental housing operators formed in our market,From the business model, it can be divided into heavy assets.、Two-Housing Eastern Lease Operation Model and Light Asset Management Output Model。

housing urban development website

Guizhou Sun Valley Talent Apartment offers a comfortable living environment for youth talents

in,Participation subjects include independent operators、Real estate developers、State-owned enterprises、Internet and hotel companies, etc.,One degree presenting the market pattern。But unfortunately,The private sector is not running in the business model of renting housing operations.,Instead, a series of financial and operational risks are exposed in high-speed development.,2019Adverse events such as operators have been frequent。

“Now look at,The rental housing made by the company is more long-term rent nature.,But still exist because there is no suitable profit model,There is a market monopoly caused high rental prices.,And the phenomenon of financial risks and company tyrants。” Ni Pengfei, director of the Cities and Competitiveness Research Center of China Academy of Social Sciences。

The reason,First, because the rent is low,The willingness to supply leasing housing in society is not strong。simply put,Rent return rate refers to the ratio of rent the same rate,Usually used as a standard for measuring whether a region is worth investing,for example2020The rent of the annual rental rate reached8.3%,The highest world,In the same period Beijing and Shanghai only1.7%and1.6%。

Due to the long-term lack of domestic residents' income, the price increase,Rent return rate is remarkable,Real estate development enterprise sales of commercial housing and rental housing have become huge,Universal high turnover and high lever developers,It is difficult to really interested in the rental market in my country.。

Guotai Junan report analysis believes,Guest group ownership of the rental housing is still“Low income”crowd,Actual payment ability is weak,It is difficult to support a series of operators.“infrastructure”(personnel、Financial resources, etc.),Resulting in the operator of the second-household rent type,It is also difficult to get better income levels,Never use the cost of heavy assets holding models。

Second, housing leased companies are not strong enough,Lease housing agency holds a low proportion。This market status increases both the friction cost between the rental and the tenant,At the same time, it is not conducive to protecting the rights and interests of the lessee.。According to incomplete statistics,The rental housing held by individuals in my country accounts for all rental housing67%,Brand apartment holds listings only5%。Compared with,Proportion of the agencies held in developed countries,Generally in more than half。

The third is that the proportion of old communities rent housing is high.,Infrastructure supporting is poor,Affecting the rental housing experience。E.g,Beijing、Shanghai and other first-tier cities in the process of rapid expansion,Outstanding contradictions in occupancy。For rentals,Nearly or convenient transportation,It is often one of the primary considerations of housing.,And the rental housing in these areas is often constructed for a long time.,Infrastructure supporting is poor,Living experience。

Plus overall,Corporate land cost burden on rental housing,Is the main level of the industry's business logic closed loop,If you can't solve“Precious powder”The problem,Social capital cannot make quality、Suitable rental housing“bread”,And this status quo needs to be coming。

4、National office《Opinion》Leading the new era of rental housing

For the above,The Office of the Office of the State Council《Opinions on accelerating the development of affordable rental housing》Is an important policy watery,It can be said that the top floor design of my country's housing security system is identified for the first time.,In the future, my country's housing security system is public rental、Safe rental housing and total property rights。

Director of the Ministry of Housing and Construction Safeguarded Cao Jinyu explained,In my country's housing security system,Public rental is mainly administered by government investment and distribution of monetary subsidies.,The affordable rental housing focus is the big city that is inflowing in the population.,Mainly solves new citizens、Phase sexual housing difficulties in young people,“Government supports policy support,Guide multi-body investment、Multi-channel supply”。

housing urban development website

First of all,《Opinion》The most important thing is to propose multi-channel to meet land supply.,Support unprecedented。

(housing urban development website)In terms of land,Emphasize the use of collective business construction、Enterprises and institutions have their own idle land、Industrial park supporting land and stock housing construction,Appropriate use of new supplies national construction land construction。

Business office for idle and inefficient utilization、hostel、Factory building、Warehousing and other non-residential storage、Enterprises and institutions acquire the land according to law,《Opinion》Allows to be used to build or build into affordable rental housing,And do not pay the land price。

Secondly,《Opinion》Guide multi-body participation,Attractive social capital investment。Give full play to market mechanisms,Guide multi-body investment、Multi-channel supply,Support specialization、Space-scale housing rental enterprise construction and operation management affordable rental housing,persist in“Who invests、Who is”the rules,Encourage social capital to participate actively participate in the construction of affordable housing。

“This policy further activates the enthusiasm of various market entities to participate in the construction of rental housing construction.,Promote professional housing leasing companies more standardized、Scale development。”The relevant person in charge of a state-owned commercial bank said。

finally,In order to attract social strength,National support multipath funds,Strengthen fiscal and financial subsidies。at2021year6moon18day,State Council executive meeting has been clear,from10moon1Day from day to,Housing rental enterprises apply simple taxation methods to individual rental housing,according to5%Level reduction1.5%Pay value-added tax,For enterprises and institutions, etc.、Specialized size housing rental enterprise rental housing,Decrease4%Tax rate。

“this means,Housing leasing companies will enjoy the same tax concessions for individual industrial and commercial households to rent housing,Reflected in the tax policy to support the housing leasing industry。”Li Xuhong, Director of the Financial and Tax Policy and Application Research Institute of Beijing National Accounting, believes。

(housing urban development website)《Opinion》clearly states,Increase credit support for the construction of affordable rental housing construction,Support banking financial institutions,Provide long-term loans to the affordable rental housing self-sustain,Differentiation treated when implementing real estate credit management。

“Next, this policy will be divided into practice.,And in credit quota、Further differential measures,Encourage financial institutions to innovate products and services,Increase support for the development and operation of affordable housing。”Recruitment of financial chief researcher、Dong Xizhen, part-time researcher in Funeral University Finance Research Institute。

source: Xinhua News Agency