ecommerce website development cost in pakistan


(ecommerce website development cost in pakistan)No matter what business doing,Everyone will consider cost issues,It is also the same as cross-border independent stations.,Many sellers concerned,How much is the service provider to build a station?,SoHow to build foreign websites,How much does it take to build a cross-border independent station??Take everyone today to learn about it.

ecommerce website development cost in pakistan

one、Establish a cross-border e-commerce independent station preparation

1、Provide website domain name,Procedure

2、Select the website template you want;

3、Provide your company name and product category。

two、Decoration store

1、According to the visualization background,UploadbannerAnd other related pictures;

(ecommerce website development cost in pakistan)2、Upload product image and text details、Set product categories and product properties and labels;

(ecommerce website development cost in pakistan)3、Custom menu bar,Set payment method、Monetary management;

(ecommerce website development cost in pakistan)4、set upSEOinformation、Add friendship link、Set online customer service。

5、Set blog

three、Offer discount settings

Set coupons、Reduce、Limited time spike、Group management、Combination promotion;

(ecommerce website development cost in pakistan)

Four、 Put on advertising

Super shopshoplusCan be transferred to mainstream social media and drainage。

E.gFacebook、Twitter, etc.。We use a variety of ways to drain。First, you can use the home page operation.,Second, you can use a short period of time.。

How much does it take to build a cross-border independent station?,If the seller wants to build a foreign trade standalone station,Specific choice should be selected according to the demand of the seller's own,General construction costs costs in RMB3000Yuan to2Wan Yuan does not wait,Each platform has its own characteristics,No best,Only the most suitable

Okay,Super shopshoplusI will share this today.,Stand-alone station