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Campus at the University of Talsa is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly low-carbon campus.。The center of the campus is a green grass.UExpo-exploitation,Commonly known as“The U”。The mainstream architectural style in the school is the British Gothic architecture,And most architectural materials are brown or rose sandstone from Tennessee.、Limestone from Indiana、Slate from Vermont、And gravel from Arkansas。There is a vegetable garden that is managed spontaneously by the campus.(The Food Garden)。Although the University of Talsa and the elderly of Christianity will be associated,But it is a relatively strong university with religious inclusiveness.。The University of Talsa is a university in the campus of the United States.。

tulsa website development(tulsa website development)

University of Talsa Museum

Gilcle Museum(Gilcrease Museum)For the world's biggest show in the west of the United States、Central America、South America、And the museum of Aboriginal Traditional Art。2008After year,The museum belongs to the University of Talsa。This museum is located in the northwest of urban areas of Talsa.,Floor area2square kilometer。Its main purpose is to show traditional art in the west of the United States.、History and humanities,And provide convenience for related academic research。

University of Talsa Library

The University of Talsa's rich library resources and advanced information technology have strong support for academic research and classroom teaching.。McFarlinLibrary as an academic center in the University of Talsa,Collection book300Multi-volume,McFarlinThere is also a special collection of libraries.,There are more than in the house.128,000The precious books of the volume and3,500Historical manuscript。These increasing products,Mainly concentrated19At the end of the century20United States in the beginning of the century、U.K、Irish literary works and the history and law of American soil,Here has become an international academic community。These special collections are also used in daily undergraduate teaching in our school and to study various research institutions.。

(tulsa website development)The library also has many outstanding energy books.,Especially oil literature。in,Collection of projects and physical science research on the study and research of the School of Engineering,Exceed30Master printed products and many electronic libraries。also,The library also offers oil journals、Delivery services such as papers and special reports。Inside the libraryMabeeLegal Information Center for students、teacher、Lawyers provide advanced equipment、Comfortable、Spacious and attractive research environment。Here is more than100Taiwan computer is available,One hundred percent of them is a conventional desktop。Network connection with each seat and single room,The entire library covers a new wireless network,Wireless Internet。The library has official Bob·Dyrang Collection,Tibetan Nobel Literature Award、Musician Bob·Dirlan artistic career、Creative notes and other raw files。

University of Talsa Church

Talsa UniversitySharpchurch,The church is the first university campus church in the United States,Another feature of the school。SharpChurch is with its donorMr. and Mrs. Robert C. SharpNamed,1959year11moon27Day completion。

Accommodation in the University of Talsa

All the big one in the University of Talsa、Big two students must be accommodated,And you must take the meal plan provided by the school.。Unless students' parents or guardians settle in the school20Mile。

Campus accommodation:The University of Talsa provides students.6Student dormitory5Student apartment。Students can choose to live in the city according to their own needs or outside the school,But the school recommends that students choose campus accommodation,This can promote students' group consciousness,And you can make life inside and outside the classroom a whole。in addition,The school stipulates that the big student must live in the student dormitory,Students in the summer class must live in the summer student dormitory。Think to the student apartment,At least one of the following conditions must be met:

(tulsa website development)1、Big two students

2、Annual21Old student

3、Married student、Have legitimate guardians or students with children(Must show a marriage certificate and birth certificate)

University of Talsa Campus Life


Talsa University has seven kinds of school dormitory,Divided into two types。The first is ordinary dormitory,Two single beds、Desk chair、bookcase、Wardrobe、mini fridge、Microwave or other equipment;The other is the apartment dormitory,Independent kitchen、Living room, etc.。


The University of Talsa is committed to providing students with the best food and services.,And prepare a lot of food choices。Diverse food,Including traditional American food、Multi-ethnic food、Popular catering brand, such as Yumui Starbucks, etc.,In addition, there is a vegetarian choice。The school is prepared for students.7kindmeal plans,Students can choose one of them according to their needs and time schedule.。

University of Talsa Campus

Talsa University provides students with journalists、Broadcast opportunity,New students can also sign up,Some positions are salaries。 There are also various music groups in schools.,Symphonic Band、Opera group、Symphony, etc.,All interested students can participate。