how amazon website is developed


One appearance is flat,Sketch from a small child,Do you dare to think he is the world's richest??

how amazon website is developed

He is a huge wealth、Sitting in the richest business empire——Jeff·Beszzos,Founder of Amazon、A very commercial vision、Smart rich business,What kind of experience is that he has promoted him now??

Tragic birth

1964year,Jeff·Beszos is born in Mexico,People often say that the child's appearance is the best gift for parents.,But for the parents of Bezos,The frightening of this gift is far more surprises.。

how amazon website is developed

Hour,Beszzos's mother is just a year.16Old girl,And his father is only18Aged high school student。

Beszos's mother and father high school met love,Quickly caught in love,After pregnancy,Although the two have not prepared a child's arrival,But still rushing with parents.,The last two married in Mexico and gave birth to children,Take name Ji Rensen。

how amazon website is developed

But with the difference in the background of the family and enthusiasm,There is only the grinding of life.,Beszos mother Jacqueline's father is a management personnel,Betzos father Ted is just a leisure little punishment,Alcoholism、Night is not at home、Frequently throwing the gods in the middle of the night,Even throwing Beszos mother。Finally two people1965Wedding。

how amazon website is developed

Jeff at that time·Beszzos,Not two years old。

Marriage,Family burden all falls on Beszos mother,Two people。

1968year,Jeff·Beszos's mother remained to a bank staff Mi Gal, who worked in Aixson.·Beszzos ,Children also changed their father,Betzos。

how amazon website is developed

Jacqueline is not allowed to bother the life of their mother and child.,Since then, Ted is far from the life of the mother and child.,Negotiable with the two。

(how amazon website is developed)Although it is a parent,But Mi Gal has always been treating Beszos.,Jeff·Beszzos and Mi Gal feelings are also very good。

how amazon website is developed

Jeff·Beszzos is the eldest son at home,He also has a brother and sister,The life of a family is also very beautiful and harmonious.。

(how amazon website is developed)Until Jeff·Beszison ten years old,I know that Mi Gal is not his own father.。

Beszos's learning career

Jeff·Beszos' middle school is in Miami's Pukui Middle School.,In their class, it is a team leader and graduate representative。High school,Besos will showcase to do business。

how amazon website is developed

He established“dream”association,Summer event,Develop students' innovative thinking,Even encouraging his sister、Brother also came to participate。

Middle school later,Beszzos is interested in shooting tits。But its price is up to20Dollar,Mother thinks too high。So he bought a cheap component,Install。

how amazon website is developed

This story is recorded in the form of text,In1977Annual publishing in Houston Region(This book has never been included in the Amazon online bookstore)。High school graduation,Because Beszzos excellent performance in all aspects,He received the highest honor of American high school graduates“American outstanding student scholarship”。Beszzos's excellent and capabilities have been reflected in this time.。

In addition to school life ,Bezos's grandfather also has a profound impact on him.,The grandfather is the administrator of the former Atomic Energy Commission.,It is in his influence and cultivation,Beszzos has a love and exploration of science since childhood.,Triegravism to be a astronaut and physics scientist,For him, he has always been passionate about the space career.。

how amazon website is developed

Beszos's childhood life is full of bumps,But it is very lucky。Teenagers' experiences and life is an important factor in Bezos character and talent development。

(how amazon website is developed)Beszzos study in Princeton University,Princeton University is also a school that Einstein is coaching.,This can also be seen,Beszzos yearning for science。

(how amazon website is developed)how amazon website is developed

during college,Beszzos learned a computer,At that time, Bezos showed great interest and enthusiasm for computers.,And at the time, it was also a computer day.,Flush。He intends to break out his own heavens in the computer industry.。

1986year,Beszzos received a bachelor's degree in computer, Princeton University,Graduated from Princeton University with excellent graduates。

Social work

(how amazon website is developed)After graduation, Beszzos quickly entered a new York, a newly established high-tech company.,Later, hopping to New York Trust Company,25I became a vice president,It is the youngest vice president of Trust Company at the time.。

1990year,Jeff Betos has formed the world's most successful fund trading company in the world.,1992The year has become the most senior vice president。

how amazon website is developed

Perhaps there is an uncomfortable loss in Jeff Bayzos bones.,Get the strength of trying to challenge。

1994year,Beszzos surfing online,Understand the development speed of the Internet,He also hopes that he can become a tide.,Successful in Internet technology。

So he started his own way of entrepreneurship.。Finally, after selection,Repeated consideration,Choose first selling books。

how amazon website is developed

To know,The United States can be a publishing big country。May be young,It may also be confident and firm goals.,Betzos gave up high paying work,Start business。

Amazon's birth

1993year ,Beszzos learned a number when surfing on the Internet—2300%。

The total number of users in the Internet is developing with such a shocking speed.。I have to know that the Internet is not like this life now.,People at the time didn't know how to understand the Internet.。

(how amazon website is developed)how amazon website is developed

Cocazzos still caught this opportunity without hesitation,Now it seems,Beszzo's choice is undoubtedly a very correct choice.,It is sufficient to prove that he has keen to the business opportunity.。

He combines the Internet with shopping,I plan to sell my goods on the Internet.,This people can choose the goods they want on the Internet.,Don't have to go to the physical store。

how amazon website is developed

This method is clearly very suitable for the rapid development of this economy at the time.、People's life rhythm is also very fast。

At that time, Seattle's Microsoft has begun to develop and grow up.,Beszzos has its own intended,Established the goal is to hope that his own career can also become a leader like Microsoft.。

The opportunity will always be a person who is preparative.,Choose a good direction,Beszzos began to prepare for practical actions。

how amazon website is developed

He first chooses your own goods.,Beszzos listed20Many possible products,Of course this is just a pre-selection,It should be necessary to choose an item、The most audience is the final choice as his ultimate choice。

After a variety of market research,Includes production of each product,Sell,Audience,And after a series of factors such as the operability sold online,He selects elimination item by item,Streaming his options for books and music products。

how amazon website is developed

In these two items,He thought about it,Finally, I selected first-selling books.。

(how amazon website is developed)Choose the reason for selling books first,The first is because books are particularly suitable for display on the Internet.,Compared to other goods,Books only rely on pictures, more convincing。

how to say,for example,You see a dress on the Internet,You will consider the effects in reality and their materials,Will feel that in reality can be better than the right。

how amazon website is developed

For books,This kind of online picture is almost no concern that may not match the real thing.,Secondly, the United States at the time is also more markets in books.。

(how amazon website is developed)I want to know that the United States is a publication of a big country.,The types of books published every year have130Ten thousand kinds。But look at music products,But only20~30All kinds,This gap is also very huge.。

how amazon website is developed

And the market situation at the time was:The market is large in the market,This industry has reached the annual book sales.2600One hundred million U.S. dollars,But the world's largest bookstore has1000The annual sales of the largest chain bookstore in the rest of the store,Also only total12%。

Seem,The foreground of online selling books is particularly considerable。

Beszzos said to dry,A few weeks,He refused his vice president's rich treatment.,Start formal starting action。

how amazon website is developed

Beszzos notified the moving company at the time.,Once in Colorado、I will notify them immediately after the three selected places in Oregon or Washington.,Then he and his wife immediately immediately。

On the way to the West,Let the wife McKunzi are responsible for driving,He will not wait to use a laptop to draft a business plan.,Planning the development direction and probably action steps,Immediately, you can't wait to contact all aspects of all aspects to raise the start of the company.。

how amazon website is developed

1995year,Beszzos moved from New York to Seattle。

Seattle Technical Talents Gathering,A large number of technical talents plus a large channel distributorIngramThe Oregon Warehouse of the Book Department is very close,So it became the best location of Bezos.。

At that time Beszzos raised30Wan Dollar launch fund,Then use this30Wan Dollar in the suburbs of Seattle,Created the first US retail company—— (Amazon),At that time, the company was in a rental small warehouse.。

how amazon website is developed

All is ready,Jeff·Beszzos' companies have been officially established.,He named it as Amazon。

Amazon is the longest river in the world.,Beszzos uses it to name your company,It's enough to see his ambitions。

(how amazon website is developed)Jeff·Beszzos also shows that he is named“Amazon”It is hoped that it will become a veritable in the future book.“Amazon”。

how amazon website is developed

From the future, the number of Amazon customers and the company's market value and stock price every year,As can be seen,Jeff·Beszzos did did。

Amazon's growth period

Once some people have blocked Amazon in a book,It is considered that Amazon has a long time.,After all, anyone in this model can imitate and build,Unfortunately, Amazon gives this commentary sturdy slash.。

(how amazon website is developed)If you enter Amazon's headquarters,Headquarters work environment is incredible,Just use cement to make simple processing,Touch it with your hand and there will be a roughness,Give people a garage that has not yet been repaired。

how amazon website is developed

Start,Beszzo's entrepreneurial journey is not so smooth,Later, in Betzos,The company gradually has improved,Although at the beginning of the establishment, it is a website that is not visible.,But4In the year, it became one of the most successful e-commerce companies.,According to incomplete statistics1999Year,There is already600Most of thousands of people have shopping on the site.。

(how amazon website is developed)Bezos, professional graduated as computer,Deeply know that the website is the first time is to be more fast than seize the market.,As long as you seize the market, you can lead ahead.,Thus, expand the visibility of the brand in the consumer group。

(how amazon website is developed)how amazon website is developed

After the visibility increase,The number of hits of the website will naturally increase,So in order to occupy the market Amazon,Choose cooperation with other companies,Even the acquisition of a lot of companies,This is the growth strategy used by Amazon during growth.。

(how amazon website is developed)In the e-commerce industry,If you want to survive, you have to have a certain size.,Although the tentacle of the website is not possible to flood every corner of the Internet,But Amazon chooses to alliances with other companies at the beginning of entrepreneurship。

how amazon website is developed

This will use other company websites to enhance your brand.,Through this alliance strategy,Customers can enter the Amazon website through the homepage of other websites,And Amazon Union,Also able to browse and click quantity through customers,Get the corresponding profit。

After Amazon spent the beginning of entrepreneurship,I started the acquisition strategy.。

After all, through reasonable mergers, it is not only able to expand its own scale.,And also reduces your operating costs。

how amazon website is developed(how amazon website is developed)

1992Amazon acquired the shares of online pharmacies,This pharmacy is available1000A variety of brands of personal health products,1998Amazon bought two companies, two companies, are tendency to technology.,1999year3Moon Amazon bought a pet jewelry company50%Shares。

By acquisition of Amazon,Not only did the elimination of competitors on the market,And also make the range of yourself involved more broad。

how amazon website is developed(how amazon website is developed)

From the original only sale book,Go to the sales costume、gift、Toy、Drug, etc.,Through a series of users who acquire Amazon,Clicks increase year by year,Lay a solid foundation for the next development。

Besides,During the development of Amazon, it is not smooth.,Like other entrepreneurs,It will inevitably encounter some problems.,These problems that occur later are Amazon's largest dark days.,A generation of e-commerce prides fall from the peak to the trough,What happened this??

(how amazon website is developed)how amazon website is developed(how amazon website is developed)

2000year~2001year,It is the depression period of Internet bubble。Many network companies have fallen due to stocks,Profit decline。I have encountered an unprecedented low cereal period,Amazon has not yet spared。

BeCEO,Beszzos adjusts the business strategy in time,Through bond finance、Cut cost、Specification operation、Strengthen management、Check weak items, etc.,Strengthen economic strategic partnerships and continue to explore customers-oriented new service and diversified product sales models,Gradually fight,Get favored by more and more customers in the network market。

how amazon website is developed

until2002year,Amazon finally got out of the dilemma,Profitable,The stock price is also rising。

However,Amazon walking out of the international market,The performance in the Chinese market is not satisfactory。Amazon2004Enter China,Germany increases and Japan and other overseas markets。

(how amazon website is developed)2004year8moon,Amazon wholly-owned7500Wan Downs acquisition of Excellence。China's domestic e-commerce has also begun to grow and grow up.。

how amazon website is developed

from2011Beginning,Soil and water dissatisfied Amazon has gradually narrowed in China's market share.,Alibaba, the local operation,Jingdong and other e-commerce platform gradually catch up with。arrive2018year,

Amazon's market share is only left0.6%。This marks Amazon's market strategy in China to end。

Although Amazon defeated the Chinese market,But his layout in the global market is successful.。2010year12moon22Amazon's market value has exceeded829One hundred million U.S. dollars。

(how amazon website is developed)how amazon website is developed

2018year9moon5day,Amazon's total market value breaks through trillion dollar mark,Become a technology company that is the second trillion dollar mark after Apple。

Today's Amazon,Has become the largest retail website in the number of users in the world。The number of independent users has also reached2822100 million,First of the world。

From a few near-bankruptcy to the stock price,Become a global retail websiteNo.1,Summary Amazon can go out of the reason for the successful growth of the trough, mainly four points,

how amazon website is developed

First,Center for service customers,Standing in the customer stand,High-quality convenient service,Low price expands user groups,And actively seek user feedback,Continuously enhance user experience,Get the satisfaction and trust of users。

second,timely,Sensitive change market strategy。Facing the market,Amazon can respond to and make correct choices in time。

third,Establish a partnership between cooperation and win-win。

how amazon website is developed

fourth,Constant exploration through diversified business model,includePrimeOne-stop member service、KindleE-book、Marketplaceplatform、FBALogistics Services、AWSEnterprise cloud service andamazon goUnderline unmanned retail stores, etc. continue to improve the value of Amazon's own brand and competitiveness。

Amazon with long-term economic strategic vision,Strong in the continuous development and innovation,Constantly satisfying all its members from online to all needs,Successfully created a huge commercial empire for Amazon。

how amazon website is developed

What can Amazon succeed?

2021year,Beszzos1770Yeilli dollars ranked first in the Forbes list。His achievements with Amazon,Distinguished a win-win situation of personal value and corporate value。

(how amazon website is developed)What kind of success is the success of the world's premier rich and world-class enterprises??Repeated research,We found that they have the following three kinds of thinking:

So-called“Customer thinking”That is to think on the position of the customer。

how amazon website is developed

Amazon has been founded for more than 20 years,From the earliest business of online books,Continuously involving music、Film and television、game、Cloud storage and other new fields,A totalProvide millions of product retail,Its business scope is the most e-commerce。

Why do more and more products?These are developed according to the needs of customers.,Every choice is standing in customer perspective,What do customers need to see customers?,What do they sell?。

how amazon website is developed(how amazon website is developed)

“Become a company that is most important to the customer”,This is their loud slogan,But this is not the slogan of a bunch of high,But a foot-on-earth practice。

Start from the needs of customers,Standing in the position of the position,This is their pursuit。

Beszos is a meeting every time,Will put an empty chair next to him。Some employees have asked why they will,He answered:“This is left to customers.。Although they didn't come to meet,But at any time participating in our meeting。”

This sentence illustrates the Beszos time to put the customer in the heart.,I want to think what they want,Solve the actual needs of customers,This is Amazon Company“Customer first”Business concept。

how amazon website is developed

They stand in the case of customers thinking.,For example:Amazon just launched in the United States,Find many customers to purchase size size is a problem,A pair of shoes buy back the size is not suitable and returned,Some customers are afraid of trouble, don't buy it.。

(how amazon website is developed)So they allow the same style to purchase two pairs of different sizes,Leave the most suitable pair after trying on,Another pair of free return。

how amazon website is developed

This initiative,It seems that there is a lot of trouble to give online platforms.,But I won the heart of the customer,Give customers a good shopping experience,Solved the troubles of footshot,More people are willing to shop in Amazon。

It is that they constantly think about customers.,Let them open up more and more new fields。

(how amazon website is developed)Innovation is a soul of a national progress,It is also a company's continuous development of motivation and live water.。No innovative companies will be unrestimated by the wave of the times,Constantly innovative companies will be among the forefront of the times,Leading the booming development。

Innovation has always been an enterprise spirit of Amazon.。

(how amazon website is developed)how amazon website is developed

20 Ago,There are not many people who use Amazon shopping.,After all, the book is too limited.。How to attract more people with Amazon?This has become a bottleneck in the company's development。

After thinking,Beszzos discovers must expand product and service projects。

Move the things that can be sold underline to the network,Create a network integrated mall。So many goods must be placed,Then you must re-establish the application architecture of the website.。

how amazon website is developed

So he organized employee writing《Distributed Calculation Declaration》,Putting it as a blueprint for companies to seek change。According to this declaration,They reconstructed the entire system application,Segment it into each“Serve”Module,Easy to support the scale of Amazon。

In order to support new application architectures,The result is to break the function level,Restructive team to small autonomous group。Each group is small to only two pizzas, you can feed。

Each group focuses on a specific product、Service or function group,This has more permissions to a specific module of the entire application。

how amazon website is developed(how amazon website is developed)

The owner of product developer,Modules can be adjusted and modified more quickly。It is this unexpectedly breaking organization structure and application architecture.,Make Amazon not only has a core ability,It also lays a solid foundation for the latter cloud service.。

There is no survival without innovation,Innovation is a propeller of enterprises,Can be equipped with a rocket,Rush to the forefront of the industry。

Normal individuals or companies tend to decide the next step to the next step according to the existing level。Beszzos is reversed,Reverse work method,What can I do now from the future?。

He once said:“Existing skills will be outdated,‘Reverse work method’Ask us to explore new skills and hone。”

Beszzos This logic is applied to work and life.,No matter whether it is a person or the company,Whenever make a major decision,He often thinks about problems in this way.。

how amazon website is developed(how amazon website is developed)

Assume that yourself80Old age,What attitude is a kind of attitude toward this choice?,Take this to determine what is going on now?。In the early start of entrepreneurship,Many people suspect that their business model will be eliminated by technology and fight.,Beszzos asked himself a question:“Next decade,What is the unchanging?”

According to this thinking,He found3Unchanging foundation, 1、Unlimited selection2、Lowest price3、Fast delivery

(how amazon website is developed)These three elements do not change over time,According to such thinking logic,Amazon always provides unlimited selection、Minimum price and rapid logistics as strategic objectives。

how amazon website is developed

Reverse work method,Requirements,Starting from the final goal。

(how amazon website is developed)Beszzos said:“At the beginning, we are based on customers.,Today is just back to the starting point,In order to serve customers,We learn all the skills needed、Develop and build all required technologies。”

(how amazon website is developed)Beszzos and leadership Amazon is unique“Customer thinking”、“Creative Thinking”、“Reverse Thinking”Created the myth of the business empire,A generation of legend。

Beszzos only one,And ordinary people have thousands,I believe that we can use these three thinking to build a tree in our own field.,Create your own myth!


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