land developers website


(land developers website)Sites that now belong to the first tier:58,Anjuke,shell,Fang Tianxia。

58same city:real estate channel,If you rent a house, you will see more,Because renting instead of housing,relatively easy。Buying a house is messy,too much false information,Always call to verify,fake more real less。

land developers website(land developers website)Different prices for the same house

Anjuke:quilt58after acquisition,Mainly focus on second-hand and new houses,relatively58,Slightly better and limited in terms of buying and selling listings。You can refer to the above58information status。

shell:There are a lot of offline stores,Wide source of information,Complete coverage of stores in first- and second-tier cities,Real estate information,However, some relatively small cities have insufficient store coverage, so the amount of information is insufficient.。

land developers website(land developers website)

Fang Tianxia:Arguably the largest online real estate site ever,Later moved the cake of the intermediary company,Being boycotted is badly hurt,However, the amount of information is still relatively large, especially in some small and medium-sized cities.。Information clutter,Do some preliminary screening of the above preferred properties,But you still need to check,The amount of low-priced housing information is still relatively large,Check out a preferred listing below11Thousands of duplicate listings,The rest has to do a filter

land developers website

(land developers website)land developers website

(land developers website)Look at large and medium-sized cities,Or Shell Network and Lianjia Network are more time-saving,No need to double-check the listing information,The other three websites in small and medium-sized cities have more detailed coverage,more information。

Anjuke above the new house business,shell,The world has both involved and has its own characteristics,There are also some websites that also have a certain amount of information and content and specialize in new houses.,E.g:Curie's new house,Sina Leju,focus,go to market,Qroom network,Wait, but the impact is relatively not that big,have their own group。

Then there is an intermediary brand website,Because of the number of people in the city,There is a certain difference between the amount of information and the quality of information,For example,,Centaline Property,i love my home

There is also a class like,eggshell,live together,Websites for agency housing rentals such as piggy short-term rentals,For these types of apartments that have certain requirements for rental quality, it is still in the past.。

And in the happiness that came out of the headlines recently,Because of the participation of the media,will be more delicate。

Another major source of information for foreclosures is Taobao and。

This is an existing comparison of frequently used websites,not all sites,or platform,Have any ideas to share。


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