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Bootstrap Recently official official 5.0 Remove pair in version IE Browser support,The founder said it needs to be met. IE User developers can continue to use 4.0 Version。Bootstrap,May be the first announcement to give up support IE Mainstream frame,Is this a milestone event in the field of front-end development??

Bootstrap 5.0 Will give up support IE

Popular open source front frame Bootstrap Recent official announcement will give up IE Browser support。

Bootstrap Initial by Twitter Team writing,Original name Twitter Blueprint,Originally, making a set of tools and frames that can maintain consistency。exist Bootstrap Before,Development interface needs to use a different code base,This is easy to lead to inconsistent issues,Thereby increasing the burden of maintenance。

Understand,World 20% Site use Bootstrap frame,Current stable version support Chrome、Firefox、IE、Opera and Safari Waiting for mainstream browsers。But the team has officially announced,It is expected that it will be released later this year. 5.0 Official removal of the version IE Browser support。

Bootstrap One of the founders of Mark·Oto (Mark Otto) exist GitHub Say,Those still need to meet IE User developers should continue to run Bootstrap 4,Not upgrading to the upcoming v5 Version。

milestone website development(milestone website development)

Removal IE Support this issue Down,Can see very clearly emoji Distribution presents an overwhelming forward support,In the following comment area,There are also less speech that oppose(There are only a few more people who are still.)。

(milestone website development)but Bootstrap This will also bring some side effects,As a popular open source front end frame,It is still many others Web development tools、Basic module of enterprise construction scheme,Once you choose to upgrade,They will also be automatically lost IE support。

Frontal hardship IE Long time

(milestone website development)Some people think,Bootstrap Announcement IE Support is a milestone event。Bootstrap The share of the share in the interconnected website,I have been destined to be seen in the eyes in the industry.,There is also a similar decision without the mainstream of the same type of frame.。for example,jQuery This is almost occupied 75% Site JavaScript Still support before the library IE 9。

Bootstrap Starting the mainstream framework IE Supported first shot,Maybe this begins to indicate Web Developers can detach IE Bitter sea。Data Display,IE The market share of the browser is currently only 1% about,But many governments、Bank website is still only compatible IE Browser,This pair Web Development has brought huge troubles:One year IE Development can get three years of experience。

InfoQ Compiled《Web Top ten nightmares for developers》In one article,There is mentioned IE 6 Support is a nightmare experience:

Developer flower IE6 The time on the code may be Chrome or Firefox Triple or more。More frustrating,Website IE6 Central running will not be as smooth as in the new browser。Some effects do not take effect,some bug Will have been trouble you,Needless to mention those security issues。This makes the developer's work very difficult。If I say what suggestions I have,I will suggest that those who want to support IE6 The project charges double or even higher costs,But even if this is the case,Still not worth。

(milestone website development)Previously popular open source components Ant Dsign release 4.0 Version,The author also exchanged with its core author. IE Support puzzle:

(milestone website development)v3 Version in order to compatibility IE,Have to do some compromises。For example flex The layout cannot be used,We use float and table Come;The ____ does not work sticky,Table In order to achieve a fixed column, you have to render one more Table Reaching the effect of the fixed column。compatible IE The difficulty is that many behaviors are non-expected.,There is no problem with the code,But the page rendering is not normal。In this case,Just do a lot of black technology。For example, let the components are forced to refresh、use IE only of css hack etc。In addition, there are many mentioned above HTML New feature IE Unable to use in the environment,Can only simulate serious performance loss。

(milestone website development)In addition to developers,Tucal from the user also played the flower,For example, this is widely circulated.:

milestone website development(milestone website development)

The final story,Microsoft can't see it IE This browser is a good biological son,Socketing and re-practicing the new number——Edge。But this new number is also different to make Microsoft satisfied,In the previous public activity,Microsoft engineer uses Edge But a browser crash occurred many times,Have to install at the event site Chrome Complete demonstration。

Everything,Microsoft is finally 2018 year 12 Decision,new Edge Put Chromium,The browser market finally forms a substantial one。

someone said,Chrome One unified world catering Web Strong demand for development to standardization。Some people say,Chrome Become a door to the internet,Form a substantive monopoly is worrying。Here,How do you think about the front-end classmates??

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