software development company website


software development company website(software development company website)

(software development company website)【51CTO.comOriginal manuscript】now,How to program how to program is no longer IT Professional and software engineers are full。With most companies migrate their business to online,How to accurately present the website visitor wants to see,And how to interactive website content is especially important。

visible,Learn how to write programs is already a need to learn、Directly affect personal career development、Very important skill。

It can be said,If you can bring value to the online service,Then you will actively produce any business、Estimated impact。

Where can I learn online programming??actually,We have many different types of learning methods,include:Various prefabricated learning paths,And take separate personal custom courses。

here,I am looking for a learning resource for programming resources.,listed 25 Best website,For your reference and use。


software development company website(software development company website)

Codecademy Committed to providing the best learning experience,Create the best programming website。Codecademy Considering that the program should not be the public school education model considered by traditional thinking,But it should be found in the online classroom.,To control the effect of education。

Codecademy The educational model to be built is to provide a fascinating educational experience for users of the entire world.。

now,Exceed 2400 10,000 students are using Codecademy Provided JavaScript、HTML、CSS、PHP、jQuery、Ruby and Python course,To learn how to write code yourself。

and,The site has more than 300 Free online content,Providing learning services for millions of users around the world。

These users may be uneven in programming skills and computer knowledge.,But they can always get the knowledge they want here.。


software development company website

The online learning platform is established 2010 year,It is an improvement method for personal learning and work skills。

On the website,It has a small part of optional、Free programming course with video,Of course, there are also some special sales courses.。

It is a global online education and learning platform,Expert tutors from their respective fields provide more than 45000 Curriculum,To help students master new skills,And reach their goals。

There is a lot of、Sold prices from free 200 Sub-programming courses for more than USD。at the same time,The website also doesn't know what you like.、Zero base visitors want to learn to have enough free courses。

The students can not only see those courses named five stars by the system.,They can also see other students' comments。


software development company website

(software development company website)This is a non-profit nature、Open source、Excellent online learning platform。It is established in 2012 year,Founded by Harvard and Massachusetts,You can learn the latest frontier theory and technology here.。

EdX Have more than 90 Multiple partners,Includes some world leading non-profit organizations、University and institution。Website members can choose from 60 College course。

due to EdX It is created and managed by each university,Therefore, its courses are mainly concentrated in the project.、computer science、language、writing、marketing、Biology and other fields。

Open-minded EdX Provide a variety of free courses。Different technical experts and educators can build tools for the platform、Add new features、And create a breakthrough program that makes global students benefit。


software development company website

since 2012 Since the establishment of the year,Coursera Has been developed into a large non-profit education technology company,It provides from 119 Agency exceeds 1000 Door course。

Some of them come Vanderbilt University、University of Toronto、Stanford University,Getting started with Washington University。Of course,Some more advanced courses are still charged。

Course language includes English、Spanish and French,And the course is generally equipped with English.、Spanish or Chinese subtitles。

Course types include:Business、Science and computer science, etc.。It can be said,Each video lecture is from the world's top education institutions、Community Forum、And the peer review works。

After completing their courses,Will get a course electronic certificate。Generally,Course cycle 4 arrive 6 Week,Sold price is usually 29 Dollar 99 Dollar,They are not only online models,Also provide hosts from the remote access。


software development company website(software development company website)

Simpliv is based on CA Online learning platform。It aims to extend education into every corner of the world,And help those who want to change the status quo by learning。The course of the platform is very broad:From psychology to management,Learning from aura to financial management。

Students can choose the programming language they like.,Such as C++、Java、JavaScript、Rust、Ruby、PHP、SQL、Swift、TypeScript and Crystal Wait。

at the same time,They can improve their programming skills through self-challenges。By using your own browser and various test cases,They can check the progress of learning。

Simpliv Usually use innovation、New and optimized learning methods,To help students“precipitation”The knowledge they have learned。


(software development company website)software development company website

Free Code Camp The main purpose is to teach the programming skills to non-profit organizations.。Currently,The organization has solved 3000 10,000 programming problems,And donated more than the development of work 140 Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

Besides,Exceed 4000 Many students have passed Free Code Camp The course provided found a job。

(software development company website)The course species of the platform include:HTML5、CSS3 and JavaScript Wait。Chat room through the community,Students can get real-time help,At the same time, you can also see other developers in the same city.。

The students can not only learn according to their rhythm.,You can also use a computer or mobile phone to learn online.。

(software development company website)In the learning process,Every student needs to combine your identity with your own actual application kit.。

The teaching method of the course includes:Teaching interaction、Centralized homework and tutorial release, etc.。in addition,It is free for beginners。


(software development company website)software development company website

Programmers are often GitHub As a quick reference point。exist Git There is a hosted repository 500 Multiple free programming books,cover 80 many different programming languages。in addition,The website partners also keep the resources up-to-date and accurate。

8.Odin project(

software development company website(software development company website)

This is Viking Code School(Well-known online programming training camp)free version of。according to Odin Project-set learning paths,learner Web The right way to develop and program。

Students build their own profile information in the project,This will aid the subsequent learning process、and career paths。

exist Odin Students in the project can also easily find like-minded alumni。here,Students learn through:Web Getting Started with Development、website development 101、Ruby programming、HTML5、Ruby rule、CSS3、jQuery and JavaScript,will eventually become a Web Developer。

Odin The types of courses offered by the program include:video、tutorial、blog、and special courses。They guide students through a variety of courses to build their own different projects。


(software development company website)software development company website

The site offers various forms of educational practice、Personalized Learning Dashboard(schedule)show、and instructional videos。

(software development company website)Millions of students from all over the world,Ability to learn programming essentials at your own pace。The platform's resources can be translated into 36 multilingual。in addition,Web programming students can use their extended programming education courses and resource pages。

The institution's mission is to provide a world-class、to anywhere、A free educational platform open to anyone。

Students can browse all,Also available through video such as、article、Categories such as programs and exercises to find your favorite resources。

in addition,The academy already has some beginner courses for newcomers,There are also courses for professionals looking to improve their programming skills。

10.MIT(MIT)open course(

software development company website

MIT Open Courses feature that no one needs to apply,Just have a computer,to access its courses。They have online libraries based on different themes,Guests don't need any account to log in。

(software development company website)They can browse all available courses,Find results can even be evaluated、According to whether it is a handout、video、audio、and features such as online textbooks to filter。

at the same time,MIT OpenCourse can also help teachers improve their courses,Let students find and acquire advanced value-added resources。

in general,Students are free to、Choose the programming course you want to take,And can do it at your own pace。


software development company website

UdaCity The purpose is to provide economic benefits to the world、Convenience、and efficient skills education。These teaching content are from today's industry-leading companies(include Facebook、Google、IBM and AT&T)needed and recognized,It is also rarely involved in traditional schools.。

by tutor、A team of reviewers and coaches,Check the level of students,to ensure that they are competent for their target roles。

Students can study for free JavaScript basic course,For some in-depth courses there is a fee。

12.Code Avengers(

software development company website

The platform passes 1000 Several popular programming problems、test、and video,Provide students with professional、step-by-step guidance。

(software development company website)Students start by learning how to build simple websites and applications,Rapid progression to real、Among the application scenarios that can be shown to potential employers。

(software development company website)current,The platform has 190 Over one million students in multiple countries,they may achieve their goals、or try to change the world、or start your own company。

therefore,Ordinary students can use it for free 7 sky、per door 5 hours of restricted tutorials;And its paid unlimited package includes all courses、test、project、and app channels。

13.David Walsh blog(

software development company website

David Walsh is a 33 Year-old Web Developers and Software Engineers。he is both Mozilla of senior software engineers,Also the technical author of his own blog,Also provides presentation services for other conferences around the world。

he is good at MooTools JavaScript frame,and can create MooTools plugin;Also he is Script & Style、as well as Wynq Web founder of the lab。

he often writes JavaScript、AJAX、PHP、WordPress、CSS、as well as HTML5 blog posts, etc.。Visitors can search their blog posts by keyword tags,to get and learn related articles。


(software development company website)software development company website

The platform offers both free and paid formats built by professionals,Exceed 570 video lessons。at the same time,Tuts+ Also publishes eBooks,And support the user's search function。

The types of courses this site has are not limited to computing,It goes through thousands of free tutorials,Teaching students about development Web application、and mobile devices。

Tuts+ Divide beginner tutorials into three categories:


software development company website

SitePoint Is an Web Developer's Sharing Center,At the same time, it can also give designers、Developer、entrepreneur、Product managers and programmers to help。

(software development company website)Visitors can simply enter keywords in their search box,to find and browse related articles。And various articles can be sorted by category,You can also sort by author。

Of course,Visitors can also use its menu bar,Search for the programming language you want,which includes:HTML、CSS、JavaScript、PHP、Ruby、mobile app design、WordPress、and Java Wait。

(software development company website)16.HTML5 Rocks(

software development company website(software development company website)

This site was created in 2010 year,covers the relevant HTML5 All updated resources and tutorials for。Since it is open source,Therefore, developers can use their HTML5 the code。

Due to its relatively specialized curriculum,Therefore, it is not suitable for entry-level developers。Visitors can browse all tutorials through the site search。

Many tutorial authors are from different fields、in different languages Web Developer and programming expert。


software development company website

The site is a mutual aid community of developers,Instructors and students can exchange information continuously here,so that those that may be“stuck”time,Translates to speed up writing better code。

To reduce operating costs,it passes Pluralsight(online education website)to automatically associate mentors with students,to facilitate the transformation of learning outcomes。Also as long as the tutor is online,students will be able to receive their instruction for free on demand。


software development company website

This is actually an independent app development platform used to survey the top institutions in the United States。MIT、Berkeley、Carnegie-Mellon University、and Columbia University offers a variety of free courses here。

The platform has 15 courses,respectively:3 Introductory class、7 core courses、as well as 5 electives。Although the site does not offer credits,But it is indeed a good place to learn computer programming and programming for beginners。

Its online learning courses are divided according to the learning trajectory of students,include Python、computer science、Agile development、Hacking、Safety test、and Linux。also,Its blog also has many articles about the latest computer technology。


(software development company website)software development company website

The platform is run by data experts、code expert、code monster、and game experts composed of four sections,It is a programming experiment suitable for learners of all ages、Testing and Research Sites。

Generally speaking,Code Monster provides the easiest tutorial,suitable for 9-14 Aged youth learning。The target audience for code experts is 13 age and above,Provides more difficult and deeper topics,and more explanation。

(software development company website)Game Expert is for teens and adults who already have some programming experience,It teaches you how to program a video game with step-by-step tutorials。

The above three modules are conducted through real-time courses,hands-on、explain as supplement。The data expert section focuses on data statistics,Questions that can provide statistics,and provide data for new projects。

(software development company website)20.Dash General Assembly(

software development company website

This is a free and fun online course website。Users can simply practice what it involves on the browser Web Development Fundamentals and Projects。


Dash GeneralAssembly For the future, it provides students with programming skills and training that are popular in the workplace for free。

21.Code School code school(

software development company website(software development company website)

This is an interactive learning platform for experienced developers,it covers about 237 countries、100 Thousands of students。The platform's courses are categorized by technology category。

by searching,Students can choose HTML/CSS、JavaScript、Ruby、Elixir、PHP、.NET、Python、iOS、Git、SQL course、and some electives。

Students receive high-quality video lessons from experienced instructors,And can answer various programming questions through the browser,and get immediate feedback。Various programming questions and answers will be run in the browser,Learners get instant feedback。

as an incentive,Students will answer questions by,to get points for each,And accumulate to the end to exchange for graduation badge。

Once registered,user will have 69 courses and 253 video courseware,Of course, you can also cancel your account at any time。Students generally need to pay monthly 29 Dollar,or a one-time payment 228 annual fee in US dollars。

22.Treehouse tree house(

software development company website

Students of this website will be able to learn more than a thousand programming videos from website builders,And its video library is constantly being updated。

After studying,Students can take quizzes and interactive code Q&A on the platform。After the overall course and quiz are completed,Students will receive badges,to show that they have acquired the appropriate skills,For the hiring company to check and verify on this website。

The usage pattern of this website is:Try it for free first,Users can then choose monthly 25 Basic Package in USD,or monthly 49 Professional Package in USD。

now,Hundreds of community organizations、Schools and businesses alike benefit from the development value the platform brings。

23.Infinite Skills by Udemy(

(software development company website)

software development company website

The company uses high-quality instructional videos、hands-on practice、Practical experience and comprehensive reference documentation,provides a continuously updated eLearning solution。

Each of its courses is carefully crafted by experienced tutors and experts,The focus is on the business environment“actual combat”Scenes。

Currently,it has more than 689000 students、331 courses、and 38098 comments。Course prices range from free to a few hundred dollars,At the same time, it has prepared sufficient free courses and learning roadmaps for beginners。


software development company website

This is made by LinkedIn brought by various industry leaders in,across technology、business、and creation skills sites。

Currently,Course volume reached 5877 door,Of which software development,have more than 600 door;Web development class,have more than 700 door。with a free trial,Users have unlimited access、and read their chosen resources extensively。

Users can study anytime, anywhere,and computer、Switch between mobile and tablet。The platform can provide students with specific career path development needs,Provide prefabricated courses。

免费试用后,Free trial 29.99 美元的基本套餐,Users can choose each month。


software development company website(software development company website)

Or unrestricted advanced package accessing all courses,且更加注重营造教学课堂的模式。

(software development company website)Developers must see:基于 Web Best programming website、管理员的视角、You know a few、和专业的开发团队。

The website includes many aspects of computer science.,帮助学员们在最佳实践中培养解决问题、And pay more attention to the model of teaching classroom。

(software development company website)作为教师,Its characteristics include、教案、based on、以及调整分级等。



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