twitter developer website


twitter developer website

This article is a moving point technology/TechCrunch Chinese exclusive manuscript。Without permission,Reprinted。

Twitter Give developers more time,In order to Twitter API Platform update makes corresponding adjustments。Twitter renew API policy,The ability to continuously operate in the same way with the same way。Twitter Clarify this morning,Apart from Account Activity API Versatility,Twitter It will also postpone some old API。According to the original plan,These API Originally 2018 year 6 moon 19 Day close up,But now it will be postponed 2018 year 8 moon 16 day。They include Site Streams、User Streams and Direct Message Endpoints。

Before this, Favstar Once announced,Once the old API Will close forever,It will end operation;and Tweetbot Also Mac Application is updated,Be Twitter API When the update takes effect,Should Mac Multiple changes will occur in the work mode of the application。

Twitter Expressed in April this year,Will be delayed 6 moon 19 Day API Update time,But did not announce new update dates at the time。This may make some developers think,exist Twitter Reconsideration,It is possible to further extend the existing API policy。

Twitter Today said,But in fact, it's not。

along with Account Activity API Public release,Developers can migrate to this new API platform。also,Twitter Also said,Impact Direct Messages The test version will be 2018 year 8 moon 16 Day close up。(Click here,Understand the migration details)。

twitter developer website

During the test,Twitter Has been allowed API Premium Sandbox User Free subscription 35 Account,But now you can subscribe to the number of accounts. 15 indivual——Free service is originally Twitter One way to motivate developers constantly trying。Senior member(Premium)Provide maximum to users 250 Subscribe account,Enterprise version(Enterprise)Service pricing has also been made。(Look down)。

twitter developer website

but,If you want to get the company's pricing,Developers must be directly Twitter connect。

also,Twitter clearly states,exist 8 moon 16 After the day,Any dependent on the old Site Streams and User Streams API Applications,You must continue to exist without that function.。Twitter claim,This will not affect most applications,Only one small part of the application is affected。

Twitter Senior Product Manager Kyle·Vissen(Kyle Weiss)Write in a blog post:“As many developers have noticed,No information flow connection capability or home timeline data,There are only a few developers to use these things.(perhaps 1% Monthly active application)。As us stop using API,We don't plan to give Account Activity API Increase these capabilities,Or create new information flow services for related purposes。”

This announcement responds at least some Let the developer feel dissatisfied,For example in new API Pricker,Twitter No sufficient information is not available,In addition API Delayed update time,All adjustments have been implemented,Previously, unknown。

(twitter developer website)Favstar Tim developer·Hayin(Tim Haines)I explained when I announced the application.,Lack of related information, it is difficult for them to carry out business。

(twitter developer website)Heins this week to tell TechCrunch website,“Twitter Not pre-announced or related details。Favstar Unable to continue operations in this uncertain environment。”

For that 1% Still useful API Applications(Such as Talon、Tweetbot、Tweetings or Twitterific)Convinced,The original plan is to turn Enterprise Account Activity API。But let them feel frustrating,Twitter I didn't say how much it would spend.,So they now don't know if this is the best choice for maintaining their own business.。Look,They will now get these details。

(twitter developer website)But just as developers have recently pointed out.,They are generally worried Twitter renew API Is to actively block“Imitation or reproduce client applications for mainstream consumer customer experience”——Twitter I used to say this.。Unfortunately,For end users, considering Twitter Close his native Mac application,The company's decision is especially depressed。

Look,Twitter The decision is affecting that“1%”Application function,Because the company no longer allows them to make the information flow inside when publishing the essay(Although this is condition/home_timelineEndpoint is available,But these are not information flow)。according to Tweetbot Developer Paul·Hadad(Paul Haddad)Yesterday explanation,Other push notifications will also delay a few minutes in some cases。

In addition to today's announcement,Twitter Also shared some resource links,Help developers migrate to new API,Learn related knowledge,Among them, there is a developer portal、Migration guide、Summarize the resource page of these changes and Twitter Community Forum。

Twitter Postponed the old API,Providing alternative tools to developers first appear in moving point technology。