land development websites


land development websites

(Local all networkCEORoywi and HuayuanCEOLi Mu is unveiling for the new site site)

2017year5moon7day,The country's largest land transfer information service portal“Land resource network”、The most professional rural land transfer trading platform“Local all network”Successfully completed the move of the new site。New site is Pazhou Huanhui Commercial Plaza North Tower,FirstALevel office building,Total area1000㎡。Look at,GuangzhouCBDClose up,Zhujiang surround,Office area spacious atmosphere,nice environment。

Today,The company has moved twice,From Zhongshan to Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center,Go to the Huanhui Commercial Plaza,Every time you move, you are accompanied by the company's career.,Talents of talents who love land。

land development websites

(Successfully held a unveiling ceremony)

Pazhou North Zhujiang and GuangzhouCBDPearl River New City,Open to the most economical and energetic Pearl River Delta in the south,Is to create the world's first bay“Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau District”Important zone,It is also the central location of Guangzhou City and the economic center of the Southern Internet Headquarters。to this end,Alibaba、Millet、Tencent、YY、Vipshop、Gome and other Internet giants have gathered settlement。

Recall,The company develops from several people to hundreds of employees,Small company from the drinking head, become the leader of the entire land industry,Now in one fell swimming, the pulse of the industry,New trend leading the development of the industry。

land development websites

(High-level company)

“Tao life,Secondary,Born three,Three things”,The company's deep cultivation industry has10year,Surveying the land,Professional service such as assessment begins,Again to the Internet+Land circulation service,Retreat to land integrated service providers,Over the entire chain of land trading services。Land resource network、Litting network two networks,Variety,Land resource network will focus on land information,Land-related land trading services。

(land development websites)Company introduction of drone aerial photography technology、VRLook technology、The functions required for land services such as weather treasures,Create with Qingyuan City Government"the Internet+Land service+Government management"Kowloon mode,Do our best to organize land to organize and poverty alleviation。

land development websites(land development websites)(All employees have oath for land dream)

(land development websites)It is reported that,The local all network is the most popular in China.、Serving the most professional land transfer platform,Now there is more than85Wan's registered user,Monthly visits exceeded500Ten thousand people,Listing flow transfer ground block area up to2.76Billion,And have in the country164Station franchisee,to date,I have gained an angel wheel andARongshand-level investment。

land development websites

(Some of the department in some departments)

Apart from this,The company's employee is not an average age30age,Such a group of young people from the four seas of the five lakes,Full of land is full of love,Come in the wind in the land of the motherland,Go in the rain,Only provide users with users across the country、Premium land transfer service and supporting land comprehensive services。

land development websites(land development websites)(All employees are praised by the land)

Company development,Career is growing,Nathered,Create a land dream,Promote the upgrade of land services。The land dream is our Chinese dream,Let the land bear more value,Let every inch of land full of crops,Gather wealth,Let China have never been lost land,Opinion,金 金 的。

land development websites