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(law firm website developers)

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along withappDevelopment and commercial development of development technology,appAlso gradually enter the big platform of the lawyer industry,law officeappDeveloped a rapidization to more lawyers、Diversified Information Exchange Platform,Let more law firms stand out in new marketing models。At present, my country has probably1More than 10,000 law firms,Online lawyers exceed12Ten thousand,And there are many civil cases that can't get good legal advice.,Explain that the demand for lawyers is still relatively high。Through law firmappOne-on-one consultation feature developed helps solve user legal issues。

law officeappDevelopment can quickly expand the business of the lawyer to the customer's mobile phone。Lawyer industryApp,Can help lawyers show professional images,Tight contact customer,Get a case source。

Lawyer serviceAPPFunction:

1、Legal content push:There are still many legal awareness in life.,So the lawyer platform will also provide some legal content for users.,Users can browse themselves,In addition to this related case show, it is also convenient for users to understand the lawyer industry.。

2、Law firm query:People want to find the right lawyer,Online inquiry,Due to the many law firms,Therefore, users can browse some kind of technical law firm according to the actual situation.,Let users get a good experience online。

3、Lawyer information details:And users click on law firm details,Can also view the lawyer information details,Such as,Lawyer profile、Lawyer related experience, etc.,In order to choose the appropriate lawyer to carry out the appropriate lawyer

4、Online reservation function:After the user determines the relevant lawyer candidates,You can reserve the corresponding lawyer service online,Give people a certain convenience。

(law firm website developers)