how do i become a website developer


Web designerIs a trendy profession,butITThe industry is a dry technology.,and,Using people's enterprises for web designers are getting higher and higher。Here,To be a web designer,Let's participate in business training according to the class,Generally,Need four steps:

how do i become a website developer

step one:Improve artwork and aesthetics

Web design is not a pure technical work,But integratedITTechnical and art design two aspects。therefore,For employees,MasterITTechnology is not enough,Need to have a certain artistic base and aesthetics。and,Web design fool software is increasingly popular,Technology is no longer the only threshold in this field。under these circumstances,The artwork and the aesthetic ability are key factors that decide what level of web designers can become。

how do i become a website developer

Step 2:Learning basic technical courses

First of allHTML(Hypertext design language),Remember the principle of use;Then use two three days to learnCSS(Stamped style form);In turn, spend some time to find outjavascriptsoftware。Master these basic knowledge,I can try it with“notebook”Write webpage,Don't use those visual tools in the initial stage,Such asFrontPage、Dreamweaver,Otherwise it will not be conducive to exercise.。

Step three:Participate in professional certification training and exam

Macromediathe company'sFlash、DreamweaverandFireworkssoftware,is known as“Web three sword passengers”,Is the work that the web designer must master,Participate in relevant certifications,Can help seekers master professional skills。Generally,Beginners can learn firstFireworks,Master the drawing and other picture processing methods;Then,study againDreamweaver、Flash,Improve web design professional tool application capabilities;Learn on this basisAdobethe company'sGoLive,Can be promoted to professional web design and website maintenance personnel。

how do i become a website developer

Step four:Participate in web design projects

Learn the basic knowledge,After mastering professional skills,Practical exercise needs,Can improve web design capabilities。It is recommended to enter a regular development team.,Learn how to develop websites in the way teamwork,Pay special attention to cooperation with the program group,And page design and background program database, etc.。As long as this step can go out,You are not far from an excellent web designer.。