ecommerce website development in dubai


The first public number:Middle East cross-border electric business exchange,ID:EMEDubai

The world's largest Chinese trading center outside mainland ChinaDragon MartAfter the introduction of online platforms, they have entered the e-commerce field.。

(ecommerce website development in dubai)Sunday,International City Mall will have a live performance center,which isNakheelshopping center,DeveloperNakheelRetail department and global port operatorDP World。

ecommerce website development in dubai

Now,CanDragonmart.aeBuy11Category35,000Variety of products,Furniture,Games and toys,electronic product,Fashion and other segments。

DP WorldChairman and CEO of the Group·Ahmed·Book·Suleiem said:“New platformDragonmart.aeRepresents another major plan,Aim to speed up digital transformation and support government-led e-commerce plans。” “We think this development is satisfied21Prerequisites for e-commerce society requirements。”

According to Wenhe Shi and Roland·Burg(Roland Berger)7Monthly report,If you want to maintain an important position in an increasingly competitive market,Retailers in the Gulf area will need to redesign their current strategy,Because customers will convert expenses online,The mall owner faces greater competition。

EmaarShopping centernoon.comCooperation launched a virtual Dubai Mall,andMajid Al Futtaimpass throughcarrefouruae.comOpened an online market for the tenant of the shopping center。

Dragon MartOperators will be purchased48Provide non-contact delivery to customers within hours。Depend onDP WorldexistDragon MartSupported on-site performance centers will help streamline logistics and order delivery。

“Longcheng expansion online firm positioningNakheelCompany Mall and Innovation Agenda to Dubai,The digital transformation at the time was accelerated by a record speed.,” NakheelMuhammad, Chairman of the Company·Ibrahin·Sabani said。

Notification,The SME industry in the UAE will be fromDragonmart.aeBenefit,becauseDragon MartThere are30%The above is the purchased of SMEs。