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My name isSiva,Is a software developer in Hyderabad, India。Software development is an exciting job,Because you can see new things every day。If there is no new thing,We can also give some old concept new interesting names,Then entertain yourself。but,From my perspective,It is slightly different from India to make a software developer.,It is also difficult。In short,Distant。

Software developers from other countries to Indian software developers,Let me be shocked。

So today,I want to share me as India.ITA software developer in the industry。

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)ps:These purely personal opinions,Don't like it。

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)ecommerce website development in hyderabad

My first job

My first job is in a small company,Position isJavaDeveloper。And my very close friends have also joined this company.。I am very pleased to work with some very talented people in the early days of my career.。

My first manager is used to force us to work2arrive3Use only in a month Notepad+ + / EditPluscoding,The purpose is to make us familiar with how to compile and run procedures.,And know the class path when compiling and runtime, etc.。but,Architect does not agree。one day,He saw me in useEditPluscoding,I will walk to me.,Say:“Don't you use weapons??”。He knew that I didn't know what he was saying from me.。He dragged the keyboard to him.,downloadedLomboz Eclipse(A sort ofEclipseVariants,But now I have already fallen.),Then give me a explanation how to use it。also,From time to time,He also taught me some very interesting keyboard shortcuts.,useIDEreplaceNotepad/ EditPlusThe speed of writing code is much faster.。

I learned from them to understand the work of things and how to effectively use tools to speed up the importance of work.。

correct,My team leader is a developer who is very rich in actual experience.。He remembers most of the coreJava APImethod,And there is a good understanding of the design model。He is a perfectionist。Even if the code is indented is incorrect,He does not agree with us to submit the code.。one day,We are working overtime,Time is even the next morning.,Because we have to provide some emergency delivery。However, even,He also insists on correcting indentation,Clean up the imported package and unused variables,strictly followTABsAnd the principle of space, etc.。We complain。

But later, when combining all the code changes from different developers,We realize the importance of this。He always said:“Since you have to do,Just do things well。Otherwise, don't do it.。”

As for other members of the team,Because we are also good friends,So there is no conflict between each other,There is no political contradiction。We often open Friday nightpartyUntil the early morning2point,Tell a joke in the office, happy, haha laugh。Everything is so beautiful。

Open my true journey

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)3Years later,I left this company.,Jump to a big company,Big companies mean better work,Higher salary and better work culture。However, I quickly discovered,Not all things,Big company is better than small companies!there,I have encountered a legacy app with a scary code base.,I really have a big head.。

also,Developers who work with me,Both this company's old employees,They are not willing to accept any new things,Not interested in making applications better,Just want to stick to the rules,Even if the original use is unbearable。

Due to IndiaITIndustry is mainly based on offshore development model,Most of our time we are maintaining legacy code libraries。We rarely have the opportunity to engage in new projects。Even those key architectures/The design part is a new project completed by the on-site team.。

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)Fortunately, I have the opportunity to participate in some new projects.,It also involves the process of designing applications from scratch。

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)Many companies have programmers who don't want to go to the management department for those companies.,There is no clear career development plan。Worse, some companies have forced developers after having a certain period of work experience.,Row of personnel management。

Authentic green radish,Not all developers are passionate about technology,This is unable to。Some people are doing a day and hit a day.,Some people just think that they don't want to do it.,No matter how code quality and maintenanceability。in India,It's hard to find the kind of passionate developer,Because most people just use the program as a job.,Isn't it because of fun and hobbies?。

sometimes,I learned new things.,Or have some cool stuff,When you want to share my excitement,But I found that no one can understand my excitement.。

write a blog

When I use it in a projectStruts 1.xFramework,I have encountered some tricky problems.。And work hard3No solutions are still found after the day。I keep debugging,Searched all books and forums。I finally found someone to write an article for this problem.,And provide a solution。Sure enough, his solution is effective。I express my much gratitude to the blog author.。But I think there is still a lot of blogs who don't know the author, I also help me.,So I also want to open a blog feedback community.。then,I have my own,Above our land continued to write some things I have learned.。

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)soon,My article is publishedDZoneandJavaCodeGeeksCommunity website。Although my English writing skills are not good enough,But I have been writing articles,I hope to learn through practice.。

When I saw someone comment on my article“I learned something in your article.”when,I am really happy.。I am fromStackOverflow,Blog,There are many help in the community such as the forum.,If possible, I also want to do my best to give back to the community.: -)

Write a book

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)Later,The article I wrote the land of the land.DZoneandJavaCodeGeekssuperior,My blog has more and more visits。Finally one day,I received it fromPacktAn email in the publishing house,Ask me if I am interested in writing a contentMyBatisbook of,I really actively。

After I promised to write this book,They began to explain the details of writing processes and payments。They may not know,Even if there is no compensation,I am also willing to write this book.。I agree to write this book because I am enthusiastic about technology.,Not to make money。

When I almost complete my first book,They ask me to write anotherPrimeFacesbook of,I agreed。I spent it.18Write these two books during months。In this year and a half,I don't have any rest.,No weekend,There is no going to play,Nothing at all。I will write a book in a time.,Or reading the content I have written to see what I can change to make the expression more accurate。

It is also this time,Let me realize how important it is to have some own spare time.。Writing is very time-consuming。If you write the purpose of your book is to make money,Then I suggest you change a method.!

Then one day,I received a courier.,Inside《MyBatis》Printbook of this book。Look at your own labor results become reality,Feeling really great。I am excited.。

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)

Challenges with passionate developers

India's software developers need to face a lot of problems。

Excellent developers are like war heroes

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)Due to the majority of the majority we have to do, the legacy project,Or project in maintenance mode,Therefore, management is more like those loyal.,Stick to the old employees at the company(Although many old employees are not high or the company does not treat them as a resource.),Instead of technical strength。

Excellent developers are like war heroes,Although such talents are needed when we open new projects or create some core designs,But once the core design has been fixed,Other developers can also add ways to the stream according to the design.,Just like the war is over,Those heroes will become no one,Many companies will not pay attention to those excellent developers.。

Many non-e-year technicians hate India developers

I often see some articles that attack Indian software developers.。Of course,This is just some personal opinions。

See read the message。Even people want to sponsor Pakistani bombing India。It's really naive!。

IndiaITThe main problem with the company is,For the project,They let customers believe they can deliver items within almost impossible time.。And to achieve these crazy timelines,They put the responsibility to the management personnel,The management personnel force the team leadership to accept the task,The team leaders will throw deadline to developers。This is the biggest problem facing Indian developers.。Many India's developers don't know how to say“NO”。They only silently accept this crazy time plan,Do our best to complete。And the result of this whole process is“Unoperable code”。

but,I still have a few questions.。How do you believe in the field's non-Indian customers?“India's offshore team can use6The time constructing scene team estimated on site18Same project”?Why don't they require a terminal to test kit??Why don't they ask code quality report??

You get what you pay for!How much do you pay?,How much will you get?!

Those big 厥 词 said“All Indian programmers are very bad”Person,I should first want to know again.。Such a stick kills a ship,Be unable to。Each country has both excellent developers,There is also a difficult developer。I have worked with some very arrogant scene developers.。So is it to say that all the on-site developers are arrogant??This is of course very wrong.。

I firmly believe,There are also many great developers and architects in India.,And I have worked with them.。

There are also many things like I hope to learn every day.,I want to be a more excellent developer than yesterday.。So many years,I learned“How to quickly learn new things”。so,I do my best to learn.,Prepare for tomorrow。Whether you want me to use it?SpringstillJavaEE,PythonstillRoR,EclipsestillNetBeans,I can do it.,Have an excitement。

After the community

As I said,It is difficult to find passionate developers in India,So I hope to contact us to use social networks around the world such asTwitterPassionate developer。

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)I like to participate in the technical conference,I like to contact great developers.。But unfortunately,Compared with the US,There are very few meetings such as India.。so,I will beInfoQ,ParleysandYoutubeWatch the meeting talks,This is my feast,Let me feel refreshed。

I likeVenkat Subramaniam (@venkat_s)Speech,Rich content and interesting。Reading him《Programming Groovy 2: Dynamic Productivity for the Java Developer》Later,I will laugh if I can't help but laugh.。He is really a very bad。

Venkat SubramaniamProposed a speech on how to reconstruct

《Pointed hair boss and pragmatic programmer》——Venkat Subramaniam

I'mRod JohnsonFaithful fans,I like him about entrepreneurial speech.,In《Things I wish I’d known》,He shared him to buildSpringframe,And the process of creating an ecosystem。Really good。

I also read him.“Scala 2018”Speech,And aboutScalaThis topicyoutubeDiscussion V = hZlxBRnxzDc。He took the constructive criticism made me feel very exciting.。He is really a cow。

I like it tooUncle BobSpeech,Martin
Fowler,David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH)。We can learn a lot from their decades of experience.。

There are still a lot of greatJavaCommunity leaders' speeches and blogs are what I have,Such as

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)Josh Long @starbuxman

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)Phil Webb @phillip_webb

Cagatay Civici @cagataycivici

Oliver Gierke @olivergierke

Etc., etc。

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)In addition, there are some good blogs written by the star bloggers.

Petri Kainulainen @petrikainulaine

Vlad Mihalcea @vlad_mihalcea

Lukas Eder @lukaseder

Nicolas Frankel @nicolas_frankel

Etc., etc。

I really love all the topJavaCommunity!

Looking a bright future

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)In recent years,Many things are slowly changed。Today's IndiaITIndustry has no longer fully rely on the US-based project。The technology application of Indian companies has grown a lot。but,Unless the thinking process changes,Otherwise, everything is still walking in place.。Enterprises should not be dedicated to let“9Developer1A new project released a month”。

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)Developers should be more professional,And when they ask them to do some implementation tasks that cannot complete the code,Ability to encourage courage“NO”,。

In short,Through these years of learning,I understand that software development does not mean technology.。The key is to understand business areas,Pay attention to other people's communication exchange。

(ecommerce website development in hyderabad)I hope that everything will become better and better.: -)

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