php framework for website development


PhpIs it completely cold??I believe that many people are chasing this sentence.,Although I have never understood why people have to singphp,Really did not get depth level of interest relationship,However, this article is not discussed.,This article contribute to Ivan to a elegant grass technology,Viewpoint for Ivan's personal opinion,fromPHP1.0At1995Year releasephpAlready close30Historical history,Nowadays, I can now use it alone.phpDirect written program,phpHow is the derived framework??

CurrentlyphpDerivative framework,havelaravel,Yii,CakePHP,thinkphp,SymfonyWait for more than dozens of frameworks,The topic of this article is the framework used by mainstream,Therefore, Ivan believes that there is currently3Framework is worth starting,laravelFirst,thinkphpsecond,OverYiiframe,As for other frameworks, it is no longer recommended.,Mainstream:


It is easy to understand that it is an advanced design ideology.,The market share is high。


(php framework for website development)I have never understood why many people will go black.TPframe,tpSo huge user base,And have created so many excellent software products,Is black or black?? Currently seetpThe new month is not going to learn the advantages of other excellent frameworks.,I don't understand why I don't understand the future.,It is a pride of the Chinese.。

TpThe official website of the frame as ever retro,

php framework for website development

There is also a corresponding service market,

php framework for website development(php framework for website development)


(php framework for website development)Highly reusable and scalability,It is a pure object-oriented。YiiEverything in it is independently configurable,Reuse,Scalable components,BrieflyYiiFrame is a historic issue,Many old systems are usefulYiiframe。

php framework for website development(php framework for website development)

Concisely,IfphpInside the frame,Ivan thinks onlylar,tp,yiMainstream,As for learning and use,Whether it is commercial non-commercial,If you really have a panic, more other frames are not opposed.。