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This article is taken from[India]Sida·Pram《Indian Youth Track》(Shanghai People's Publishing House,2021year9moon)Chapter One《Writer of sensational headlines》,Note,Thank you for the release of the Century Vision。

The following is the body part:

The following selection scene may come from India10010,000 headlines of party entrepreneurship companies:A group of editing sitting on the table discussed what news and gossip pushed to readers。The whole process is quickly and brutal,The topic discussion is like bidding on the auction field.:

Why your good friend is your true love?,Mila·Cunis and Ashton·Kuther

About Amanda you need to know——Justin·Bobber's new girlfriend

(website development company indore)If you survive from a car accident,What is your face?

15The most funny to Trump

From the Kadan family to beer belly,From sexual confession to life tips,Editorial department only needs15Minutes can be obsessed with all Americans。

Average,Every time they make a decision15Second。

(website development company indore)

Poor Amanda does not commenced by Victoria·Beckham squeezed away,The latter has just taken a parenting scandal,existInstagram(Hereinafter referred to asIns)I posted a photo of her kissing child。The editor chose a bold position.,Say this“Spicy girl”Didn't do something wrong。or,Site mentioned by the article released,“Why do you have your child your child?”。Young female editor coated with black eyes, telling the entire editorial room,The reason for choosing this topic is“Dear child is popular in the United States”。The selection of car accidents is adjusted to,What happens to imagine that two cars hit a person's face?。Everyone unanimously agrees that this topic is only a visual story.,Because it is clear that Americans love to read accident tragents。gold·Kadan lost to Kelly·Jenna。Another very fighting girl is self-evident to do oneDIYexperiment,In order to give“How to get Kelly without a knife·Jenna's lips”This topic contributes the actual experience。(obviously,“Kelly·Jenna lips challenge”Also very fire。)

The last topic is not changed——Donald·Trump,Always have traffic。By relying on topic, it is not their news value.,But what they can inspire people's instinct emotions。15Minute,This10Young people explore all switches that can touch Americans:Let the Americans are excited、scared、sad、curious——everything。

This selection will not occur in the United States,But in Indore,Middle-scale city located in central India。Participants in this meeting are insufficient23age,They are sitting in a shopping center in the whole glass office at the moment.。They are deciding what they are,What will I read when Americans get up after a few hours?。

They rarely judge the mistakes,At least it is from the data.。Every day, millions of people will click on their website.——WittyFeed。in80%Be a foreigner,And half of this is American。

website development company indore

WittyFeedIs one of the fastest growing content plants in the world,SingleFacebookThere is more than10Follow。This website,The only thing that has more hits is the global content traffic leader.,BuzzFeed。Today's valuation is only3000UniversalWittyFeedGive yourself a goal,To catch over a few yearsBuzzFeed。But this is not their ultimate goal.,This group of young fearful entrepreneurs want to build it into the world's largest media company(“CompareBBC、CNNAlso bigger”)。How do they plan to do this??Follow their motto——Want to brush screen,Feelings(It’semotion that goes viral)。

Even in India,There are not many people heard thatWittyFeed。I am here because I found it very amazing.:Month8200Ten thousand,Browse15100 million,user1.7100 million,FacebookThere420Ambitious。If you have their own news judgment standards——Wonderful extent——Come to see,WittyFeedIndeed to do news。

(website development company indore)

A group of Indian small towns in the world has not seen the world,Just because of your own Internet,Did you dare to rule the world?

(website development company indore)

2016year5moon,I came to Indore,Want to take a lookWittyFeedCan you become the world's largest media company。No matter if I can get an answer,At least a group of Indians living online。Flying from Delhi,Very small town in all aspects of Indore:Road is very narrow,The building is also very short,A condition of a general hotel is very cheap every night.。

However,The ambition of this town is everywhere.——There is a lot of cows, roadside opens a cool cafe,The billboard propaganda is a rock concert.,Young people are wearing it at any timeInsWind photo of clothes strolled on the street。

Indore emerging career ambition,existWittyFeedThe highest office building in the town9The one of the layer900Multi-square meters of office reached the peak。The office is renovated into a surprising silicon valley style。Wall is a huge canvas,The above is covered with all the images expressing the company's kernel.,Detailed illustration showWittyFeeddevelopment path,There are also their favorite social media——Facebook、Twitter、Instagram、GoogleandSnapchat——symbols of,There is also a startup“Criterion”(create、crazy、Courage, etc.)Collage。Open office surrounded by these colorful walls like a window,Show this company is full of hope、Globalized soul:Naked wall tile、Concentrated coffee machine、lazy sofa、Table tennis table、Corner for employee relaxation,And gym。

The office is designed to be such an effect is,As long as the employee's eyes are not in a small computer screen,I will see some inspirational things.,So only ambiguous infinity,Idea is infinitely close to American thinking。These things can be the big head of the star——Marilyn·Monroe or Madonna,Can also be chicken soup——“99.9%not equal to100%”or“set a goal—Reach—Come once again”,OptionalWittyFeedThree Americans in mind——Abraham·Lincoln、Steve·Jobs and Elon·Mask。

In this environment full of inspirational chicken soup,Once some people have self-suspicion,What he needs to do is to standCEOOffice outside the office,Take a look at the huge Aladdam portrait that motivate the full Indian numerous dream chicken soup:“The world is a elf,It will tell you‘Your wish is my mission’。”

(website development company indore)

CEO(CEO)Office has a name:Winter City。There is also a name in the bathroom:Male bathroom“Kio”,Female bathroom“Carli”。and《game of Thrones》The bloody medieval world is the same,WittyFeedThe world is also full of desires and coveted for power and others' territory。

Twenty employees live together in a few big bungalows,They are asked to see the other party for their own brothers and sisters,If the washing or toothpaste is used up, findCCO(Chief content)want。Want to enterWittyFeedworld,They must stay outside the door。This looks like a“00back”Organize“00back”of“Cult”:The less your past,The larger the possibility of entering this world。

website development company indore

(《Three silly big trouble Bollywood》Stillile)

Every wantWittyFeedPeople who work will be clearly told this request.。This must be their first job,And they must be so desired to this job。

(website development company indore)

This company is even more important to have no work experience.,I haven't received any education。In their interview——The longest possible one day——The most important thing is to answer an important issue that tests if they are suitable for this job.:Who are you?

The form of answers can be a monologue,It can also be a hot dance in the room.;The latter may score higher。

(website development company indore)

For most Indian young people who take the interview,This is what they first asked this question.。India's young people are not encouraged“Who are you”This issue,Who are you?——Seed name、Class、area、Belief——In the society that has been determined long ago before birth,“Awaken”Is a luxury。This is also different from this generation of Indians and their previous generations.。

(website development company indore)

website development company indore

Applicants put themselves in this existential interview,It is because they urgently need a job.,And this is their only chance。I have three most visited in Indore.WittyFeedEmployee,There are two people who have lost their father.,Establish a heavy responsibility of the burden。

adaptWittyFeedThe world is described by most employees as a strange but changed experience.。From knowing about the world,What should I know if I decide?,Reaching this transformation only needs to stay in the company for a week。But this is not easy。If you have never been dating18Yindine girl,You can't think of a good thing to treat Americans.。You have to start thinking about how to think like target readers.:American children want to find“Avis like Iron ManAIhousekeeper”,Have a hippie want to find a to find trouble to American politiciansApp,andTinderUsers want to master“Bread slag”Art。Slowly you enter the state——Or the state is immersed in you.。Every idea in your mind is a potential hotspot,It passed from your eyes,You should calculate how many people will come in immediately.。If you are fine in this way,Some inspiration will bring a thumbnail flash directly in front of you.。

Sometimes you think you may be crazy,But you have fun around,Found everyone to each other。

website development company indore

“One day Par Wenge(WittyfeedofCCO)Sitting in Dol。When he went to the toilet, he suddenly bought an idea.:Where is the in the plane??When he came, shared this idea to us.,We sent a article related to this day.。The result is very popular,got31.5Wan's reading,Later, this idea was imitated throughout the content industry.。”Ravania·Srivanta tells me when I take me to visit the office.。

I just opened the title meeting at the time.,Everyone is already doing it.。“Content department”Some people monitor Syrona real-time·GomezInsOn the dynamics,“Technical department”Someone is writing a crackFacebookReader restriction program,“Interactive department”Someone is updating the topic list that can be fired next two hours.。Every corner of the office,There is a screen that displays the number of readers per second on the website.。“There are9000people,”Srivanta refers to the direction of the screen with shoulders。

Srivanta seems to be young than actual:She is fat,A curly hair,Eye sparkle。She added two years agoWittyFeed,At that time20age。“They didn't ask me what I did before.,But let me sing。Singing in front of a group of strangers is not easy,But I still sang my head at the time.。”She needs this job。“When my father died,Mom has been at an age,It's hard to go out.,I still have a sister below.。At that time, I was at home in my home.,Just in Gujarat,But I have already started looking for a job.。One day I heard that Indo has a startup company.。”Srivanta is nowWittyFeedContent Director,Her writing career begins with a emotional recommendation。

In the past two years,She also helped pioneeringWittyFeedSeveral severings:cat、beard、OMG(Oh my god)。her“OMG”Smell is very uncommon:The story of that airplane is placed in this section.。Depend onWittyFeedResident“Excretion expert”Write articles“Your experience in the aircraft toilet will make you shocked the chin”Soon get it5010,000 read。The thumbnail of the article is the two legs in front of the toilet,Red underwear is taken to the knee position。Her first explosion——Title“After reading this picture carefully,Men and wife divorce”Atlas——It is said that the husband returns home and finds a story of a man hiding under his wife's bed.,So far more than the reading300Ten thousand。Her second explosion is said to·Qi Sen and Taylor·Swift's pair of pairs。“even《Star Trek》George·Wuli is forwarded。I have appeared in our website.5万人,Ten thousand people。人们不停点赞、I am jealous.、评论。People don't stop,我肯定做对了什么。”

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