php website development cost


Website construction is a website built by combining front-end pages and programs,The main role of small and medium-sized enterprises in building websites is to divert traffic through Internet channels,Design a high-end website,Show the company's better services on the website、product、Advantages to more users,In order to achieve the purpose of corporate brand exposure or product consulting transactions。

How much does it cost to build a website,Contains the skills of different website construction company personnel、operating cost,It also lies in customer website design and background function development and implementation,Different fields of web design,Create designs from web flat graphics,againhtmlStatic page reorganization,which includes standardized codes、User preview experience、Browser Compatibility and SEO Principles,It requires several people to be responsible for different aspects of the work to complete。

php website development cost

one、The cost of domain name space for website construction

(php website development cost)Websites want to be known、found by search engines,User direct access,First you need to register a simple、easy to remember、representative domain name,The domain name is generally spelled with the company name、shorthand、Address plus company or industry to name。

The top-level domain names that are generally used are:comandcn,can also be usednet/,Domain name registration fee is relatively cheap in building a website,General website construction company pays a yearly income100Yuan,If you register yourself, it's almost25Yuan-75Yuan bar。

Businesses who have done websites know that the speed of website opening is particularly important,The key point is the choice of server,It will also directly affect the access speed of the website.,If the website is half-closed, it will affect the user experience and mood,No matter how good a website is, it's no use,because users can't see。

so,in selectionIDCThe space of service providers must ensure security and stability,A good background system with a good server can greatly enhance the attack of malicious Trojans,The price of the server takes Western Digital as an example,1Gweb space188Yuan/year,Just a corporate promotional website,This package is enough,Choose the space and remember to do itIPCfiling application,Otherwise, the website will not be able to go online normally.。

php website development cost(php website development cost)

two、website design cost

Now the website building market is very transparent,Most business leaders have some knowledge about website construction,also heard some,Websites can be built with templates,Just a few hundred bucks,You can also download the free template of the website building system,Just install it,This is no money,can also be used,But it is not good for the long-term development of the company。

what is a website,A website is a tool for a business to acquire customers,Therefore, the design of the website should pay attention to。

The initial website page design requires in-depth communication between designers and customers,Understand customer requirements for website design,according to the company'sVIand industry characteristics,When deciding what colors to use for your website,Outline the general layout of the website,Web designers provide company profiles according to customer requirements、Product information、Other information,Then start working on website design,During this period, designers need to maintain communication with clients,to achieve the desired effect of the customer。

The custom website design fee is priced according to the customer's website design requirements and the number of pages。

After the website floor plan is designed, the prototype needs to be cut and separated into small pictures,In useDwThe software is reorganized into the style of the original floor plan,If there is a mobile,It is necessary to use the now more popular adaptive,This method can greatly reduce the cost of website design,Also take into account the size of different mobile phones。

Remember,Fonts used in designing websites、Do not use pictures,It involves copyright issues。

(php website development cost)php website development cost

three、Background development costs for website construction

(php website development cost)There are several web development languages on the market,Each has its own advantages,However, in recent years, the website construction has basically adopted thePHPto make,PHPis a general-purpose open-source scripting language,Works better than other languages,low cost、high speed、good portability、conducive to learning,also open source code,widely applicable toWebDevelopment field。

The cost of website development depends on the number of columns on the website,The function to be implemented by the column module,more functions,means more time spent,So the website is not about having multiple functions,to be useful、Practical is the purpose,Fees are naturally different。

(php website development cost)Of course,There is also a source code that does not require money,Such asThinkPHPframe type、DedecmsEnterprise、PageAdminPortal type、DiscuzForum type、WpBlog type、EcshopE-commerce。

If there is a certain development ability,It is recommended to useThinkPHPto develop a website,system followsApache2Open Source Protocol Release,System with great performance and minimal code,Also focus on ease of use,The developed system is commercially available,You can also apply for software copyright。

Summarize:Businesses that need to build a website,If you want to know how much it will cost to build a website, you can refer to the above,With the current market industry and competitive environment,Customizing a business website costs about the same3000Yuanqi,Below this price is a template website,Don't be greedy when building a website,lose big because of small,Must find formal、Professional website construction company to do website。



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