ecommerce website development in pakistan


PakistaniExceed2.2100 million,Be a worldfifthBig people,And Pakistan has become a fairly huge e-commerce market.。Pakistan business department2021Year's fourth national e-commerce committee(NeCC)Meeting,Conference,Pakistan e-commerce market scale2021In the first quarter of fiscal year35%,achieve960YibmysteinAnd the same period last year710Yibmystein。in the past12Month,E-commerce quantity1410Adding home2164Family。

With China Mobile to Pakistan's investment layout,Greatly enhanced consumer groups in the country's mobile,Expect2021Annual end,Pakistan will have more than650010,000 people use on smartphones3Gor4GThe internet,By, the mobile phone users will exceed1.63Billion,About the population of Pakistan89%。This is visible,The potential of the Pakistan's e-commerce market is very huge,So what is the e-commerce platform in Pakistan??

1.Daraz:Is the largest e-commerce platform in Pakistan,About Pakistan E-commerce Market12%-15%Share。Main consumer electronics、household products、Beauty、Fashion and grocery and other products。exist2018year5Alibaba wholly-owned purchase。

2.HamariWeb Shop:Pakistan mediaHamariWeb.comAn e-commerce platform launched,Mainly provide users with apparel and electronic products。Currently,Already1200Ten thousand users,Month average web traffic1000Ten thousand。

(ecommerce website development in pakistan)3.Goto:It is a total-class e-commerce platform based in Karachi.,Among them, electronic products are most popular.。In addition to GotoBuy something,Users can also earn commissions by promoting commodity links in social media。

4.iShopping:was founded in2010year,Headquartered in Karachi,It is also one of the more popular e-commerce platforms in Pakistan.。This platform focuses on providing a variety of electronic products、Kitchen supplies、accessories、household products,Shoes, etc.。

The Pakistan market is a emerging blue sea market,The future will also be the battle for cross-border e-commerce sellers.。Full and Yue as a logistics integrated service provider who focuses on export e-commerce emerging market,Adhering to professional、Focus、Win-win service concept,Now I have helped many sellers to open up the Pakistan market.,Among them, there are some sellers who do separate stands.。Pakistan has always been the main market of Qi Yue,And the whole and Yue has created one-stop Pakistan logistics solution,For example, full and Yue Yue is a separately-selling dual-cleared Pakistani parcel。

(ecommerce website development in pakistan)The Pakistan market is very prosperous,All He Yue also recommended a lot of sellers to pay attention to the market.,Whether it is a stand-alone station or in the way in which the stationery platform is expected, it is very worthwhile.。