how many hours does it take to develop a website


how many hours does it take to develop a website

General customer needs to be done when the construction site,Consulting will make a website about how long to complete,If only the general corporate website, then,Time Around10Within days,If it is, then mall site,exist30Look within days,The more features the more time it takes a long time,As a business website to do business in the end to be concerned about how long it,If that should continue to ask how long it takes to make a website,first,We want to scale website、 Page website design requirements and production methods understand,Determine whether the customer needs is a website built time deciding factor。

How long it takes to make a website,The following terms

(how many hours does it take to develop a website)1、page design

Generally the type of website development company website construction business into the official website、Brand Type、Portal type、Or micro-channel type mall applets,Page templates and custom design is divided into two kinds,so,Different types of website design and different ways lead to the change of site construction time,Generally require a custom page7about,Template, then quickly,Even as long as half an hour。

Graphic design time is to look at the overall number of sites and pages set,If the navigation、Column、Classification more words,Pictures will increase,so,Time will increase。

2、Program Development

Website development function is also the time factor to do construction site,Small business station function,Function platform for electronic business portal or more,Complex process,Display general corporate propaganda official website、Marketing website,Website cycle takes about20sky-30sky,Like portal-based platform for electronic business and you need time30Days to60Days or so,Which includes the initial communication with customers、Information butt、Web Design、Program Development、Content such as filling。

3、Website record

General business needs initial filing22sky(Excluding holidays),Do time domain Verified3Working days,After the record can be submitted by,Information should be fully prepared to meet,Otherwise, the information to be returned,But also to modify resubmit,Time has been extended。

Overall,Website record fast time to22Working days,Even if the site ahead of time to finish,Did not passICPMake a record,Web site is not on the line。

4、Content filling

(how many hours does it take to develop a website)Add website content is a relatively time-consuming work,Depends on enterprise information and product images, data quantity,The text to be typeset,But also for products such as landscaping or design process,The content of the site is the need to add long-term,There is no fixed time,As long as the company's new dynamic product or can be updated at any time,After the construction site to add some information to Web pages filled up,needs time2-3sky。

5、Website promotion

Line on the web site,Do not do marketing is of no use,Web site can not be found in search engines,Lost price website,If the customer needsSEOKey words ranking optimization basic services, then,To date website and other search engines,SEOOptimization work will also15Days to60Days to complete,These include the website keywords website keywords and mining layout, etc.。

In short,How long do site depends on the user's requirements,Page is the original design,Background whether new program development,The data preparation、Confirmation page and confirmation function,This time is also impossible to calculate,Only the general corporate website,Construction time will not exceed30sky。