website developer resume sample


website developer resume sample

Resume is the first step in finding work,Is the employer understands your first window,A simple and clear、Bright spot、The resume of directing the enemy can improve your competitiveness.,Help you get the opportunity to get the interview。

In the process of job search,There are many candidates,Because the resume problem is buried here,They only take care of the head to study technology,And write a resume,Finally, I was first refused to do.,There is no shortage of capacity,Very suitable for this company。There are also graduates who don't know how the resume promises.,Beautifully do your resume,So spend a lot of time on the production resume,I don't care, I miss the recruitment of gold.。

Technology is intrinsic,Resume is image,Inherent important,But the outside is also decided to explore your inner,Let's learn how to make a copy. hr Hui's resume!

website developer resume sample


first,Let's first build a resume frame


Prepare English,Re-translation into Chinese。In the case where it can only express complex experience with limited words,The interviewer needs continuous refining language,Simplified expression,Even need to pay。Confluence、Easy to read、Primrose,The delivery range is also expanded。

Less design

Color、Design elements are spiritual technology,Designed is loved by most people need to accumulate and luck。Unless the interview design,Design is the expertise of the interviewer,I want to reflect highlights through the design.,Can reduce design,No or set of simple templates,Minute 1 arrive 2 column,From top to bottom,Piece fill content,Row、Text spacing、Size。

zone division

Technical posts should include personal information、Technique、Educational experience、work experience、Project and other content。

website developer resume sample


under,We will fill your resume content in subregion


Information shows the objective conditions of the interviewer,Usually the basic requirements of the position,It is the most concerned about the recruiter.

(website developer resume sample)Name

Real name。If you need an English name,English name can use Chinese name Chinese Pinyin,Or choose English name + Minding

age / Birthday

pick one of two,Not write,Can also be approved。Part of the post meeting age,Young and elderly have an advantage

Work year

Technology、Management related work years,Corresponding to work experience。Advanced posts usually have a hard demand for working hours


Write the highest degree,Corresponding to education experience。Colonel is an additional entry


Professional and post,Be an additional item。Unrelated,May omit

political status

Party members can fill in

Contact information

Mail,mobile phone。During job search,Please pay attention to mobile phone text messages,spam。Make sure WeChat,Add my way,Open mobile phone number


Github,Brake home page,Technical blog, etc.


Can be put,The photo style does not have to be held in the document,steady,Simple


Your most prominent results、identity,Used to make up for the shortcomings in basic information:

  • Published on the authoritative publication,Publishing books
  • Technical competition has been named,Award
  • Invention patent
  • Own project、application、Products have a large number of users,Customer payment or by others
  • Contributors of well-known projects、Maintor
  • technical meeting、Activator、Speakers
  • Long-term adherence to technology sharing,There is a certain reputation in the industry
(website developer resume sample)Technique

  1. View and record the technical stack in multiple interviews,Collection related interview questions
  2. Divided into the degree of answers according to the problem of the interview 3 kind:To understanding、will use、skilled
  • To understanding:What is it?、how to use
  • will use:Familiar document,Including design philosophy、usage、principle、Best Practices、Development history
  • skilled:Source code,Including design patterns、data structure、algorithm,Can handwritten simplified version

3. There are technical vocabulary in postal requirements as much as possible。Search according to technical keywords,Resume is easy to search

4. The technical stack of the classification is the outline of the interview questions.,The examiner usually quries the interviewer,The most familiar and understanding related topics,According to answer,Determining the technical boundaries of the interviewer

5.The following technique is not written

  • Not related to the requirements,For cooking
  • Pure tool,Such as iPad
  • Time,Such as Flash
(website developer resume sample)Educational experience

Students or graduate,You can put your educational experience in front,Pay attention to the following two points:

  1. Fill in from high school or above,Monetary name,profession,Bachelor of Science,Admission and graduation time,And highlight advantage
  • good grades,Fill in learning,Grade rankings,scholarship
  • Hold a position,Fill in the student meeting、grade、Class in the class

2. Cross-professional,Virga training,Can fill in training institutions、Learning courses and get certificates

  • Preferences for training are usually derived from resume fake,Most interviewers recognize the meaning of training itself
  • Dissure training may grow up to months,Do not write, can cause long-term
  • Certificate is part of some of the points,These certificates need or recommend first training and then test
  • Trained,After a period of work。Before the interview is questioned,Can emphasize participation training

work experience

Graduation work 2 - 3 year,Educational experience,Can put work experience in front,Note the following 4 point:

  1. Starting from the first job after graduation,Company name,Position,Working technology stack and outstanding results
  • Technology stack,Useful,But shallow,Much forget,Interview inscription can't answer,Do not fill in,Avoid queues
  • score,Can be reflected in performance、business、Development efficiency、Code quality, etc.,Multi-use digital performance
  • It used to be senior or administrative positions,Need to write the content of the team and management
  • Neighborhood two experience

2. Should not exceed 3 Month

  • Exceed 3 Month,Should be a brief description
  • Care to use modified work start time,To reduce the space period。Some posts are strict,Isolated a vote veto

3. Different in front of the industry,Almost no contact。Extrusion,Don't write a blank file,Detailed experience

(website developer resume sample)4. Preparation for technical related work experience,Do not write on your resume,But it is best to have:

  • At least one of the most satisfactory work experience,Listed the technology stack、solved problem、Project management and development mode and method、The role and grades of the interviewer
  • For each work experience,Especially short work experience,To prepare for the reason.

Avoid before and after the trial period,Technical job is generally 3 Monthly stay,It is easier to make the interviewer who have not passed dynamic separation through the trial period.。If there is a similar experience,Shorter,Long need to write,Please prepare multiple resends

Revidence is based on facts

(website developer resume sample)If it is a working reason,Can talk about occupational development,Be unsatisfactory,Contribution does not have the affirmation of the period, etc.,But don't attack the management system of the former company,Don't criticize your colleague,Don't degrade the previous products、Projects and code。Interviewer doesn't like it.,It may also be an interviewer who is experiencing。Unless the interviewer wants to filter the company

If it is a personal reason,Can talk about commute、I want to be with the object,Children go to school is not convenient, etc.,But don't tell stories,Hard water,Talk about things。The interviewer may experience the encounter of the interview,Then think that its carrier capacity is general,Negative attitude,This will negatively affect the results of the interview


Prepare projects around the technical stack required for your post,It is best to display online,Less,But there is enough depth and breadth。

  1. Prepare an application item
  • Multi-to-way language required、Frame and tool chain close,Use micro service、Serverless Waiting for new technologies and philosophy
  • Project can fully show demand、design、Develop、test、Performance monitoring、Architecture deployment、Data analysis full process
  • Key reflect performance optimization、Security defense、High concurrency、High real-time requirements and compatibility
  • The number of items、Github Star number、Economic benefits have a prominent feature
(website developer resume sample)2. Prepare a library or framework project

  • Try to achieve a popular library / Frame's simple version
  • Principle of using an interview、Design Patterns、Algorithm and data structure

3.Prepare a plugin / expand / Applets / Games project

  • Plugin supports different libraries / frame / application
  • Expanding supports different procedures / platform
  • Applets / Small game supports different super applications

4. Project sources include companies and individuals

  • Personal projects can be prepared according to job requirements,Don't be too much too much,Some employers will worry about the dispersion of the interviewer,Strong entrepreneurial,Therefore, worry about the stability of the interviewer
  • Company projects in work,Don't repeat the brick,Optimize purpose,Practice new technology in corporate project,Improve old code,While creating value for the company and team,It is also an experience in which it is difficult to independently acquire.
website developer resume sample

Resume template

website developer resume sample


  • LCCUP 20XX X Season Programming Competition TOP 1,LeetBook 《XX algorithm》author,school ACM team leader
  • hold《A video XX Identification and classification technology》Waiting for the present invention,Patent No:ZL20161029XXXX.0
  • Free experience member function developed for the company,day UV Reach 5000,Among them, the payholder transformation rate is reached 15.6 %
  • lead 7 People team design、Develop and operate a plugin,Total 350 Home website payment rental


  • skilled:TypeScript / C++ / Java / Python
  • will use:Node.js / Flutter / React / Vue / Database principle and optimization
  • To understanding:Ruby / Angular / Depth study / Embedded Development / Operation and maintenance(Network engineer certificate) / English(Level 6)

Educational experience

  • 2014.9 - 2016.6 master Shenzhen University Software engineering exist《XX》《XX》《XX》Waiting for the paper
  • 2010.9 - 2014.6 Undergraduate Shenzhen University Software engineering Ranked year ago 5 %,Won three 1 And other scholarships
(website developer resume sample)work experience

  1. 2015.9 - 2016.9 1 year XX company intern
  • The project from the front Vue Migration to React
  • from TypeScript arrive Node.js System Optimization,The first screen will reduce rendering time 50%,Compile times 70%
  • Improve XX interface,Increased front and rear end load balancing,Live concurrent users increase 5 Multiplication

2. 2016.9 - 2019.12 3 year 3 moon XX company software engineer

  • use Python Construction of the background data acquisition system
  • use Flutter replace Angular + Ionic Reconstruction of the mobile terminal
  • Were developed 12 Items,Each project timing chart design components、Module,Writing technical documentation

3. 2020.1 - to date XX company Technical director

  • Communication with foreign product manager needs to determine,Organization of Chinese engineers to write technical documentation and development
  • Participation requirements、Bug To determine priorities and schedule,Agile development process
  • Determine the overall team and individual OKR,evaluate、follow up、Feedback target completion
(website developer resume sample)project

  1. XX application:Front and rear ends with TypeScript,Data Acquisition Python,use AWS which provided dynamodb、Elasticsearch、CDN、Gateway and Lambda The world 100 Million paid users with a consistent experience、Localization Services
  2. React Lite:based on virtual DOM,Achieved JSX,Component rendering,use Diff Algorithm to enhance rendering speed
  3. Virtual-Roller:Virtual infinite scroll plugin,support Native / jQuery / Vue / React
  4. Webpack-Skeleton:based on Webpack 5 Achieve skeleton screen plug-in

Resume writing process is a process of combing their learning and work,It can be summed up his deficiencies and harvest in each project,In the face of your favorite posts,You can clearly see the place needs to be done,Make up the disadvantage,Constantly upgrade themselves,Boost growth。Resume important packaging,But more than just packaging,Improve the technical level of hard power will make you more confident in job interviews or learning.

Author:Wu Xiaoyu

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