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Subscribe is a stable and reliable business model,And more and more popular。

In fact,Statistics show:

  •   Exceed50%Online shoppers registered at least one subscription service
  •   close20%Male user and7%Female user said,They subscribed to six electronic communication services
  •   In the past five years,The annual growth rate of the subscription e-commerce market exceeds100%。

If the subscription service is now very fire,This is just a precipitation。

If you want to get this rapid travel train,The first thing to do is to build a website.。This article will cover all steps needed to build subscription service sites。

(website development monthly subscription)website development monthly subscription

How to establish a subscription service website

(website development monthly subscription)

  How to choose a virtual host plan

(website development monthly subscription)Establish a first step in any new website,Especially when providing subscription services,That is to choose a virtual host company。

(website development monthly subscription)Although there are still a lot of virtual host companies in the market,But not all companies offer the same reliability、Normal runtime and security。

When selling subscription services,Need to remember the following points:

therefore,It is crucial to find the best virtual hosting services that meet the needs of the website.。

(website development monthly subscription)Because e-commerce sites can grow rapidly,So use it at the beginningVPSHost plan is a wise choice。

If you are ready to let the subscription site start and run,The first step is to choose a highly secureVPSVirtual host plan start,The plan has unlimited bandwidth and99%Normal run time。

  What website builder is best suited to subscribe to a service website??

There are a lot of website builders in the market.。However,If you want to create an e-commerce subscription service,We recommend establishingWordPresswebsite。

(website development monthly subscription)WordPressIs the world's most popular content management system,Have more than4.55Billion website。

WordPressWhat is the reason why this is welcome??It is very intuitive,Even novice e-commerce website owners can also create a website。second,It is open source。

Open source means that everyone can access the code,And can develop the subject、Plugins and tools to helpWordPressSite efficient operation。

we recommendWordPress,It provides several useful e-commerce platforms、Theme and plug-in can help new e-commerce website owners to build and run subscription service website immediately。

Will mention the part later。

  Suitable for subscribing sitesWordPressPlugin and theme

In order to establish a solid subscription service website,Here are some selected e-commerceWordPresstool,Can consider installed on the subscription site。

  1. WooCommerce

WooCommerceis based onWordPressOne of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms。

therefore,It contains everything you need to create an e-commerce subscription store.。

establishedWordPressAfter the site,Can addWooCommerceInsert and instantly build a new store。

WooCommerceSome main features include:

(website development monthly subscription)Simple installation

Massive integration

Flexible and secure payment

Convenient order management

  2. WooCommerce Subscriptions

(website development monthly subscription)WooCommerce SubscriptionIs a paid plugin,But if you plan to useWooCommerceBuild a subscription site,It is worth investing in investment。

WooCommerce SubscriptionIs a first-class tool,Products and assets that help management and sales require regular payment。This plugin can:

Manage automation and continuous payment processing

Integrate with 20 payment gateways

Support update

Send automatic invoices and receipts

(website development monthly subscription)Allow subscriptions to manage their subscriptions

Track income、Active subscription user, etc.

If there is no subscription plugin from moving sales and order management,Website owners are difficult to expand e-commerce stores。

  3. OptinMonster

Another key part of establishing a successful subscription site is to ensure a way to capture and convert potential customers.。

Word of mouth can only let you go to this step,So you need to invest some tools,Help the website successfully marketing,Increasing traffic,Expand user group。

(website development monthly subscription)OptinMonsterIs an excellent tool,Can help the website capture email subscribers,Reduce shopping cart,Add page views,Reposition customer,etc。

Other plugins that need to be considered

althoughWooCommerce、WooCommerce Subscriptionas well asOptinMonsterSuch potential customers are cultivated or email tools will provide the basic tools required to start subscription services.,But there are some other plugins worth use.。

  Here are some other tools to consider.:

Teachable——If you plan to provide an online course subscription service,LikeTeachableSuch a platform is a good starting point。

WooCommerce Memberships——This plugin applies to the Subscribe Service I want to run a member website。

Yoast SEO——Every website should have oneSEOTools to help the website to achieve organic coverage。YoastReliable and use simple。

BuddyBoss——BuddyBossIs anWordPressMember theme,Worthwhile。It offers membership、Courses and the ability to build online communities。

Ultimate Member——Ultimate MemberIs a very cool member plugin,Suitable for users who do not determine how much function you need。Its service is free,The user can then pay additional costs for the extension they plan to use.。

MonsterInsights——Another important aspect of creating a subscription site is to understand how many people access the site and convert。pictureMonsterInsightsSuch Google Analytics can be tracked。


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