how much does it cost for a website developer


Usually we build when consulting the price,The answers you get are often varied,from50arrive1whave。At this time, most Xiaobai must be confused.,Why are the prices given by different people so different??Here we make a simple science。

The cost of building a website is mainly divided into two parts,Server rental fees and website builders(maybe an individual)service fee。Among them, renting a server includes two parts: purchasing cloud services and domain names,The website building company may package these two parts to quote you,The price of this part is relatively transparent。You can check the price on the cloud service manufacturer's website,However, it does not rule out that the website construction company is the agent of a cloud service manufacturer.,get cheaper price。

In addition, the service fee of the website construction company,The price difference is mainly in this part。First you need to know,Most website building companies do not have the ability to develop websites,The website or applet they show you was developed by a third-party company,Licensed by a third party to the website building company。here,The website construction company is equivalent to the agent of the third-party company,Deploy the developed website to the cloud server。By now you probably know,if you have no special needs,The website building company just develops a good website(Also called a template),Deploy directly to the server,Therefore, the cost of the website building company is the authorization fee of the website template and the salary of the technical staff.。If there is no specialized technical staff,The firm's fixed cost is the licensing fee,Other than that, it's profit。so you will find,A lot of people's offer is pretty low,there will still be some profit。but,If you have functions that require custom development(That is, there is no function in the template),The cost is completely different,It is necessary to have technical personnel who know how to develop secondary development code。The monthly salary of programmers is mostly in1wabout,This way you can roughly estimate how much your feature will cost。

how much does it cost for a website developer

The price of a few hundred yuan allows the other party to provide customized development needs, which is a bit strong and locks men.

According to the above explanation,Build a template website or applet,price in3000arrive5000basically reasonable。After all, the cost of renting a server for a year is500arrive1000,The kind of business that offers a few hundred bucks,Basically, it will be set up on a virtual host for you。As for5000above site,Basically with custom developed functions,After all, the salary of programmers is relatively high.。