website design and development singapore


website design and development singapore

Has the most mature digital economy in Southeast Asia,Singapore's e-commerce market matures,Several international companies are competing for its limited but wealthy population。Homegrown startups are trying to grab market share through innovation,International companies are entering Singapore by acquiring local companies or developing their own products。

Singapore10Big e-commerce website

(website design and development singapore)Singapore's e-commerce market is saturated,These companies are large and small,Either a pure e-commerce platform,Either a brick-and-mortar retailer with an online store。Although Singapore's e-commerce development is not as fast as other countries,But for those with600For a tech-savvy population of Singapore,Southeast Asia's most mature e-commerce market still has huge appeal。

In order to sort out the current situation of e-commerce in Singapore,Check out Singapore below2019year10Big e-commerce website,and2019year3Monthly traffic situation of major platforms。

10、Sephora Singapore

Monthly traffic is approx.:390000

Sephora is a professional beauty e-commerce company,A leader in online beauty and cosmetics retailing in Singapore。Sephora in1969Founded in France,Originally a chain focusing on cosmetics and beauty products。Since then,Sephora has become an e-commerce leader in beauty and cosmetics in many countries。

9、Courts Singapore

Monthly traffic is approx.:960000

CourtsOriginally from UK,Has become an electrical appliance in Singapore and Southeast Asia、IT、major retailer of furniture。CourtsAlso encourages customers to buy their products on its official website。

(website design and development singapore)

caution,the following3sites also ranked No.6bit,Estimated monthly visits are110Ten thousand。

(website design and development singapore)6、FairPrice On

Monthly traffic is approx.:1100000

FairPrice OnYesFairPricee-commerce portal,FairPriceis a major grocery retailer in Singapore。Customers canFairPrice Onbuy fresh food、Household products such as home and baby products,Available for home delivery or pickup at user's convenience。


Monthly traffic is approx.:1100000

ZaloraIs a Southeast Asian fashion e-commerce website,Fashion brands can sell their products on this site。ZaloraAt2012Year byRocket Internetfound,Currently in Singapore、Indonesia、Malaysia and Brunei、the Philippines、Thailand、Vietnam、Set up a site in Hong Kong, China,Recently launched in Taiwan。


Monthly traffic is approx.:1100000

eBayThe Singapore local site was originally aimed atC2Cwhile creating。eBaySingapore has expanded toB2C's products and specials,and covers all general product categories。

(website design and development singapore)5、EZbuy Singapore

Monthly traffic is approx.:1500000

EZbuyis a major seller of clothing、family、home、Beauty、physical education、Online shopping platform for cars and electronics。it is mainly based in korea、Taiwan and US products are mainly,and promote cheap products throughout the site。EZbuyalso in malaysia、Sites set up in Thailand and Indonesia。


Monthly traffic is approx.:2600000

Shopeeis a mobile phone company、Online store for diverse products,is singapore“mobile first”Important players in the market,As the main e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia,Shopeestill in malaysia、the Philippines、Thailand、Indonesia、There are sites in Vietnam and Taiwan, China。

3、Carousell Singapore

Monthly traffic is approx.:5400000

CarousellOriginally a mobile platform,Later it developed a shopping website to satisfyPCend user needs。anyone、Any brand or individual can photograph their products with a mobile phone,pass throughCarousellEasy to sell on the platform,and chat with the seller to buy directly。Carousellin Malaysia、Singapore、Indonesia、Taiwan, China、Australia and Hong Kong also have e-commerce platforms。


Monthly traffic is approx.:7850000

(website design and development singapore)Qoo10It is an e-commerce platform focusing on women and fashion,its famous for korean products。In the acquisition of a Korean websiteGmarketLater,andeBayjoint ventureGiosisAt2012Renamed it toQoo10。Qoo10By expanding beyond Korea,Successfully become a major e-commerce platform in Singapore。It also seeks to expand its foothold in Japan,and expand into other Asian markets。


Monthly traffic is approx.:8000000

LazadaA leader in the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia,Currently in Indonesia、Malaysia、Singapore、Thailand and Vietnam open e-commerce platforms,is an online department store and platform where retailers sell their products。LazadaDepend onRocket InternetAt2011Year founded,Alibaba in2016acquired inLazadacontrolling stake in and its operations in Southeast Asia。

SingaporeTOPMobile e-commerceAPP

Among the top ten e-commerce sites mentioned above,Most have launched their own mobile apps through various platforms,to provide an online shopping experience through mobile devices。

pictureShopeeandCarouselletc. Enterprise is a mobile-first platform,Currently dominating the mobile commerce sector in the country。in addition,Other major mobile e-commerce companies in SingaporeAPPincludeZafuland Taobao。

Ranking of major e-commerce websites in Singapore(By estimated flow)

Estimated monthly traffic display of the top 10 e-commerce sitesLazadaandQoo10Leading edge in the Singapore market,LazadaandQoo10about monthly800million visitors,Followed byCarousell,Visitors are500Ten thousand。Shopeemonthly visits of more than200Ten thousand。

website design and development singapore

Although generic or category-specific websites have the largest share of the Singapore e-commerce market,But some niche brands are also very aggressively selling their products online。as singaporeP2Pleader in classifieds,

GumTreemonthly visits of more than100Ten thousand,Therefore, it has great potential for development in the Singapore e-commerce market.。

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