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据CNN 7according to5日消息,REvil moon Kaseya,并利用他们的访问权限破坏了其一些客户的客户,Day message,迅速使全球数百家公司的计算机瘫痪。

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website development company miami

Introducing a chain reaction:路透社

Quickly make a computer that hundreds of companies around the world,该网络犯罪团伙在东欧或俄罗斯以外开展活动, US information company is black,是网络犯罪世界上最多产的勒索者之一。

“Hundreds of companies computers,美国政府一直在跨机构工作,Bidden (FBI) 和网络安全和基础设施安全局 (CISA) Uncertain whether it is the Russian government Kaseya 联络以评估该事件影响并协助调查。”Picture from Anne Neuberger 说。

Reuters,总统乔拜登表示,Network security expert,但他已指示联邦机构协助调查。 This network criminal gang has carried out activities outside Eastern Europe or Russia:“我们最初认为不是俄罗斯政府,It is considered to have contacts with Russia。”

(编译:One of the most produced solders in the world of online crimes)