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(leadership team development website)Inscription:Finally walked to this series of the last one。Usually work busy,Space intermittently,No big block,Every article is not long。In limited space,Still sharing your own 20-year management practice and experience to everyone。I don't like too theoretical management,The favorite is Druk,The management summary and expansion of the managementism is deeply awkward.。In terms of himself,Continuous learning and evolution,Perhaps these themes in the future,There will be different experiences and experiences.。At this moment,Such presented,Seven points satisfaction。

“Iron-playing battalion”,Also suitable for team management。Have a longer renewed team,for example,The company I serve is now over 100 years since I have created.,Team has been,How many people do not know how many team members?。But there is no team member who renewed for a long time,If there is,The final end of this team may be destroyed,How many feudal dynasties cause the emperor to alternate when the emperor's final system,The front of the court counts countless。

Team leader,There must be a team update and iterative awareness,Includes employee updates and iterations,And team leaderself updates and iterations。Team of different stages,Faced with different external environments,Dealing with different stages of tasks,Don't expect a team to face all the environment,Respond to all tasks,This is unrealistic,It is also impossible。Many old characters,Not a team,But the environment has changed。Nokia mobile phone decline,ThatCEOOnce“It seems that we have nothing wrong with anything.,But let's go down.”。From the perspective of Zhuge Liang,Team of Nokia during the heyday,Can't deal with the environment that changes in demand at the time,Jobs leader's Apple mobile phone team seized the opportunity。future,when“Next Apple mobile phone”Occur,Maybe Apple's ending will be similar to the Nokia mobile phone,After all, no one can always call the Bajiang Lake。

(leadership team development website)But team leaders passed team updates and iterations to effectively continuing team life competitiveness,Thereby extending team life cycles。In the animal industry,This is a universal practice。The lion is old, will be competed for a winning new lion king replaced,Other groupual animals are most similar,Its purpose is to continuing a population life,This is one of the highest rules of this type of animal.。Unlike the natural continuation law of the animal industry,Team leaders must have conscious updates and iterative awareness,Instead, I have been driven out of the team.(Or the team is eliminated and collapsed)。Let's talk about the following words,Most Chinese companies create a generation of second generation after retirement,Not fighting out,But inherited。Inherited the second generation of the highest leaders of the company,Not called out,It is a big probability is not reliable.,It is also a matter of later and sooner or later.。Only family companies that truly realize professional management,There will be a foreseeable bright future。

Concrete approach is:

First,Keep the team's reasonable liquidity。Team staff flows frequently is a bad thing,But too stability is not a good thing。Team members do not flow for a long time,Unconsciously, the team may be lost.,Because there is no fresh blood supplement,No new ability to add。Team wants to keep up with the environment,Either continuous learning,Either newcomer joins。The best practice is that both have,Do a good job in team learning,Maintain appropriate liquidity。No one can do a lifetime in a position,If there is,It is the dereliction of the team supervisor.。Employees working in a position for a while(The specific time is different from those)back,Either,Either,Either elimination。No matter which one,Keep the team's liquidity。Has a liquidity,Team knowledge can be updated,Team can keep vitality。

Team leaders don't think they can stay in the current leadership position。After the team leaders,There should be corresponding professional planning,Don't think about it, don't do it.(Founder)。Team leaders' active flow,I have given the opportunity of your career development.,Also give the employee growth opportunity。From practice,Most team leaders in a position,Most of its ending is passive。Good end,But the proportion is not high。

second,Training output talent。Output talent is an important and active way to maintain team mobility,Not only cultivated talents,Also expand your influence,Make future cross-section cooperation more easily。This way of flow,High requirements for team leaders,Not all team leaders have the consciousness and ability to output talents。

(leadership team development website)third,Eliminate unqualified employees。Timely elimination of unqualified employees is an important management action that keeps team combat power,It is also an important management action for maintaining teamwork.。Team managers should adhere to the employer“Not”the rules,For unable to work or trains、Workers who are still unable to work after adjustment,To manage intervention in time,Do a good job in the elimination of employees,Can't let go of self,Impact to team morale and combat power。

fourth,Self-evolution of team leadership。Team leadership concept、Thinking and ability evolution,Can continue or expand your career development path,The width and depth of team management can be effectively expanded。Be outside of this,There will be“Newness”Can try,Crossing from familiarity into unfamiliaries,Prerequisites are the willingness of team leadership has self-evolution、Line and results。TubeHRCan manage business,Manage business can be managedHR,Manage sales can be used to supply the supply chain, etc.,These are the performance of team leaders' self-evolution。

Team iteration and update,Is the foundation of the team to maintain vitality and competitiveness,Team managers need to pay high attention to this。This is a team、Staff、Both responsible practices,Also for a better team、Staff、Your own practice。