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How much to build a website?Website is an important channel for enterprises to publicize。How much does it cost to make a website??

The cost of building a website is divided into three parts:

  • domain name
  • program
  • server

How much does it cost to apply for a domain name?

Domain names generally range in price from at least a few dozen to a few hundred。How much does it cost to apply for a domain name?Precisely,It doesn't actually have a fixed and definite price。There are two main reasons:First, because domain names are actually divided into many categories,Such、.cn、.netwait domain name,Domain names with different suffixes have different prices;The second is because the final price of the domain name is set by the service provider,So even if it is a unified domain name,Different service providers have different prices。

(website development offer)But in general,“How much does it cost to apply for a domain name”In fact, companies do not have to worry about its price is too high。Actually,For businesses transforming online,The price of the domain name relative to other online products(such as website construction)low to negligible。

(website development offer)Domestic English Domain Name(.cn、.http://net.cnWait)In fact, the price is just120about a year,.comThe price of international English domain name is150about a year。But there are also slightly more expensive international English domain names,Its price is400more than a year。

and domestic、International Chinese domain names are more expensive than English domain names,low(Such、.The internet)price in300about,High(Such、.URL)The price can reach tens of thousands a year。

Therefore, enterprises do not have to worry about the cost of applying for a domain name that they cannot afford.,For most businesses,、.cn、.Company and other domain names are sufficient for use。What is more important to note is that,The choice of domain name must conform to the meaning of the corporate brand,Easy to remember and spread,This is a good domain name for a business。

How much does it cost to apply for a domain name?In the above, the editor has introduced to you that different domain names have different prices.,The same domain name also has different prices on different service providers。

(website development offer)anyhow,The first step of enterprise transformation online,The price of applying for a domain name is by no means unaffordable for companies。The above is about“How much does it cost to apply for a domain name”the full content of,Hope to help everyone。

How much is a website server?

Server costs are usually a few hundred dollars a year。Configure a good host for thousands of dollars a year 。

In fact, the server rental price andCPU、RAM、bandwidth、computer room andIPand other configurations,Therefore, the price is also hundreds of thousands of yuan or even ten thousand yuan.。

1、server configuration

Server hardware configuration directly affects the price,The higher the hardware configuration, the more expensive,The configuration mainly includesCPUmodel、hard disk、RAM、traffic, etc.。

2、server bandwidth

Server bandwidth is one of the factors that affects server price。

3、server room

Due to the different environment and facilities of the server room, the operating cost is different, which affects the price of the server.。For example, the price of servers in well-known computer rooms is relatively expensive.,After all, the computer room environment、The specifications for operating control and safety facilities are relatively higher。

(website development offer)4、serverIP

General server default1-3indivualIP,If the enterprise needs to build a station group,you need to buy moreIPIf the group server,Usually oneIPThe price is approximately2Dollar/moon,Then the server price needs to be paid extra on the basic configuration。

How much does website program development and design cost?

(website development offer)finally,It is the cost of website development and design.。Website construction market price,We can estimate that making a website is about1500more than yuan。But the price of making a website will be affected by many factors,such as the requirements for making a website、function and so on。Therefore, some websites are very cheap to build,Some sites are expensive。

at the same time,Web design according to different industries,web graphic design、interface design,Including User Experience Design and Search Engine Optimization,The price of website production varies from company to company,Therefore, only by choosing a professional website construction company according to your own situation can you make a website of your own.。

The basic cost of making a website is mainly a domain name and a server.,There are also website programming costs。In order for the website to have a very good development direction in the later stage,It's better to look professional at the beginning、Formal website construction company for production and optimization is the best way。

Of course, if the ordinary website does not meet the needs of enterprises to build a website,Then you have to make a custom website, custom website development,The price of a customized website that requires more than 10,000 yuan is usually determined by the needs of the enterprise。

such as marketing、visual design、Functional requirements will affect the cost of custom website development。This depends on the specific needs of the website,If it is a personal blog、Enterprise Show、Marketing website etc.,Depends on your needs,At least a few hundred dollars。If it is a highly customized website,Very complex requirements for interactive functions,would require thousands of dollars。


Brand Display Responsive Website1-3about ten thousand;

Marketing website2-6about ten thousand;

mall website3-10more than ten thousand;

Every detail of the design of the website will send elite soldiers,Because the client's website is their work,It is also the source of their future reputation accumulation.。Nowadays, people pay special attention to word of mouth and quality,This kind of website construction is definitely guaranteed、affordable。

(website development offer)website development offer


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