ecommerce website development miami


ecommerce website development miami(ecommerce website development miami)

2020Year,New coronary pneumonia makes the sales of domestic and foreign markets,The global e-commerce industry has received unprecedented development。China's cross-border e-commerce is a new peak。2021Has been half,In the second half of the year, it will be the golden period of cross-border e-commerce development.。With this year Amazon“Sealing wind wave”Continuous wave,Let us think about the development of the future cross-border e-commerce。

How to quickly realize the brand?How to make Chinese sellers based on overseas markets?Such a practical topic,Bring new pressures and challenges to cross-border e-commerce practitioners and related companies。

(ecommerce website development miami)

Current,Most small small Chinese sellers,Sell your own products or services through third party platforms such as Amazon。butThere have been some powerful cross-border e-commerce companies to start their own overseas websites.,Independent operation of your cross-border e-commerce。This case has gradually increased,This also gave the majority of China's cross-border e-commerce sellers in overseas markets.,How to lay out your cross-border e-commerce business provides new ideas new ways。

Global trade is getting closer and closer,From corporate、Seller、Brand's long-term development,Independent overseas website is an important part of domestic sellers in overseas expansion。Today we can talk about some key factors in specific factors.。

ecommerce website development miami(ecommerce website development miami)

Third-party platforms like Biamason

Standing in autonomous perspective,Independent overseas website,No longer a third-party cross-border e-commerce platform such as a border or relying on Amazon。Chinese seller can according to their own operational ideas and brand pattern,Autonomous design style,Independently develop e-commerce rules。

If you have long-term relying on Amazon,Will only be within the platform rules of Amazon。China's seller's ability to operate and operate,Not conducive to the development of the seller。

In addition, the most important thing is the payment issue.。The payment system of cross-border e-commerce overseas websites will be more diverse,Amazonworldfirst、pingpong、payoneerWait for payment method,And Chinese sellers have their own overseas websites to applypaypal、COD,Even more types of collections such as line payment。

have to say,Current platform for Amazon,Master important user data。But these data is made by each store.,These data come from different shops,Ownership is controlled by Amazon。Amazon is impossible to share these data with sellers, especially Chinese sellers.。therefore,China's cross-border e-commerce sellers can't better use this data.,Therefore, it is unable to form a more economical private domain traffic.。

ecommerce website development miami(ecommerce website development miami)

Policy environment and brand strategy

Domestic and foreign policy,Large-scale e-commerce platform control is getting closer。This year's“Amazon's title”It is not difficult to see that it is more or less shadow with the US official will.。Cross-border e-commerce itself is also an explosive development,The volume is gradually climbing,More and more amazing data。

Cross-border e-commerce trays are more and more,How to stand out in this international business competition,Is the target of most of China。This makes numerous cross-border e-commerce sellers have to pay attention to their brand strategy.。

(ecommerce website development miami)

The third party platform such as Amazon is simple to seize the market share,Obviously it is not enough。And independent overseas websites will be an important part of China's cross-border e-commerce brand。This link will certainly attract a large number of sellers to come up with the layout.。

ecommerce website development miami

Foreign users' consumer habits

China's domestic e-commerce system and model must mature more than other countries in the world,Coupled with the current domestic consumers in online shopping, they are biased towards large platforms.。Therefore, domestic self-built brand shopping sites is relatively weak.。

But foreign consumers seem to be opposite。According to an investigation data research,Foreigner online shopping,the first isGoogleAnd the official website of major brands,Secondly, it is a variety of online shopping platforms.。Region in Europe and the United States,Consumers have been high for the acceptance of the independent brand official website.,Even the small and medium-sized brands just started can also achieve good sales through the self-construction online shopping platform.。

ecommerce website development miami

Distortion of social platforms from overseas

Google、YouTubeContact social platform,Active users in the global Internet,Whether it is visible or potential customer resources,Unusual。Plus in recent yearsTik TokThe amount of data in the overseas application market continues to increase。only2017Year2021year,TikTok The total load has exceeded 30 Billion。

Social platforms not only have super high popularity,It is also an important window for the e-commerce。How to start with social platform,Can also bring huge source of passenger traffic to separate overseas websites。

ecommerce website development miami

Value of drainage,Reduce the possibility of diversion

(ecommerce website development miami)

Many sellers doing Amazon e-commerce,Will give yourself draft。But don't forget,Our product information,There are still other commercial advertising related to it.。Your potential or accurate intention of customers is very likely to be attracted by goods in other stores.。There is an occurrence of this situation,But in Amazon is unwaver。

If we attract traffic,All entered your own independent overseas official website,There is no possibility that traffic is taken away.。The seller can associate ourselves at the bottom of their own product information.,Thus, firmly eat these traffic。Reduce the loss of traffic。

ecommerce website development miami

finally,have to say,Establishing an independent official website overseas is very easy,Cost is not high。Comprehensive comprehensively showing your brand image,Maximize the flow of absorption,Thereby establishing their own private domain,There is a huge advantage for brand development and promotion sales.。

Of course,Development of overseas,Especially engaged in cross-border e-commerce,Be sure to do a good job of trademark patent protection,Guarantee your intellectual property rights,To prevent being embarrassed!​