php website development tools


Good programmers are good at using a variety of tools to improve the efficiency of their own programming,Writing up the pace of their own“Code of life”,So you can sneak in touch fish,Days gone not comfortable!Today small inventory of the three development tools,There is little need partners for reference oh!

1. PHPStorm

(php website development tools)php website development tools

PHPStormDexterous、fast、Smooth,YesPHPerSelect standard development tools。Support for multiple languages:PHP,JavaScript,Visual Basic,C,C ++andC#,No platform restrictionsMicrosoft Windows,LinuxandMac OS X.

(php website development tools)It has the characteristics of:

2. Zend Studio

php website development tools

Because of the extra work and time writing and debugging code does not require programmers,Therefore, most developers prefer it,Supported languages and platforms andPHPStormSame

It has the characteristics of:

3.Cloud 9

php website development tools

YesAWSAn open source cloud providedIDE,As hundreds of programming languages(PHP,C,C ++,JavaScript,PythonWait)It provides a development environment。Developers can use a pre-configured environment immediately start coding,And use the browser compatibility testing and real-time previews, and other buildingWebapplication,Collaboration between the coding function can be used to collaborate with colleagues smooth。Provides the perfect experience for the creation of non-server applications,You can define resources in remote,Performing server applications and debugging。


(php website development tools)Each tool listed above,Each with its own characteristics,It enables developers to quickly and easily createPHPWeb sites and applications。

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