website design and development strategy


(website design and development strategy)
With the arrival of big data,China's Internet is further developed,Many people want to build a website,In fact, there are many ways to build a website.,And easy

(website design and development strategy)

website design and development strategy

(website design and development strategy)


a computer+ECS

Basic computer operation

(website design and development strategy)


Buy cloud server(ESC)

Recommended UsebatHost,Select configuration according to the type of our website,Operating system is now usually usedLinux(Open source),Then select memory and hard disk according to traffic。If it is just beginning to learn to recommend2G+20GBe enough。(Of course, you can also use virtual hosts.)

Select Application Server

Basically open source free isApache,Nginx,TomcatMore popular,Choose your own needs,ApacherighthtmlSupport very well,SuitphpDevelop,TomcatTooApacheOne product is used forjava webDevelop,nginxSuitable for reverse proxy,High concurrency

(website design and development strategy)

Install application server

Some vendors will install in the host purchased,But you can also install yourself(Command line installation),LearnLinuxStill very necessary

Install the database

Many websites now have databases to achieve persistence,Recommend freemysql,Of course, if you just want to be a website that you look at the blog stream, you can skip this step.

(website design and development strategy)

website design and development strategy(website design and development strategy)


1.Use existing templates

(website design and development strategy)Now there is a lot of ready-made templates available online.,for exampleCMS(Baidu is a lot of search,Not much)Content distribution site,There are also two malls developed(If it is used for commercial,Pay attention to intellectual property and other legal rights)Wait,Just need to install it according to the corresponding steps。This method,High efficiency but poor scalability

2.Your hand

This method is very exercised with your programming capabilities.,At the same time, it takes a lot of time learning.,More complicated content,But the advantages are also obvious,Strong control ability to website

(website design and development strategy)

last step

The front is all,The last step is critical,If you want others to see your website,You must purchase domain names(There is also cheap and expensive)

Lessons Learned

(website design and development strategy)Finally, let's talk about the experience,If the reader is ready to engage in the Internet industry, we recommend you to learn from step by step.,Don't rush to build a website,If it is just a moment of interest,Readers can operate according to the above steps,Soon you can build a website belonging to your own