ecommerce website development ny


ecommerce website development ny

E-commerce website based on trafficking handicrafts Etsy already submitted IPO document,Expected recruitment 1 Billion yuan funds,But there are also sources to reveal 3 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Choose Nasdaq Securities exchange listing,Stock code“ETSY”,Finally completed this season。If you are going on,Will be New York 1999 The largest technology company has been listed in the year,Roze New York New Creative。

Etsy At 2005 Founded in Brooklyn, New York, USA,Woodworking Rob Kalin Founded,Chris Maguire、Haim Schoppik and Jared Tarbell For the joint founder,Currently CEO forChad Dickerson。according to Etsy Submitted file display,The company is currently valuable 17 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Have an approximate 2000 Wan active buyer,And more than 100 Wan active seller。

but Etsy Currently not a profitable company。Although the company's revenue number continues to grow annually,2014 Annual collection 2 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Added 56%,But minus operation cost,Its net loss is 1524 Ten thousand U.S. dollars,2013 Net loss 79 Ten thousand U.S. dollars,2012 Net loss 240 Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

ecommerce website development ny

Etsy close 3 Year accounting data(Source:Business Insider)

In IPO In the file,Etsy It is mentioned that more employees will be hired in the future.,Invested in expanding the market、Operation、Development platform。

(ecommerce website development ny)although Etsy so,But the company's operating status,Unce you sure if you can persuade investors to buy his stock,after all 17 Valuation of 100 million US dollars,Better than him 2014 Year 2300 UniversalEbitda(Be invited、taxi、depreciation、Ambient profit,Widely used in corporate valuation indicators)Also higher 70 Multiplication。

(ecommerce website development ny)Etsy There are a stronghold in many countries around the world.,Berlin、Melbourne、Toronto;Investors include venture capital organizations Union Square、Accel Partners、Index Ventures、Tiger Global Management Wait。


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