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For better website optimization,Best to let search engine spider crawling,It is essential to make a website map for your website.。Site map is generally divided into two kinds,One isxmlsuffix;The second is to behtmlFile display。So how do you create a website map??Zhengzhou website construction takes everyone to look at it。

  one,Use the website map to do long tail keywords。althoughhtmlThe main role is as a guide,Since it faces users,To meet the needs of users,at this timehtmlAnother function of the map is coming out,That is the keyword show,First, you have to find out the keywords or long words of those who are more concerned.,Utilize maps as directions,Directly show the content directly,Maybe there is information that users want to know.,Thus additional value for the website。Of course, these keywords are in the secondary position.,Does not affect the main content of the map。

leading website development company(leading website development company)

(leading website development company)

  two,Site map should include the links to the website。For a slightly scale website,OneHTMLVersion Site Map It is impossible to list all pages link out,Can take two ways。One way is that the website map only lists the main part of the website.;Another method is to divide the site map into multiple files.,The main website map lists links to the secondary website map,The secondary website map then lists the links of some web pages。

  three,Site map typography should be neat and beautiful。Site Map is to give users,htmlMap Although the location in the website is not eye-catching,But if the site map classification is unclear,Users can't find something you want to see,Maybe you can jump out。If the door is too much more,It also affects the user experience。Generally,Main sector,And some directory hierarchies deeper but valuable pages are available.。

(leading website development company)

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