learn website development from scratch


1 WebWhat is development?

Many readers may not understand,WebWhat is development?。

actually,What we saidWebDevelopment is usually equivalent to a combination of front-end development and backend development。

The front end development is mainly passedHTML、CSS、JavaScript. AJAX、DOMWait for technology to achieve website in the client Down and interactive function;The rear end development is mainly passedJava、PHP、PythonandNode.jsWait for the transmission of from the front page Data for processing,Deposit data into the database as needed,Or through the template engine to process data,Then in variables Way to display it on page template,The final output page to the browser and rendered。

general speaking,Front-end development is used to build user interface,And the backend is developed for building a system architecture to make the webpage work.。

2 LearnWebDevelopment has a future?

LearnWebDevelopment has a future??This should be the question of most readers concerned。first,WebDevelopment engineer's salary(See the picture1-1) Generally, very nice。

learn website development from scratch(learn website development from scratch)

Except for salary benefits,If you learn WebDevelop,Ustere more advantages in employment。

(learn website development from scratch)Be unimaginable,When others are still deliverWordWhen you resume,You deliver a beautifulWebCV,More people in the Ministry of Human Resources will be bright,Keep better impression on you。

WebResume is like a picture1-2Shown。

learn website development from scratch

picture1-2 WebCV

Every end,Companies usually need to make various data reports,Report the working situation and grades of the year。At this moment, If you knowWebDevelop,You can quickly organize and display related data quickly。

Data display1-3Shown。

learn website development from scratch

picture1-3Data Display

according toWebDevelopment knowledge,You can also write a beautiful、Page full of love,Figure1-4Shown。

(learn website development from scratch)learn website development from scratch

learnWebDevelopment may make you love、Career double harvest。

For a beginner,How can I master?WebDevelopment technology?One of the answers is to find a course for yourself.。How do you find a course for yourself?? One way is to find a video tutorial that many people have seen,After all, the more people usually give prove that the video explains more suitable for most people.。Turtle“Zero-foundation entry learningWebDevelop (HTML5&CSS3)”The course of the courses in the 哩 网站 网站 百 百 百 百,Total turtleWebUnfair。Many of the programming books for beginners can explain the basic knowledge with a large number of consecutors.,Multi-direction,The reader reads the way to face the actual project. Start from start。From theory transition to project actual combat is a problem that beginners urgently need to solve,and《Zero-foundation entry learningWebDevelop(HTML5 & CSS3)》By another combat project to help readers understand the relevant concept。

Total turtleWebUnfair

Zero-foundation entry learningWebDevelop(HTML5 & CSS3)

(learn website development from scratch)author:Turtle

learn website development from scratch

BStation with a video playback volume。interesting,Appetite,practical,Easily learn。

(learn website development from scratch)Tamad's video accumulated academic number exceeds 10 million,Lower to a small student,Up to80The length of the year is easy to program successfully。

(learn website development from scratch)Applicant

As long as you want to get a self-studyWebDevelop,This book is your no two choices.。

This book is first explainedWebBasic knowledge developed,as well asHTML5Syntax、Marking method、element;Then explainCSSChinese classic Property usage,CSS3Selector、background、frame、Box model、Layout method、Animation、Filter,And a variety of browsers How should I set various attributes in my code?。

This book is suitable for learningWebDevelopment and engage inWebReader reading。

This book is designed in detailWebDevelop knowledge。Since this,This book is fromHTML5andCSS3Start, This can help beginners andWebDevelopers are better、Learn the latestHTML5andCSS3Technology,Make readers Using these technologies soon, there is a modern level、We can run properly on different platforms orWebapplication program。

This book is first explainedWebBasic knowledge in development,DiscussHTML5Elements of the bid bid text、List、sheet、 Form、inputElement, etc.。Introduced, introduce cases to help readers better understand why they need to useHTML5、Make useHTML5what is the benefit。

Then,This book explanationCSS3Various new styles and properties,It mainly includesCSS3Selector、background、 frame、Box model、Layout method、Deformation、Animation、Filter、Hybrid mode,What should I do with various browsers? Set various properties in the code, etc.。

Each case in this book is practical,To ensure that the result is correct。Because of useHTML5Write webpage, So the code of the code(See a fishCStudio website)Can be opened directly in various browsers and view。A small number of pages Create a website first,Then access the page in the website to view;A small number of pages use the server sidePHPScript language Write,CanApacheRun in the server。

Because this book involves very much,It is impossible to pass a book that contain all the contents.,So you need to work with learning Resource to assist。The learning resources of this book not only have the source code of the book,There is also a well-made case explanation video、Knowledge Click to explain videos, etc.。


First1chapter Overview free

First2chapter Web page foundation

(learn website development from scratch)First3chapter Tag text

First4chapter List

First5chapter sheet

First6chapter Form

First7chapter “universal”ofinputelement

(learn website development from scratch)First8chapter Other form elements

First9chapter divAnd semantic layout

First10chapter Embedding

First11chapter CSS grammar

(learn website development from scratch)First12chapter Basic selector and composite selector

First13chapter Pseudo element selector

First14chapter Dynamic pseudo selector andUI Pseudo selector

First15chapter Structural pseudo selector and other pseudo selectors

First16chapter Property selector

First17chapter Color and background

First18chapter Box model

First19chapter Classic web layout(superior)

(learn website development from scratch)First20chapter Classic web layout(Down)

First21chapter Elastic box layout

First22chapter Raster layout

First23chapter Text style and font

First24chapter transition、Deformation and animation

(learn website development from scratch)First25chapter Filter、Hybrid mode、Cropped and mask

(learn website development from scratch)First26chapter otherCSS characteristic


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