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Listening to me!Front end is not easy,I use tools。Today, I don't have to face four experienced front-end engineers.,Seven or fortie days,Nine nineteen,Only finishing this sunflower flower~Oh no,Front End Development Tool Collection,I will know if you use it.,Really fragrant。

(website developer software)

1、Responsively App:Website

website developer software

I know the front end like I know.,Now the big factory is more and more emphasis on the mobile phone use experience,Is the size and model of the mobile terminal too much,Device debugging on different mobile is a very cumbersome work。althoughChrome Browser default tools are also good,But only one size can be used at a time.,Development costs are still higher。

Responsively The most important feature is that you only need to do anything on one device.,It will be synchronized in real time to all devices.,And you can view all target devices in one window,Form a mirror interaction。Let you debug online,Tiger。

2、D3.js:Net red-level data visualization tool

website developer software

This tool may be the most popular and widerJavascriptData visualization library,Be harvested80kstars。Its advantage is that there will be documents with data,useHTML,SVGandCSSConvert into a visual chart,Let information more intuitive and flexible。And it is very versatility,Do not need to pass a special framework,You can directly combine with the functionality of modern browsers.,LikecanvasClass chart, Whether you have a grain size of your code?, Put inreactNothing in the component is onecanvaselement.andD3You can bind any data to the document object model(DOM),andreactBetter combination。

3. CodePen:Implement new creative code

website developer software

(codepenExcellent work)

CodepenIt can be said that it is the front endDribbble,(Site showing design and works)。Its biggest existence,BeHTML、CSS、JavaScriptWaiting for the creation,Further implementation,Push the tool to a more real place。It almost supports all the libraries you can think of,Allow you to add external resources,It can be said that it is a good ideas for creativity.“canvas”。So if you are also a passionatedemoDesigner,It will be your research technology here.、The inspiration source of the work。

4、 good component center

website developer software

I usually use it to hosted、Record and manage reusable components in different projects。Its biggest advantageBitCan easily share and manage components between projects and applications in any size。Is equal to write only one,You can use it everywhere。And it has a fully automated dependent definition/Resolution and scalable version control,Basically meet the designs required,Can help you rebuild your system。

It also allows sharing components between teams,This allows your team to collaborate with other teams。Ability to improve your teamwork efficiency,Accelerate development process。

(website developer software)

5、Npkill:System Cleaning Tool

Front-end developers must understand,node_modules This huge folder,Performed npm install When you install the dependency bag and dependence on the project,It exists in every project in our project,More and more time,It will become bigger and bigger,Take a lot of storage space。

(website developer software)website developer software

How to remove when your headachenodeModule folder,NpkillI sent a big usage.。It is equivalent to a system cleaners,Remove these bulky folders,Do a slimming for your system。Is the cleaning tool that developers must have。

Convinced,Workers must have a prostitute,Have these development tools,I hope to help you improve combat power.,Let's fight for smart but not,Lazy and strength!


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