popular website development tools


Software function


HTMLThe compiler allows you to convertHTMLapplication(E-book,Presentation,game,Place your imagination here!)In executable program,Can be used without any dependencies。

2Small editor

Small editor can be used to edit clear text and source code(Identify and highlight dozens of programming languages)Lightweight、Quick and effective。E.g,This website is edited by a small editor。

3.volume button

Change your speaker volume using any keyboard hotkey combination you choose。Inform the current volume level through the visual feedback of the program。

4.New plugin

it's here,You can find bigger in the worldNexBooyPlug-in set。Get their advantage for yourNexBooyPublication has a total of total58Plug-in,1124Actions,232Example。

popular website development tools(popular website development tools)

5.Photo compiler

Photo compiler allows you to create attractions related to photos and images、Practice and useful gallery,Then convert it into an executable program,Do not need any dependencies。

(popular website development tools)6.Screen interface

ScreenGIFAllow us to directly capture and save some selected screen areas,Just like animationGIFImage file is ready to use or share what you want。


This program can put images from up to up to23Input format conversion to up to18Output format。To convert them,Simply drag one or more image files into the main window of the program。

(popular website development tools)8.humPHP

HMM PHPIs an open source、Lightweight、Easy-to-use、FreePHPLanguage website manager。E.g,thisDeSCOPEWebsite isHMM PHPPowerful。

Update log

1.Repair knownbug

2.Optimized operation experience